Adult Film World magazine in 1973/1974: The Complete Issues

Adult Film World magazine in 1973/1974: The Complete Issues

We continue our digitization project with the west coast film publication Adam Film World, and re-publishing all the issues from 1973 and 1974.

These issues contain interviews with Sharon KellyEmily Smith (aka Clair Dia), William Rotsler, Kandi Johnson, Fred Williamson, and many others from the west coast adult film scene, and features on films including The Pigkeeper’s Daughter, Deep Throat 2, Behind The Green DoorAndy Warhol’s Frankenstein and Frankie and Johnnie.

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Magazines are fully searchable; use the icon displayed in each magazine to search by keyword.

Publications are being shared here purely for the purpose of research. They should not to be used or reproduced for any commercial gain.


Adam Film World: 1973 – 1974

Adam magazine was launched by Knight Publishing Corp in the 1950s as an attempt to follow the success of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.

In 1966, Adam Film Quarterly was spun off from that magazine under the guidance of artist, cartoonist, science fiction author, and keen pornographer, William Rotsler. Its remit was to cover the growing sexploitation film industry, though it also covered mainstream films of a sexual nature and movie stars who appeared in racy films.

By 1969 it was renamed Adam Film World and issued on a sporadic basis for the next three decades, covering the increasingly hard-core American adult film industry, as well as European and Japanese sexually-oriented movies.

The publication is also notable for having issued the first movie awards for excellence in pornographic film, first with the X-Caliber Awards in 1975, then replacing them with the AFWG awards starting

In 1981 its sister publication, Adam Film World Guide, was launched, which in turn, spawned an annual Directory of Adult Films starting in 1984.


January 1973 (Vol 4, No. 4)
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Adult Film World The Pigkeeper’s Daughter
Shannon’s Women
– Enslaved
– Interview with William Rotsler (aka Clay McCord)
– Cuttings from a sex film editor’s floor
– An inside report on where sex film models come from
… and much more




April 1973 (Vol 4, No. 5)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Adult Film World Blood Sabbath
Steelyard Blues
– Wet Lips
The Stepdaughter (aka And When She Was Bad…)
The Night Evelyn Came Out of Her Tomb
– Interview with Sue Rainer (aka Kathy Williams)
Behind The Green Door – The Secrets of the O’Farrell Theater
– Interview with Sandy Jackson
… and much more




June 1973 (Vol 4, No. 6)
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Adult Film World The Erotic Adventures of Zorro
– The Daughter of Fanny Hill
– Paradise Lust
The Black Decameron
Deep Throat
Dave Friedman interview
– San Francisco porno films report
– 1972 Porno Awards
… and much more




August 1973 (Vol 4, No. 7)
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Adult Film World Little Miss Innocence (aka Teenage Innocence)
It Happened In Hollywood
Space Thing
The Black Bunch
Last Tango in Paris
– Interview with Stella Stevens
– Interview with Fred Williamson
– San Francisco porn film interviews
Kandi Johnson interview
– The Mitchell Brothers double bill
– Ed Karsh interview
… and much more




October 1973 (Vol 4, No. 8)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Sleazy Rider
The Dirty Mind of Young Sally
Cold Eyes of Fear
– Interview with Emily Smith (aka Clair Dia)
– Inter-racial Porno Movies
– Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Porno Movies
… and much more




February 1974 (Vol 4, No. 9)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Adult Film World Frankie and Johnnie
The Sensualists
– My Life in Porno Films, by Merrill Dakota
Sex in the Comics
– Captive Maid
– Fragments of Porno
– Vanessa Redgrave
… and much more




April 1974 (Vol 4, No. 10)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Sassy Sue
Poor Cecily
The Day Evelyn Rose From The Tomb
Curtis Harrington
– Porno Girls feature
– Raquel Welch
– Judy Garland
… and much more




June 1974 (Vol 4, No. 11)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Adult Film World Sandra
Booby Trap
Linda Lovelace
– Monique Milan feature
– Liv Ulmann
– The Burning Nights of Poppea
– Steve McQueen
… and much more




August 1974 (Vol 4, No. 12)
(click on cover to view magazine)


– Female Chauvinism
High School Fantasies
– The Queen of X-Rated Hearts
– Memoirs of a Sex Film Starlet
– Tuesday Weld
– 1001 Nights: Italian Style
… and much more




October 1974 (Vol 5, No. 1)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Adult Film World Code Name: Rawhide
The Female Bunch
Sharon Kelly interview
– Swinging Wives
– How to Make a Stag Film
– I Was The Star of a Copenhagen Sex Show
… and much more




December 1974 (Vol 5, No. 2)
(click on cover to view magazine)


Adult Film World Lash of Lust
– Sex Swap
The Young Secretaries
– All About Sex Films For Fun and Profit
– Confessions of a Happy Pornographer
– Kristiana: Danish Porno Actress
Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein
Deep Throat 2
… and much more




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    I can’t understate how important the resource is that you’re creating online – free and for all.

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    Please don’t stop!

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    I feared that you were only re-publishing a single year of each magazine so I’m excited that you are working your way through all the years of all the magazines.

    Any chance you will cover European magazines that included US-golden age content… such as Cinema X?


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    Ambassador, You Spoil Us!

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    Thank you Rialto Report for the ever growing library. These magazines shed light in all types of genre films. Thank again.

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    Volume 4, No. 11 page 83… I bought that book on handicapping horses 8 years ago. Today is June 30, 2022… I never thought I would see that book in any advertisement…
    PS It is a good book about handicapping horses… I know nothing to do with the adult film golden age…but thanks

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