Stag Magazine – The Unpublished Photo Archives, Part 2

Stag Magazine – The Unpublished Photo Archives, Part 2

The Rialto Report recently acquired the archives of Stag magazine – the long-running men’s journal which had a strong focus on the New York adult film scene in the early 1980s – and shared a selection of photographs in the collection.

Such was the enthusiastic response to it, that we are sharing a further group here for the first time.

As before, the collection includes extensive, unpublished photographs from parties, orgies, events, and salacious photo shoots organized by the magazine and its mustachioed editor, Richard Milner. They give a unique insight into the era, and feature the usual cast of characters, including Sue Nero, Marlene Willoughby, Gloria Leonard, Kandi Barbour, Marc Stevens, the Sloan twins, Lisa Be, and many more.

All photographs are © and owned by The Rialto Report.


Sue NeroRichard Milner, Sue Nero


Sue NeroSue Nero, Richard Milner


Lisa Cintrice(l-r) Lisa Cintrice, Colette Connor, unknown


Lisa Cintrice(l-r) Lisa Cintrice, Colette Connor, unknown


Jane HamiltonRichard Milner, Veronica Hart


Marlene WilloughbyMarlene Willoughby, unknown, Richard Milner


Kandi Barbour(l-r) Ron Jeremy, Kandi Barbour, Christine De Shaffer, Richard Milner


Vanessa del RioLisa Be, Vanessa del Rio


Kandi Barbour(l-r) Christine De Shaffer, John Tido, Kandi Barbour


Vanessa del RioRichard Milner, Vanessa del Rio


Jesie St JamesJesie St. James, Johnnie Keyes, Richard Milner


Jesi St JamesJesi St James


Jesi St JamesJesi St James


Denise SloanDenise and Diane Sloan, Marc Stevens, Vanessa del Rio, Richard Milner, John Tido


Denise SloanDenise and Diane Sloan, Richard Milner


George PlimptonWriter George Plimpton at a Stag party


Marc StevensDenise and Diane Sloan, Marc Stevens


Annie SprinkleMarc Stevens, Annie Sprinkle, and friend


Annie SprinkleAnnie Sprinkle, Marc Stevens


Marc StevensMarc Stevens, Denise and Diane Sloan


Jill MonroeJill Monroe, Marc Stevens


Jill MonroeJill Monroe, Marc Stevens


Carter StevensProfessorIrwin Corey, Carter Stevens


Vanessa del RioVanessa del Rio


Vanessa del RioVanessa del Rio


R BollaVanessa del Rio, R. Bolla


Samantha FoxSamantha Fox, Richard Milner


Kandi BarbourKandi Barbour, John Tido


Marc StevensLarry Levenson, Marc Stevens


Veronica VeraVeronica Vera


Lisa CintriceLisa Cintrice


Kandi BarbourJohn Tido, Kandi Barbour


Lisa BeLisa Be, Richard Milner


Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard


Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard


Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard


Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard


Desiree CousteauDesiree Cousteau


Desiree CousteauDesiree Cousteau


Desiree CousteauDesiree Cousteau


Richard MilnerRichard Milner, Jill Monroe, Marc Stevens


Jill MonroeMarc Stevens, Jill Monroe


Samantha FoxAnnie Sprinkle, Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox


Tish AmbroseTish Ambrose




Kandi BarbourJohn Tido, Kandi Barbour


Jamie GillisJamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Gloria Leonard


C.J. LaingC.J. Laing, Harry Reems


  • Posted On: 25th September 2022
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Angie · September 25, 2022 Reply

    Wonderful, fresh, clean images – as if they were taken yesterday. So much happiness and optimism.
    Beautiful to see.

  2. Roger Dell · September 25, 2022 Reply

    Kandi Barbour really was a cutie…… – so sorry to hear of her passing a few years ago.
    And sad to see how Ron has ended up too.

    Still, this is a wonderful record of a unique time. Thank you for sharing these valuable and insightful photographs. Truly a pleasure to see them.

    This is a truly miraculous site, bringing the past alive with so much new material from a lost era.

  3. Juan Rodolfo. · September 25, 2022 Reply

    How do you do it? No, seriously… it’s been almost 10 years of weekly posts of amazing groundbreaking coverage from all angles – and the quality never flags.
    The slide this week is just perfection…

  4. Jeff Robertson · September 25, 2022 Reply

    Vanessa Del Rio Was So Sexy From The 70s 80s And Early 90s Thanks For Article Keep Up Good Work

  5. Philip Cramer · September 25, 2022 Reply

    I’m just floored, don’t really know what to say except thank you Rialto Report. ps. The Sue Nero photos are exceptional. Loved them all.

  6. Vincent Dawn Jr. · September 25, 2022 Reply

    The unknown blonde woman with Lisa Cintrice and Colette Connor is Mistress Candice from those Avon films. Robin Sane is on the left laughing with Irwin Corey and Carter Stevens.

  7. peter carvosso · September 25, 2022 Reply

    Anyone know who the unkown blonde lady is?

  8. JL3 · September 26, 2022 Reply

    Thanks for these evocative photos. I especially like the shots contrasting topless ladies and Vote ERA badges, saying more about the common struggle than a million documentaries could.

  9. Mac · September 27, 2022 Reply

    Gloria Leonard’s pictures are beautiful. Very classy star of the Golden Era. Thanks for posting.

  10. Don · October 1, 2022 Reply

    Amazing!! You guys keep unearthing true gems!!

  11. Norman · May 4, 2024 Reply

    Tish Ambrose had a really great ass, didn’t she? Kandi Barbour worked The Show World with her boyfriend and she did the sex act portion and not the dance one. Bless him, he came three times that day, good man there. When I met her, Serena was knitting a baby bootie in the dressing room of The Show World. Jamie Gillis was a cum laude graduate of Columbia University, where Joey Nascivera/Silvera/?’s brother was a professor…

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