Lisa Cintrice: Not Being Afraid, Part 1 – Podcast 132

Lisa Cintrice: Not Being Afraid, Part 1 – Podcast 132

Lisa Cintrice had a colorful life: for a start, her father was a New York mobster who was related to the most famous Italian priest of all time, Padre Pio, a man so terrified of God that he manifested stigmata, the same wounds in his hands and feet that Jesus suffered when he was nailed to the cross.

And for much of her adult life, Lisa was afraid too – largely because of her career in adult film. In actual fact, she appeared in only a handful of movies in 1981 and 82. But what made her career particularly notable was that when she started, she’d already signed up to serve in the armed forces and was about to be deployed. She changed her mind at the last minute, choosing instead to make sex films, but getting out of the army contract wasn’t easy. And the way that she dealt with the problem was novel and controversial, and received a splash of publicity in the New York tabloids of the early 80s, when she turned up at the army recruitment center in – where else, Times Square – and promptly stripped off for the many newspaper photographers in attendance. 

Lisa’s time in porn had highs and lows, living with Fred Lincoln and Tiffany Clark, partying with Jamie Gillis at the Hellfire club, and bumping into Richard Dreyfuss at Plato’s Retreat. But it also brought with it a drug habit that risked her life. As a result, Lisa did the only thing she could to survive: she fled New York and hid for over 30 years, terrified of having her past exposed. Trouble was, during that time, she got a recurring part in the TV series, Star Trek: Voyager – a franchise well-known for its obsessive and curious fans. To make matters worse, the internet happened – and suddenly her adult films were available to a whole new generation.

And then in 2015, The Rialto Report tracked Lisa down and contacted her for an article about her life – not realizing how she’d done everything to hide her porn past from prying eyes for several decades. Lisa panicked: this was her worst fear, and it risked collapsing her personal, family, and professional life.

Fast forward to the present day, and Lisa is now ready to talk about it all in this candid and personal interview. She’s even decided to write a book.

This is part 1 of Lisa’s story. 

This episode running time is 62 minutes.


Lisa Cintrice

Lisa CintriceLittle Lisa celebrating Christmas


Lisa CintriceLisa with her mom and brother


Lisa's WeddingLisa’s wedding day


Lisa's weddingLisa’s father walks her down the aisle


Lisa and her husbandLisa and her husband


Lisa CintriceLisa in her first photo layout


Lisa Cintrice


Ken YontzKen Yontz and Larry Levenson, with Lisa


Lisa in The Starmaker




Lisa Cintrice


Lisa Cintrice


Lisa Cintrice


  • Posted On: 29th October 2023
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Mauro · October 29, 2023 Reply

    This interview is what every interview should be like: revealing, uplifting, informative, and entertaining.
    A remarkable achievement for an adult film industry conversation – I rarely see interviews of this standard about mainstream films, and it is a joy to listen to.

  2. Roman J · October 29, 2023 Reply

    Lisa’s story is fascinating. I hadn’t heard of her, but the beauty of The Rialto Report is that it takes every day characters and reveals the struggles and triumphs with eloquence.

  3. Cathy Gigante-Brown · October 29, 2023 Reply

    What an amazing interview! I can so relate to Lisa’s story, being Italian-American, growing up in the greater NY area. I applaud her blatant honesty, vulnerability and bravery. I’m so glad she told her story…and that she’s still around, despite her difficult life. Being candid about domestic abuse is so powerful. And I know it speaks to so many women. Hugs to Lisa!

  4. Steven W Metz · October 29, 2023 Reply

    Great interview what a trip so far. Can’t wait for the rest of the story.

  5. Jeff Robertson · October 29, 2023 Reply

    Awesome Article Keep Up Good Work

  6. Polarpooh · October 29, 2023 Reply

    Debbie Does Dallas II was the first porn film I ever saw and I was enamored by Lisa Cintrice’s performance with Ron Jeremy and Bambi Woods (Debra DeSanto??). Hard to believe she was only in 9 films during her career. So glad that she was able to have somewhat of a stable life after porn. She’s a survivor.

    Great job, Rialto Report!

  7. Michael Lawrence · October 29, 2023 Reply

    Too bad we can’t find the uncensored Midnight Blue shoot we did at Plato’s

  8. Leej · October 30, 2023 Reply

    Thanks again April and Ashley. Can’t wait for part two! Oddly at 58 years of age I let go of all the drama and baggage I let go of it!. All the best for Lisa C!

  9. Sonja · October 31, 2023 Reply

    I love you sister! Can’t wait to read more. You’re story is an inspiration as you are today!

