Cheri magazine in 1979: An Issue by Issue Guide

Cheri magazine in 1979: An Issue by Issue Guide

In 1979, Cheri continued its pivot away from the world of adult film to become a more general counter-culture sex magazine. The publication especially focused on erotic adventures across America, from sex in the sunshine state to Chicago’s United Nations of nudes.

But the magazine still kept a foot in the porn world, presenting regular articles by Jill Monro and Gail Palmer as well as features on Marc Stevens, Carol Connors, and Kitten Natividad.

And Cherry Bomb‘s profile of musicians continued with Gloria Gaynor, Peaches & Herb, Frank Zappa, and others.

Fully digitized copies of each Cheri magazine can be found in the article below. You can find The Rialto Report’s growing collection of digitized resources by choosing Library in our site menu. 

Click on the covers below to access the full magazines. Due to the fact that the magazines are scanned in high definition, allow time for each page to load. If you are viewing on a phone, view in landscape orientation.

Magazines are fully searchable; use the icon displayed in each magazine to search by keyword.

Publications are being shared here purely for the purpose of research. They should not to be used or reproduced for any commercial gain.


Cheri: The Complete 1979 Issues

January 1979 (Vol 3, No. 6)
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-Topless shoeshines in Lansing
-Ponderosa fever
Genya Ravan & The Bomb
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Jill Monro, Britt Loveland
-Lust in smalltown USA
-The virgin and the painter
-Ms. Time’s guide to new year’s resolutions
-Sexy Sadie vs. Dirty Lil


February 1979 (Vol 3, No. 7)
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-Queen Adrena, dominitrix
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Jill Monro, Cherry Bomb
-Flesh tones
-Beach blanket bust-o
-Won’t you eat my valentine


March 1979 (Vol 3, No. 8)
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1979-03-Cheri -Masked balls
-Cherry Bomb unzips Frank Zappa
-Miss International Nude
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Jill Monro, Queen Adrena
-Girls of the big 10 1/2: Marc Stevens
-Sex in the sunshine state
-Who will be Cheri’s swinger of the year?
-Invasion of the booby snatchers


April 1979 (Vol 3, No. 9)
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1979-04-Cheri The Divine Mr. D
-Cherry Bomb & Rick Derringer
-Miss International Nude
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Goodlove, Queen Adrena
-Marc Stevens & Jill Monro: the wedding & honeymoon of the decade
-Cheri’s swinger of the year
-Portrait of a lethal lady
-50 ways to prove you’re macho


May 1979 (Vol 3, No. 10)
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1979-05-Cheri -The stripping puppeteer
-Profile of Carol Connors
-Cherry Bomb with Peaches & Herb
-Debbie Does Dallas Dirt
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Sandy Freedom, Queen Adrena
-Sabra Starr profile
-How to score in Chicago
-Amateur night at the Festival Theater
-Sex and the single psychic
-Behind the scenes at a local swing magazine
-Chicago’s United Nations of nudes


June 1979 (Vol 3, No. 11)
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1979-06-Cheri -A Florida disco goes beyond wet t-shirts
-Swinging Tallahassee
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Cherry Bomb, Jill Monro
-San Francisco’s super swingers
-Sex fantasies
-Why blonds have more fun


July 1979 (Vol 3, No. 12)
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1979-07-Cheri -Last night in leather land
-Cherry Bomb traps The Good Rats
-Exploring the pleasures of touch
-The Cheri orchard: Sabra Starr, Jill Monro, Gail Palmer
-Toga party
-Confessions of a whoremonger


August 1979 (Vol 4, No. 1)
(click on cover to view full magazine)


1979-08-Cheri -Dreamsuck ’79
-At home with Jill Monro
-Plato’s west
-Star stripping in Los Angeles
-Sacramento’s modeling school with a twist


September 1979 (Vol 4, No. 2)
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1979-09-Cheri -Jill Monro & Marc Steven’s disco divorce bash
-Cherry Bomb & The Village People
-Miss Playhouse ’79
-The Cheri orchard: Sabra Starr, Jill Monro, Gail Palmer
Kitten Natividad profile


October 1979 (Vol 4, No. 3)
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1979-10-Cheri -Fit to be tied
-Cherry Bomb has a Plasmatics attack
-Cheri readers go mile high
-The Cheri orchard: Sabra Starr, Jill Monro, Sandy Freedom


