Richard Milner: Scrapbooks of an Industry Observer

Richard Milner: Scrapbooks of an Industry Observer

Richard Milner was ubiquitous on the adult film scene of the late 1970s/early 1980s. He edited magazines, directed movies, and seemed to know everyone.

He recently gave The Rialto Report his collection of photographs, and we’re sharing some of these below – including pictures of big names like Vanessa del Rio, Veronica Hart, and Seka, as well as lesser names like Julia Franklin, Alexandra, and the Sloan twins.


Richard MilnerRichard Milner and Allen Stuart


Richard MilnerFred Lincoln, Sharon Kelly, Art Ben, Richard Milner, Joyce Snyder


Richard MilnerRichard Milner


Richard MilnerRichard Milner and the Sloan twins


Samantha FoxSamantha Fox



Samantha FoxSamantha Fox and Michael Knight


Samantha FoxSamantha Fox


Lisa Deleew


Lisa DeLeeuwLisa DeLeeuw


Annie SprinkleAnnie Sprinkle


Harry ReemsLisa Cintrice and Laurie Smith (top), with Harry Reems


Vanessa Del RioVanessa del Rio


Vanessa Del Rio


Vanessa Del Rio


SekaLuis ‘Short Stud’ De Jesus, Jamie Gillis, Seka


















Richard Milner


Veronica HartVeronica Hart


Veronica Hart


Veronica Hart


Jane Hamilton


Veronica Hart


Veronica HartChuck Vincent, Veronica Hart


Veronica Hart


R BollaR. Bolla, Veronica Hart


Kelly NicholsKelly Nichols


Julia FranklinJulia Franklin


Julia Franklin


Julia Franklin




Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard, Alexandra


Gloria LeonardGloria Leonard


Gloria Leonard


Jamie GillisJamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Gloria Leonard


Lisa DeLeeuwLisa DeLeeuw


Richard Milner


Richard Milner


Richard Milner


Richard Milner



  • Posted On: 27th September 2020
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Max · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Amazing selection. And always good to Alexandra. My all time favorite!

  2. KL · September 27, 2020 Reply

    The Lisa De Leeuw pic is awesome

  3. Annette Heinz · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Richard Milner is a sweetheart and Sharp as a tack.

  4. Cathy Gigante-Brown · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Wonderful trip down the x-rated memory lane.

  5. Mykola Mick Dementiuk · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Love the nylon-clad beauty being pawed by her horny sailor-boy , ooh la la!

  6. Guest5 · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Milner is the MAN! I always thought that he was in a relationship with Tiffany Clark? they had great chemistry in all their magazine shoots together.

    Wow, did Seka ever look good in Ultra Flesh. The movie would have been even better if the world’s luckiest dwarf Louis Shortstud would have had a sex scene with Seka. I guess Ken said no to midget scenes for her?

  7. DubipR · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Is that Kellie Evert on Milner’s lap?

  8. Thomas · September 27, 2020 Reply

    The photograph of Annie Sprinkle and the photographs of Vanessa Del Rio and Seka were amazing I hope there are more of his amazing collection to come.

  9. Tm · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Some stunning photographs in this collection!

  10. Peter Marra · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Love this photo collection!

  11. Scott H. · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Veronica Hart… goddess.

    • Paul · October 5, 2020 Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. She is stunning. Always had more than a touch of the Rita Hayworth’s about her.

      Thank you RR for unearthing these gems!

  12. Jeff Robertson · September 27, 2020 Reply

    Richard Milner was awesome so epic 1970s x-rated film thank you keep up the good work God bless y’all

  13. –E– · September 28, 2020 Reply

    Diane and Denise Sloan = goddesses. That is all.

  14. J. Walter Puppybreath · September 29, 2020 Reply

    If I can be a bro-dude for a second…Vanessa D was off the chart!
    Fascinating pics, RR.

  15. Roger Feelbert · September 29, 2020 Reply

    I feel like I should know this, but what’s the source of the pics of Veronica Hart dressed as a street tough from “The Warriors”?

  16. Bert Dingman · September 29, 2020 Reply

    Great series of old school stars. 4 th picture down. Holy Fur Batman! We need the Poulan weed wacker. Gotta love 70’s porn and genital area grooming.

  17. Lee K · August 22, 2022 Reply

    Priceless. Thanks.

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