Ashley West has been interviewing directors, actors, theater owners, distributors, and anyone connected with the golden age of adult film since the 1990s.

Along the way, he has written articles on the subject for The Daily Beast, served as a consultant for HBO’s The Deuce, and is developing a film documentary detailing the birth of the adult film industry in New York. He has also contributed liner notes, commentaries, and special features to the re-release of a number of golden age adult films.

Other ongoing projects include a biography of Jamie Gillis.


Body of a FemaleApril Hall has filmed hundreds of interviews with important figures from the early history of adult film, and

April has developed several film treatments based on articles written for The Rialto Report, as well as writing for news sites such as The Daily Beast, and acting as consultant for HBO’s The Deuce.

April is currently working on a biography of John Amero.

She is a native New Yorker with a nostalgic love for the city of her youth and the characters that inhabited it.