November 1979 (Vol 4, No. 4)
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1979-11-Cheri -Houston’s Studio 54
-Reverend Chuck’s N.U.D.E church
-Cherry Bomb turns on Sweet
-Sex in the lone star state
-I wish they could all be Texas girls
-The Cheri orchard: Sabra Starr, Jill Monro, Gail Palmer
-Houston’s hottest club
-Meet Miss Nude Texas
-Bare-bottomed ballooning


December 1979 (Vol 4, No. 5)
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1979-12-Cheri Third Annual Erotic Film Awards
-Getting wet on the world’s largest waterbed
Gloria Gaynor charms Cherry Bomb
-Sunday, muddy Sunday
-Indiana’s paint off ’79
-The Cheri orchard: Gail Palmer, Sandy Freedom, Jasmine
-Miss Nude Galaxy
-Hedonistic holidays
-Indiana wants you!



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  1. Harry · November 27, 2022 Reply

    Quite apart from the original articles and interviews and podcasts that you do, republishing these magazines is a phenomenal job and a wonderful contextualization to everything else you do. Love it.

  2. Jeff Robertson · November 27, 2022 Reply

    Awesome Article Cheri Magazine From The 70s 80s And Early 90s Keep Up Good Work

  3. J Cray · November 27, 2022 Reply

    The amount of effort to do this is genuinely appreciated xx

  4. anon · November 28, 2022 Reply

    How come we can’t download these?

    It takes forever for them to load and view in the browser

    • George (Not Anon) Henry · November 29, 2022 Reply

      Do you want a blow job as well?

      Jeeze – the ingratitude of some idiots. The Rialto Report is not a public service run for your benefit.
      They make these magazines available to encourage people to visit their site. Which is an amazing resource for us all. Enjoy and be thankful.

      And for the record, I just clicked on a magazine and the whole thing loaded in less than a second on my computer. Are you still on a pre-histroic dial-up connection, you fucking inbred imbecile? No wonder you didn’t leave a name on your message….

    • Don · December 12, 2022 Reply

      Everyone has a bad day once in a while. 😭😭😭

  5. Chris Bostic · November 29, 2022 Reply

    I need to look through these old magazines for any information about the actor, Jake Teague. He was in the film Bella. I found that film on xhamster when I clicked on the lesbian scene where the lead actress does another woman in front of the lead actor while he’s tied up. The actress was super cute and the scene is great because there are no disgusting penises or balls in it. Just sweet lesbian nudity.

    I tried watching the entire film but had to skip over a lot. I found it interesting that an old bald guy would be doing porn. I could see being a young guy in his late teens or early twenties doing it, but being an old dude seems odd to me. What possessed him to want to do it? He died just short of his 60th birthday in 1983. That’s all I can find so far.

    If I find an article or two about him as I consume old images of naked lesbians, then that will be fantastic.

  6. TC · December 2, 2022 Reply

    I am a MEGA (female) Jake Teague fan… He was always incredibly sexy… Never failed to get his partners off in his delicious porn sequences. Dead or alive, Jake clearly achieved sexual mastery not just for his own pleasure, but for his Golden Age female performers, as well. Life (and brilliant wet shots) don’t get much better than that!

  7. John · December 2, 2022 Reply

    Apologies if this is a stupid queston but did the gorgeous Miss Julie in Vol 3, No. 9 go on to become better known under another name? She seems incredibly familiar!

    • Jeffrey · March 23, 2023 Reply

      She is known as Julia Edwards.

      Perhaps familiar because she appeared in many magazines (under many ‘names’).
      I feel she resembles Hollywood actress Jacqueline Bisset, another possibility of feeling familiar.

  8. Don · December 12, 2022 Reply

    When I was a kid during the 70’s, Cheri magazine was spoken of with a mix of awe and reverence. It was so unabashedly filthy with a bit more class than Hustler. Hustler was like dunking your head in a port-a-potty at a construction site.

  9. harry belland · January 5, 2023 Reply

    I remember all of these issue as a teen…i worked in a store that carried every skin mag that there was….sometimes id take (steal) a few and store em in my closet for later research.

    • Rick · March 15, 2023 Reply

      You’re my hero! I’d long hoped to find the October ’79 issue online, but never had previously. While I’d seen your site before with references to classic Cheri, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this addition. This was the first such magazine I had full access to in early adolescence. So it’s sort of special.

      By chance, does anyone know the stage names for the women in “Just What the Doctor Ordered” and “Army Brat”? I’m curious if they ever had other appearances. Thanks!

  10. john b trendell · May 18, 2023 Reply

    in the 70’syou did an article on the detroit schvitz my ex is in that magazine and i’d shure like to buy some if you could tell me the year and month I’d shure appreciate it.thank you

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