  10. ken · October 31, 2023 Reply

    Great story . I love your accent. Can’t wait for part two

  11. Dan · November 1, 2023 Reply

    Great interview. Like everyone else, I had no idea her career in porn was so brief. Her scene with Ron Jeremy in DDD II has always been a favorite of mine. Great to hear she’s out there alive and kicking!

  12. MISTYK the DJ · November 3, 2023 Reply

    Great interview and the music is spot on as always! Excited for part 2!

    MISTYK the DJ

  13. ken · November 3, 2023 Reply

    What’s the song at the very end it’s a woman singing, I know it but can’t figure it out.

  14. Cintrice · November 4, 2023 Reply

    I dont remember off the top of my head but I will check it out and let you know

  15. Jeff Haye · November 4, 2023 Reply

    For anyone who has heard another interview with Lisa, this interview is a tonic, and restores faith and confidence in the recording of film history. I believe previous commenter Cathy G-B was part of the other interview (sorry C G-B…) and it was atrocious. Bumbling, lack of knowledge, and absence of intelligence, in short it was a complete embarrassment.
    Thank you Rialto Report for fixing that mistake.

    • Clive Williams · November 5, 2023 Reply

      I think you are referring to the delightfully-named ‘Jizz Talking’ – very much the bargain basement of adult podcasts. I too listened to the Lisa episode, and the cluelessness of the participants was breath-taking.

      • Cintrice · November 5, 2023 Reply

        That was my first public interview in 30 years

        • JACKSON AXE · November 5, 2023 Reply

          The great part of the JT interview was seeing how truly fantastic you still look.
          Though, as I watched it, I was thinking ‘I hope The Rialto Report does this properly’…lol

          By the way, it’s very considerate of you to respond to so many comments.
          Good luck in the future.

  16. M Dub · November 10, 2023 Reply

    April This interview is fantastic. You did such an amazing job of getting Lisa to open up, especially considering how guarded she had previously been. You obviously made her incredibly comfortable. All your questions were well chosen and delivered with respect. It’s one of the most candid interviews I have ever listened to. Congrats. Now here is a question I have been meaning to ask for awhile. I’m pretty sure that at the end of Svengali – The Chuck Traynor Story: Part 5 it says that there will be more in a part 6. Yet I have never seen a part 6. Am I crazy, or is there a part 6 that has never been posted, or was posted with another title?? I am a huge fan of the Rialto Report and of both you and Ashley. Thank you, Keep up the great work..

    • Cintrice · November 12, 2023 Reply

      April is a class act and as always made me very comfortable speaking my truth.
      Thank you for tuning in

  17. Guy Edwards · November 17, 2023 Reply

    The Rialto Report never ceases to amaze! Another great article, pt1 and pt2… I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for years (many), and have been following her on Twitter ‘X’ for a few years now. Lisa’s bright and fun and doesn’t hesitate to respond to her followers. Once again, thanXxx for the superb interviews and thank you LISA!

  18. Cintrice · November 18, 2023 Reply

    Thank you I appreciate all my fans

  19. Sean Velour · December 23, 2023 Reply

    I got to meet Lisa many years ago when she stayed briefly with Ron Jeremy and Bob Gallagher at their house in Chatsworth. I was staying there too and got to spend some time talking to her over a few days. I found her to be an incredibly sweet and gentle soul, just full of kindness as she was seeking the next steps in her life. I always wondered what happened to her, and now I know. Seems like it all worked out beautifully. Thank you Rialto Report for the amazing interview and Lisa for sharing your story

  20. Cintrice · January 1, 2024 Reply

    Omg I kind of remember. Thanks for tuning in

  21. Mark · June 11, 2024 Reply

    Hello April,
    Just finished listening to the 2 parts of Lisa’s podcast; excellent work. I’m so glad I get to discover another interesting personality; Lisa was genuine and a very involving person. She’s been thru a lot of experiences and does not apologize for any of it. Well done to both Lisa and yourself.

  22. OTM1888 · June 18, 2024 Reply

    It is just me or does it seem like many 70s porn stars seem to from Italian American background? Lisa Cintrice, Alexandria Cass, Pola Black, Samantha Fox, Nicole Black, Little Oral Annie, Christy Canyon, Crystal Breeze, Marlene Willoughby, Candida Royale are just some who mention Italian lineage. There are more I bet. Is it due to prevalence of Italians in NYC area during hey day or something cultural about Italian families. I know alot of maschismo and brashness, perhaps the girls are also raised to be brash and see attention from men?

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