Adult Cinema Review: The Complete 1983 Issues

Adult Cinema Review: The Complete 1983 Issues

Adult Cinema Review was perhaps the perfect expression of a New York adult film magazine in the 1980s.

It was run by a collective of veteran porn journalists, that included Peter Wolff (aka ‘Box Crawford’), Dian Hanson (aka ‘Constance Whitbread’, aka ‘Kristabel Boonay’), and Joyce James, and it employed a plethora of adult film talent (including Annie Sprinkle, Carter Stevens, Jody Maxwell, and Ron Jeremy), who contributed articles, reviews and gossip.

The first issue of Adult Cinema Review was published in July 1981. Its mission was clear from the start: it would provide pictorials from the latest east and west coast adult films, interviews with directors and stars, and copious industry news and insider gossip. The magazines also contained ads – and lots of them – for films (“Impossible Sex Acts from European Films”), aphrodisiacs (“Spanish Fly – Fast Acting New Formula), Chinese sex dolls (“From The Land of the Diminutive People Comes Kim – Your Little Personal Doll”), and more.

By 1983, the magazine was a cash cow, cheap to compile from an abundance of riches emanating from an X-rated film scene anxious to promote its product, and a big seller to an audience keen to learn more about their carnal silver screen heroes.

We look back at the issues published in 1983, which include articles and photo spreads with Lee Carroll, Kandi Barbour, Bridgette Monet, and Tiffany Clark; and features on film such as Taboo II, Irresistible and Babylon Blue, and much more.

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Click on the covers below to access the full magazines. Due to the fact that the magazines are scanned in high definition, allow a little time for each page to load. If you are viewing on a phone, view in landscape orientation.


Adult Cinema Review: The Complete 1983 Issues

January 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-01 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Bobby Astyr, Lisa Cintrice, Mai Lin
Laurienne [Laurien] Dominique profile
-Film reviews including: The Fan, Sound of Love, Satisfactions, Peaches and Cream
Serena interview & pictorial
-Debbie Heinz interview & pictorial


February 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-02 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Vanessa Del Rio, Harry Reems
-Film reviews including: Memphis Cathouse Blues, Smoker, The Girl from S.E.X., Undercovers, Little Orphan Dusty Part 2, Body Magic
Velvet Summers interview & pictorial
Candy Samples interview & pictorial
Lee Carroll interview & pictorial


March 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-03 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Hyapatia Lee
Taboo II: interview with Kirdy Stevens
-Foxy boxing profile with Bunny Hatton
Up and Coming: profile of Marilyn Chambers
Kandi Barbour profile & pictorial
John Christopher interview
-Film reviews including: Suze’s Centerfolds, Foxy Boxing


No April 1983 issue published


May 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-05 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: SulkaJesse Adams, Sparky Vasc, Annie Sprinkle
Mai Lin interview
Lee Carroll interview & pictorial
Hyapatia Lee interview & pictorial
Mistress Candice interview & pictorial
Taboo II: from the stars’ points of view
-Film reviews including: The Stimulators, Hot Dreams, Nasty Girls, Irresistible


June 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-06 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Samantha Fox, Hyapatia Lee
Dorothy Lamay interview & pictorial
Carmel Nougat interview & pictorial
Alley Cats with Bunny and Buddy Hatton
-Film reviews including:Puss n’ Boots, Fantasy Follies, Debbie Does Dallas II, Sexcapades, Sulka’s Wedding


July 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-07 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Sharon Kane, Shauna Grant, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Chuck Vincent
Angel Cash interview & pictorial
-The girls of Babylon Blue: Alexis X, Sharon Kane, Jackie Loriens, Joanna Storm, Bridgette Monet
Alexis X interview & pictorial
Lust Inferno: Interview with Drea
-Film reviews including: Private School Girls, In Love, The Sinners


August 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-08 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Rhonda Jo Petty
Bridgette Monet interview & pictorial
Robin [Athena Star] interview & pictorial
-Film reviews including: California Valley Girls, Babylon Blue, Maneaters, The Perils of Prunella


September 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-09 -Star stories by Ron Jeremy: Georgina Spelvin, Tish Ambrose
Rhonda Jo Petty interview & pictorial
Linda Jackov profile & pictorial
-The weird and wonderful world of Fred Lincoln
Molly Royal and Joe Momma profile & pictorial
-Film reviews including: Glitter, Doing It, Once Upon a Secretary, Show Your Love, In The Pink, Bad Girls II, Kneel Before Me


October 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-10 Peaches and Cream: behind the scenes report
-Film reviews including: 1001 Erotic Nights, Sulka’s Wedding, Hot Dreams, Centerfold Celebrities, Taboo II, Nasty Girls


November 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-11 -Porn star gossip: Sharon Mitchell, Ron Jeremy, Linda Lovelace, Lisa de Leeuw, Vanessa Del Rio, Candy Samples
Seka profile & pictorial
-Candy Samples profile & pictorial
Seka profile & pictorial
Tiffany Clark profile & pictorial
Gail Palmer profile
-Kandi Barbour profile & pictorial
-Lusty Ladies pictorial with Joanna Storm
-Film reviews including: Irresistible, For the Love of Pleasure, Up and Coming, Night Life


December 1983
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Adult Cinema Review 1983-12 -Sharon Mitchel profile
-Especially for porn ass lovers
Marlene Willoughby interview & pictorial
Roberta Findlay interview
-Film reviews including: Between Lovers, Night Hunger, The Young Like it Hot, A Taste of Money


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  1. Tony · October 11, 2020 Reply

    Another home run… The definitive home for the golden age continues on its unparalleled success!
    Can I put in a request for the early years of Adam Film World some time??!

    Thanks to everyone at The Rialto Report for your amazing work.

  2. D · October 11, 2020 Reply

    So was “Peter Wolff (aka ‘Box Crawford’)“ also “Boz Crawford” who directed Scooter Trash among others?

  3. Mark Jack · October 11, 2020 Reply

    Impeccable magazine. I have to admit there was better journalism elsewhere, but this was my favorite for coverage of XXX.

  4. Jeff Robertson · October 12, 2020 Reply

    Adult cinema Review magazine was part of Books-A-Million store from 1980s and early 1990s that’s really interesting keep up the good work

  5. Mark · October 14, 2020 Reply

    This was my favorite magazine back in the day. I used it for raw material while working though “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” ( Somewhere there is a notebook filled with pencil sketches from it.

    Later I took a figure drawing course, but it wasn’t the same.

  6. Brad · November 11, 2021 Reply

    Great work! Thanks for this. If Robin Marina AKA Athena Star and her mom were truthful in that interview, that’s nuts.

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