Adult Cinema Review:
The Complete 1982 Issues

Adult Cinema Review: <br />The Complete 1982 Issues

We look back at the east coast publication Adult Cinema Review by re-publishing all the issues published in 1982.

These issues include interviews with Kay Parker, Sharon Kane, and Sue Nero; reviews of films such as Roommates, Wanda Whips Wall Street, and Consenting Adults; and pictorals with Joanna Storm, Lisa Cintrice, Sharon Mitchell, and Kandi Barbour; and much more.

Fully digitized copies of each 1982 magazine can be found in the article below. You can find The Rialto Report’s growing collection of digitized resources by choosing Library in our site menu. 

Click on the covers below to access the full magazines. Due to the fact that the magazines are scanned in high definition, allow time for each page to load. If you are viewing on a phone, view in landscape orientation.

‘Adult Cinema’ magazines are fully searchable; use the icon displayed in each magazine to search by keyword.

Publications are being shared here purely for the purpose of research. They should not to be used or reproduced for any commercial gain.


‘Adult Cinema’: The Complete 1982 Issues

January 1982 (Vol 1, No. 7)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


Adult Cinema -‘Nothing to Hide’ review
-‘The Dancers’ review
-‘Garage Girls’ review
-‘Bizarre Styles’ review



February 1982 (Vol 1, No. 8)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


Adult Cinema -Tigr pictoral
-‘Never So Deep’ review
-‘Football Widow’ review
Lisa Cintrice pictoral
-Sex superstar wall calendar



March 1982 (Vol 1, No. 9)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


Adult Cinema -‘Roommates’ review
-‘The Starmaker’ review
Jill Munro pictoral
-‘The Seductress’ review
-‘Oui, Girls’ review
-‘Exhausted’ review
-‘Ultraflesh’ review
-‘Mascara’ review



April 1982 (Vol 1, No. 10)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-Sharon Mitchell pictoral
-‘Moments of Love’ review
-‘Coed Fever’ review
-‘Inspirations’ review
-‘A Place Beyond Shame’ review
-‘House of Sin’ review
-‘Superware Party” review



May 1982 (Vol 1, No. 11)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


Kay Parker interview
-‘The Playgirl’ review
-‘Centerspread Girls’ review
-‘Suite 69’ review
-‘Liquid Assets’ review
-‘Beyond Your Wildest Dreams’ review
-‘Suck it Like You Mean it’ review



June 1982 (Vol 1, No. 12)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-Gypsy Lee pictoral
-‘Foxtrot’ review
-Kim pictoral
-‘Dirty Looks’ review
-‘Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle’ review
-‘Suze’s Centerfolds, Collection 5’ review



July 1982 (Vol 2, No. 1)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-‘Wanda Whips Wall Street’ review
-‘Best of Seka’ review
-‘Consenting Adults’ review
-‘All American Girls’ review
Joanna Storm pictoral
-‘The Blonde Next Door’ review
-‘Babe’ review
-‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ review



August 1982 (Vol 2, No. 2)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-‘The Casting Couch’ review
-‘Manhattan Mistress’ review
-‘Angel in Distress’ review
-Brooke West pictoral
-‘The Affairs of Miss Roberts’ review
-‘The Temptress’ review
-‘A Thousand and One Erotic Nights’ review
-‘Love Goddess’ review



September 1982 (Vol 2, No. 3)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-‘Luscious’ review
-‘The Widespread Scandal of Lydia Lunch’ (actual film title: ‘The Widespread Scandal of Lydia Lace’)
-Cody Nicoll pictoral
-‘Peepholes’ review
-‘Life is a Masquerade’ review
-Nellie Gold pictoral
-‘Wild Dallas Honey’ review



October 1982 (Vol 2, No. 4)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-‘Same Time Every Year’ review
-‘Heavenly Nurse’ review
-Bunny Hatton pictoral
-‘American Desire’ review
-‘Education of the Baroness’ review
Sharon Kane interview
-‘Ring of Desire’ review
-‘Fireworks’ review
-‘Midnight Heat’ review
-‘Peepholes’ review



November 1982 (Vol 2, No. 5)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-John Holmes on trial
-‘Girls Little Lost’ review
-Kandi Barbour pictoral
-The making of ‘The Devil in Miss Jones II’ part 1
-‘Society Affairs’ review
-Honey Wilder pictoral
-‘Intimate Lessons’ review
-‘French Sensations’ review



December 1982 (Vol 2, No. 6)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


-‘I Like to Watch’ review
-Not a Fair Story: the making of ‘Not a Love Story’
-The making of ‘The Devil in Miss Jones II’ part 2
-‘Rebecca’ review
-Lenora Bruce pictoral
-‘Alice in Wonderland’ review
-‘Endless Lust’ review
-‘Change of Partners’ review
-Sue Nero interview




  • Posted On: 12th January 2020
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Rupert · January 12, 2020 Reply

    Dear Rialto people,

    Your commitment to documenting every part of the old school adult film world is UNPARALLELED.

    The podcast is hands down the most revealing podcast out there.
    The journalistic detail is breathtaking.
    The photo features are poignant (YES! poignant porno photo features!)

    Happy 2020, and here’s to another wonderful year of content.

  2. Loren Simms · January 12, 2020 Reply


    And is there any chance of a Cody Nicole interview?? She was a dynamite presence.

  3. greg · January 12, 2020 Reply

    In 1982 I was 15 and had never seen a porn movie, but I did know a store that would sell me this magazine. It was mindblowing and I know I had several of these issues. Definitely the top one with Annette Haven.

  4. Patrick · January 12, 2020 Reply

    Love the history lesson!!

  5. Richard · January 13, 2020 Reply

    Great content, but I can’t seem to open April 1982.

    • April Hall · January 15, 2020 Reply

      Hey Richard – please give it another try. I just checked 2 different browsers and both worked. Make sure to give it a little time to load.

    • Zane David Campbell · September 14, 2020 Reply

      I have a copy of Vol.4 NO.12
      It has an interview with Traci Lords
      Wondering how rare it is.
      Btw I went to grade school with Traci

  6. Edward Mander · February 6, 2020 Reply

    I love this stuff, so redolent of a lost age when I was (sort of) innocent!!!

    Anyway, whatever happened to Lysa Thatcher?

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