Uncle Lou’s Scrapbook: A Fan’s Journey

Uncle Lou’s Scrapbook: A Fan’s Journey

In his book ‘Tales of Times Square’ (1986), Josh Alan Friedman wrote about Lou Amber – a New York limo driver who was a regular at the New York burlesque theaters.

For 20 years from the mid 1970s, Lou would go to all the theaters – the Follies, Show World, and others, but his favorite was the Melody Burlesk (later known as the Harmony Burlesque).

This was an era when adult film stars started to headline the shows, and Lou would regularly buy 8′ x 10′ glossies from the girls – which they would sign for him and emboss with lipstick kisses. Better still he would also pose with them for Polaroid pictures (see Lou’s picture with Desiree Cousteau above).

The resulting collection of photographs was then lovingly archived in a scrapbook, which reads like a history of the adult film industry.

Last week, we met up with Lou, now 81 years old, and heard about his years as a super fan. We’re pleased to present a small selection of his scrapbook photos here.

We’re also happy to report that Josh Alan Friedman has plans to publish the scrapbook – with the addition of a final chapter of new Polaroids to be taken by Lou featuring today’s starlets.


“He’s a sad-eyed fan of the porn starlets and a soft-spoken barroom confidant to the Mardi Gras girls.

He’s not looking to show off, and keeps the photo album as a private shrine to porn queens who’ve come to think of him affectionately as “Uncle Lou”.

– from ‘Uncle Lou’s Scrapbook’, ‘Tales of Times Square’, by Josh Alan Friedman


Raven De La CroixRaven De La Croix was one of the first dancers that Lou photographed, and remained his favorite. He would take the week off work whenever she was in town to act as her chaperone.


Constance MoneyConstance Money, who was appearing in New York to promote her new film ‘A Taste of Money’


Robin ByrdRobin Byrd




Marilyn ChambersMarilyn Chambers


Sharon KaneSharon Kane


Shanna McColloughShanna McCullough


Ginger LynnGinger Lynn


Tiffany ClarkTiffany Clark


Tish AmbroseTish Ambrose


Nina HartleyNina Hartley


Hypatia LeeHyapatia Lee


“(Hyapatia Lee) was known for quenching a flaming dildo between her legs, (but) she couldn’t perform the gimmick due to strict Fire Department regulations at Show World”

– from ‘Uncle Lou’s Scrapbook’, ‘Tales of Times Square’, by Josh Alan Friedman


Hyapatia LeeHyapatia Lee was a regular visitor to New York as a dancer, including a personal appearance in 1983 to promote one of her first films ‘The Young Like It Hot


Kitten NatividadKitten Natividad


RR-Lou-01‘Uncle’ Lou Amber, July 2014

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  1. Scott H. · July 27, 2014 Reply

    Cool pictures! Fun feature to look at.

  2. Matt · July 27, 2014 Reply

    Amazing photos that still look fresh today!

    Josh – I can’t wait to see this book. Great idea. Make it happen!

  3. Matt · July 27, 2014 Reply

    The picture of Desiree looks like I’ve never seen her before – she’s so wide-eyed and gorgeous here in these candid shots.

    I’m intrigued to know who else is featured in the rest of the pictures – roll on the book!

  4. roy karch · July 27, 2014 Reply

    Without the fans, we’re just jerkin’ ourselves off.
    Good teaser.

  5. Ron S · July 27, 2014 Reply

    Nice, and personal. Interesting to see a couple of Russ Meyer’s girls in there.

  6. Thomas Puglia · July 28, 2014 Reply

    As usual.. I remember Uncle Lou He was a good steady.. As I called them in those days like me and so many others .. That collected the pictures of the adult stars in those days.. Again like I say.. There will never be another Melody.. Like me and my friends called it… It was thrills of a lifetime.. You will never experience again!!

  7. rod · July 30, 2014 Reply

    Seka is even more beautiful than I remember. Sharon Kane seemingly hasn’t aged. Hyapatia Lee, particularly in the polaroid copies was smoking hot. Those were the days!

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