Adult Cinema Review: The Complete 1981 Issues

Adult Cinema Review: The Complete 1981 Issues

We continue our digitization project with the east coast film magazine Adult Cinema Review – looking at who was behind publication of the magazine and reviewing all the issues from 1981, its first year in business.

These issues include interviews with Angel Cash, Desiree Cousteau, Mai Lin, Gerard Damiano, and Becky Savage, features on movies such as Amanda By Night, Neon Nights, The Tiffany Mix, and Pandora’s Mirror, and much more.

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Adult Cinema Review: 1981

The first issue of Adult Cinema Review was published in July 1981. Its mission was clear from the start: it would provide pictorials from the latest east and west coast adult films, interviews with directors and stars, and copious industry news and insider gossip. The magazines also contained ads – and lots of them – for films (“Impossible Sex Acts from European Films”), aphrodisiacs (“Spanish Fly – Fast Acting New Formula), Chinese sex dolls (“From The Land of the Diminutive People Comes Kim – Your Little Personal Doll”), and more.

But who was behind the magazine?

The names on the masthead in the first year remained consistent: ‘J. Stephen Corrothers’ was Publisher, ‘Alberto Fazzi’ was Executive Editor, ‘Constance Whitbread’ was Managing Editor, and ‘Boz Crawford’ was Editorial Consultant. None of these names were known to the adult film business in New York – but the format of the magazine suggested that the staff were very familiar with the business. For a start, the industry gossip was extensive and clearly came from well-informed and trusted sources. Many of the film features were previews of movies that hadn’t yet appeared in theaters, indicating that the publishers had an inside track. Finally the list of contributors were recruited from the New York scene – and included notables such as Annie Sprinkle, Carter Stevens, Jody Maxwell, and Ron Jeremy. The magazine was more explicit that most of the other titles available at the time – such as High Society and Adam Film World – and perhaps it was for this reason that the publishers and editors used pseudonymous identities.

In fact the team behind Adult Cinema Review were mostly well-known veterans of the business: ‘J. Stephen Corrothers’ was Murray Traub, ‘Alberto Fazzi’ was the Tony DeStefano, ‘Constance Whitbread’ was Dian Hanson, and ‘Boz Crawford’ was Peter Wolff.

Peter Wolff was the veteran magazine publishing genius who had cut his teeth at Bachelor, Ace!, and High Society magazines, and went on to edit Cheri magazine with great success in the mid 1970s.

Dian Hanson (whose husband Bobby was principal photographer for Adult Cinema Review) had started in publishing in 1976 as associate editor of the upscale porn magazine Puritan. She went on to other adult and biker magazines, including Partner, Hooker, Harvey, Outlaw Biker, Hawgs, Juggs, Bust Out!, and Leg Show.

Murray Traub, born Murray Weintraub, owned Goshen Litho Inc., a printing company, and was a veteran publisher of erotic books and magazines. Among his more prominent titles was Oui magazine – published by Laurent Publishing, one of his companies – which he purchased from Playboy Enterprises in 1981.

Together they created Adult Cinema Review, a magazine that had a surprisingly long life. It was published, under different management, for the next 25 years, until its last issue in 2006.


July 1981 (Vol 1, No. 1)
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Adult Cinema Review Flash
Girls U.S.A.
– How to get a porn star to screw for you, by Annie Sprinkle
Neon Nights
Passion (aka Seka’s Fantasies)
Desire for Men
– Win a date with your favorite porn star
Gerard Damiano interview
Angel Cash interview
– Industry gossip




August 1981 (Vol 1, No. 2)
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Adult Cinema Review Wicked Sensations
Same Time Every Year
Filthy Rich
Pandora’s Mirror
Mary Guskos (aka Marilyn Gee) interview
– Adult theater listings
Desiree Cousteau interview
– Industry gossip




September 1981 (Vol 1, No. 3)
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Adult Cinema Review Kiss & Tell
Amanda By Night
Mai Lin interview
The Tale of Tiffany Lust
Annie Ample interview
Chris Cassidy and Roxanne Potts (aka Cody Nicole)
– Adult theater listings
– Industry gossip




October 1981 (Vol 1, No. 4)
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Adult Cinema Review Twilight Pink
Becky Savage interview
Carol Doda reports from Gerard Damiano movie set
Centerfold Fever
Sparky Vasc interview
– Adult theater listings
– Industry gossip
– Where to buy sex features on videotape




November 1981 (Vol 1, No. 5)
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Adult Cinema Review Piper Smith interview
Outlaw Ladies
The Tiffany Minx
Bad Girls
– Helen Melon, the 350 pound sex star
– Adult theater listings
– Industry gossip




December 1981 (Vol 1, No. 6)
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Adult Cinema Review Sveltana‘s Bad Girls
Anna Ventura interview
Spark Vasc writes from jail
Long Jean Silver interview
The Electric Lady (aka Randy The Electric Lady)
Fred Lincoln and Tiffany Clark
– Europorn
– Adult theater listings
– Industry gossip



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  1. Hans Breuer · September 2, 2018 Reply

    I was hoping that you’d cover Adult Cinema Review – an excellent source of industry news.

    Excellent, excellent!

  2. Kes · September 2, 2018 Reply

    Another mystery solved…….>!!!!!!!

    I’ve long wondered who “Boz Crawford” would be – and it is important to have this confirmed.

  3. Sam Skinner · September 2, 2018 Reply

    Can I put in a word for Video-X and Cheri magazines…….. both essential east coast organs (!)

    Great work. Appreciate your truly pioneering work.

  4. T One Tone · September 2, 2018 Reply

    Ah The Bad Girls who can forget that classic? Your favorite centerfolds actually having sex on camera. That was the first time I ever saw the gorgeous Victoria Knoll have sex on camera with Richard Pacheco, Victoria looked like ab actual high fashion model in the photo shoot who then begins to have sex with Richard. A bonus in that scene is Richard does the whole scene using a British accent.
    The film ends with the Bad Girls having an orgy with the lucky guys in that film. The only thing that could have sent that film over the top would have been to have the late great Johnny Keyes show up in his trademark white tights to have sex with the Bad Girls too!

  5. Finn · September 3, 2018 Reply

    These issues are truly fantastic. I especially love that there’s an interview with Svetlana. I’ve always thought she was one of the most fascinating behind-the-camera people of the adult world.

  6. J. Walter Puppybreath · September 4, 2018 Reply

    Incredible, RR!
    I’m amazed by the amount of man-sausage featured in the pics. I wonder if, as they’re film-shoot stills, they got more of a break than a posed set?

  7. J. Walter Puppybreath · September 4, 2018 Reply

    My bad: meant to add… LONI SANDERS!!! I’m a tad biased, but she was off-the-frickin’-chart. 🙂

  8. steven otero · September 9, 2018 Reply

    Amazing ! Why we need the Rialto Report !

  9. Ben · September 11, 2018 Reply

    Loni! I have that issue squirreled away somewhere. I hope she is someone you will interview in the future.

  10. Mark Mitchell · September 25, 2018 Reply

    Mystery solved! Great read, as usual!

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