Sharon Kane: Rare Photos from her Archives

Sharon Kane: Rare Photos from her Archives

Due to the great response to our recent interview with Sharon Kane, we are pleased to present a selection of rare photos from her archives.


From our recent podcast interview:

Sharon Kane is one of the most prolific adult film stars of all time, having featured in 100s of films, videos, and loops over a 30 year period.

She began work as an exotic dancer at Alex De Renzy‘s Screening Room in the mid-70’s, before entering the porn industry in 1978 in the film ‘Pretty Peaches‘. Over the next three decades Sharon worked in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles making the transition from film to video, and
is member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

Sharon joins Laura Helen Marks and Ashley West at the Rialto Report to talk about growing up in Ohio, stripping in San Francisco, Alex De Renzy and The Screening Room, actors Richard Pacheco, Paul Thomas, and Joey Silvera, living in New York, directors Chuck Vincent, Anthony Spinelli and Gerard Damiano, moving to Los Angeles, bondage, gay, transsexual films and much, much more.


Sharon Kane photos:

Tish Ambrose, Sharon Kane

XRCO Awards with Tish Ambrose, David Ambrose, Los Angeles (1985)

XRCO Awards, Sharon KaneXRCO Awards, Los Angeles (1985)

Henri Pachard, Sharon KaneXRCO Awards with Ron Sullivan, Los Angeles (1985)

Sharon KaneIn the studio recording the soundtrack for Fred Lincoln‘s ‘Freedom of Choice‘ (1985)

Peter Davy, Sharon KaneWith Peter Davy (director of ‘The Night Temptress‘ (1990))

Eric Edwards, Jeanna Fine, Gloria LeonardAt a show honoring legends of the Adult Film Industry, with Eric Edwards, Jeanna Fine, Gloria Leonard

Gloria Leonard, Jeanna FineAt a show honoring legends of the Adult Film Industry, with Gloria Leonard, Jeanna Fine

Sharon KaneAt a show honoring legends of the Adult Film Industry, with Gloria Leonard, Jeanna Fine, Seka, Bill Margold and others

Seka, Marilyn ChambersAt a show honoring legends of the Adult Film Industry, with Seka, Marilyn Chambers and others

Sharon KaneWinning GayVN award for best music

Sharon KaneAt GayVN show with Johnny Rey

Sharon Kane

Sharon Kane

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  1. April Hall · June 15, 2014 Reply

    Love the photo of Sharon recording in the studio – fantastic!

  2. Gore Gore Girl · June 15, 2014 Reply

    ^ It really is fabulous. Thanks so much to RR and Sharon for sharing all of these!

  3. John Fulbright · June 15, 2014 Reply

    It wouldn’t be Sunday without the latest from TRR!

    Best resource on the subject possible.

  4. Xavier · June 16, 2014 Reply

    The photos of all those legends together (Sharon, Seka, Gloria, Sharon M., Eric, Marilyn, etc.) left me ga-ga.

    Absolutely fabulous.

  5. JOHN AMERO · June 20, 2014 Reply

    i worked with sharon in “a passage thru pamela”…… she was great fun and in scenes of unparallelled frankness, shocking revelations, and unspeakable depravity, she excelled…..people are still talking about the legendary”slow boat to tuna town”sequence!

    • Frank F · July 3, 2014 Reply

      Mr. Amero, I only recently found out that you were the Director of “A Passage Thru Pamela”, under the name ‘Leslie Brooks’. Just wanted to say that you did a wonderful job, as did the cast. This film was most intriguing in it’s treatment of the title character. Transgender woman in mainstream adult films can best be described as the rodeo clowns of porn. The discovery of a transsexual’s ‘secret’ is usually a humorous moment in the film, with the shocked male actor fleeing (Ivory Essex in ‘Corrupt Desires’ and ‘L’Amour’). In ‘Pamela’, this moment is treated with greater sensitivity and sensuality. Sharon Kane’s reaction – discovery/horror/rejection/remorse/seduction and her acting in the scene with Pamela were first rate! This scene rightly deserved the awards it won.

      Mainstream Hollywood tackled this years later, with “The Crying Game”. But your film was their first!

      Look forward to reading your book.

  6. Peter Stroke · December 14, 2017 Reply

    Note to self-must find Pretty Peaches on interweb tubes. Sharon is hotter than an ocean freighter full of habanero peppers still to this day!
    Is that Megan Leigh with her in the photo with the sexy purple hand pointing at her breasts? !
    Two of the hottest women ever in porn right there.

  7. Darrell Avery · January 2, 2018 Reply

    I was born in 1976.
    I first saw sharon in a 1988 film called “the perils of paula” yes i was just 12 years old !
    We had all started secondary school and i had an old satellite decoder for a channel called filmnet at the time.
    I would record adult films on 4 hour tapes and sell em at school call that the entrepreneur in me ?
    Sharons pod cast was amazing its an era which i find amazing and interesting including the whole adult film business.
    These stars have feelings and lifes and its nice to hear storys of a forgotten era.
    I would willingly sit and just drink tea and listen to her life storys of forgotten memorys
    A true legend in and out of the adult film industry.
    All the best Sharon Kane x

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