Happy Christmas – with Tiffany Clark

Happy Christmas – with Tiffany Clark

Sincere thanks to everyone who has read any article of ours, listened to any of our podcasts, or followed The Rialto Report in any way during this last year.

We have many exciting stories and interviews to bring you in 2020, but in the meantime, we wish you happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year.

And here are previously unpublished photographs of the wonderful Tiffany Clark from a Christmas Stag magazine shoot in 1982. (And you can listen to our interview with Tiffany Clark here.)


Tiffany Clark


Stag magazine


Tiffany Clark


Tiffany Clark


Tiffany Clark

  • Posted On: 24th December 2019
  • By: Ashley West
  • Under: Photos


  1. Andrew · December 24, 2019 Reply

    Great Christmas treat. Thanks RR.

  2. Jose verschaffe · December 24, 2019 Reply

    Nice to see real bushes

  3. Mykole Mick Dementiuk · December 25, 2019 Reply

    Wonderful, Ho Ho Ho, you Ho’s!

  4. Andrew · December 25, 2019 Reply

    Ashley and April, you are the best!
    I wish you all the best the world has to offer. Much love!

  5. TM · December 25, 2019 Reply

    Awesome pics!
    Thanks for the notification on your Facebook page!
    Brightens up my Xmas morning as I’m getting ready to work on this holiday!

  6. King Paul Fan · December 25, 2019 Reply

    Is there a better way to end the year than with Tiffany Clark as sexy Santa spreading Holiday Cheer throughout the year? I think not! Like everyone else that visits this site I can’t say enough good things about Hall of Famer Tiffany Clark! From her warm fun personality to her stunning cover girl good looks as soon as you see Tiffany on film you become an instant fan.
    I became an instant fan and I didn’t even now it was Tiffany Clark the first time I saw a scene of hers?, it was on 8mm, Tiffany looked fresh out of high school and had was super tan lines, it was in a Diamond Collection loop called Mr Lucky where she took on King Paul and his black python. I just remember how cute she was, then I start seeing her in every NY based VHS film that comes out in the early 80’s.
    I was like where do I know this beautiful actress from? Than it hit me Diamond Collection? she did some other loops from that era where she was very tan and had curly hair, I had no idea what her name was back then? but by the time I realized who she was Tiffany and Vanessa Del Rio were my two favorite actresses. Tiffany always came off so natural in front of the camera- a true legend of the industry-the best!

  7. Ozzy · December 29, 2019 Reply

    Great way to finish the year! Tiffany looks gorgeous. That was a great podcast as well. To King Paul fan Diamond collection were great loops. I have several of the magazines that were the photo layouts of the loops.

  8. Al · December 31, 2019 Reply

    What a babe! Tiffany’s bush looks like the forest moon of Endor! (Star Wars reference) Now days, girls cut it down like it was the Amazon rain forest. I miss the bush!

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