John Amero: Scrapbooks of an Adult Pioneer

John Amero: Scrapbooks of an Adult Pioneer

To celebrate the expanded availability of the autobiography of John Amero via online retailers, we’re presenting an exclusive, unpublished series of pictures from John’s personal archive.

Titled American Exxxtasy: My 30-Year Search for a Happy Ending, John’s book tells the candid story of a pioneering filmmaker whose career spanned many decades and film genres.

He started out with close friend Michael Findlay – a fellow movie lover he met in the editing department of ABC television – and together they directed the notorious ‘roughie’ Body of a Female in 1965. John then formed a film partnership with his brother Lem that produced groundbreaking 1960s exploitation films such as Diary of a Swinger and The Corporate Queen, and 1970s hardcore classics like Blonde Ambition and Every Inch a Lady.

During this time, John also made a notable series of gay sex films under the name Francis Ellie, and worked regularly with adult film stalwarts Chuck Vincent and Larry Revene throughout the 1980s. He continued to make his own films into the 1990s, including producing a mainstream television special starring Olympia Dukakis.

‘American Exxxtasy: My 30-Year Search for a Happy Ending’ is now available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

You can still buy a copy directly from the publisher, FAB Press, which is selling personally autographed copies.

Hurry – this first printing is almost sold out!


John Amero: Early Years

John & Lem AmeroBudding filmmakers: Lem Amero (left, age 3) and John Amero (age 2)


Lem & John AmeroLem (left) and John with their mother


John AmeroJohn’s short-lived modeling career – from a local Gloucester, MA publication


Gloucester bedroomJohn’s childhood bedroom wall in Gloucester


John & Lem AmeroJohn and Lem’s high school graduation photos


John AmeroJohn hams it up for his high school yearbook


John Amero: New York-Bound (late 1950s)

John & Lem AmeroJohn reconnects with brother Lem in New York City


ABC AnnouncementJohn gets a job with ABC

John moonlighting up north as a State theater usher


‘Body of a Female’ (1964)

Michael FindlayMichael Findlay strangles Lem at Coney Island


Michael FindlayBusted! Left to right: John, Lem, Roberta Findlay, Michael Findlay


Body of a FemaleWord gets out in Gloucester


‘Diary of a Swinger’ (1967)

Diary of a Swinger


Rita BennettRita Bennett


Diary of a SwingerJohn and Rita Bennett (center)


‘Circle of Lust’ (unreleased)

Circle of Lust



Circle of LustJohn and Lem stab Michael Findlay in the back!


‘The Corporate Queen’ (1969)

Corporate QueenJohn (back) with Ute Erikson (left)


Corporate QueenJohn and Janet Banzet


Corporate QueenAl Goldstein’s Screw magazine grades Corporate Queen on the notorious ‘Peter Meter’


‘Bacchanale’ (1970)

BacchanaleJohn films the action


BacchanaleJohn and Lem check their homemade paper mache set


‘Pepper Secret Agent 00x’ (aka ‘Checkmate’) (1973)

PepperLem (right) does last minute script review


PepperLem films the action


John AmeroJong and Lem (standing) with the cast


PepperLem sits with the slate while John stands back directly behind him


‘Every Inch a Lady’ (1975)

Every Inch a LadyLem (right) with Darby Lloyd Rains and Harry Reems


Every Inch a Lady


Every Inch a Lady


‘Blonde Ambition’ (1981)

Blonde Ambition


Suzy MandelSuzy Mandel


Suzy MandelDory Devon (left) and Suzy Mandel (right) with choreographer, Mary Ann Niles


Blonde AmbitionChoreographer Mary Ann Niles


Blonde AmbitionJohn and Kurt Mann (in blonde wig)


Blonde AmbitionLem hard at work in the editing suite


Every Inch a LadyJohn and Lem


Blonde AmbitionLem gets the film printed


Blonde AmbitionUK premiere


Francis Ellie Films – The Gay Movies of John Amero

Christopher Street BluesChristopher Street Blues (1977)


John AmeroKilling Me Softly (1979)




John AmeroJohn’s first fan letter!


John AmeroBoot & Saddles (1982)


Jack WranglerJack Wrangler


Lem Amero’s Passing

Lem Amero


John AmeroThe first page of John’s eulogy of Lem


John AmeroJohn Amero today


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  1. Jeff Green · December 6, 2020 Reply

    I’ve bought the book – and heartily recommend it.
    Congratulations on having almost sold out of the first printing. Will there be a second printing when the time comes?

  2. Keith · December 6, 2020 Reply

    The book is a moving, informative, well-written and entertaining trip through the history of adult film.
    I bought several copies for film-obsessed friends for Christmas, and wanted to thank The Rialto Report for writing it with John.

    How about a second volume on Chuck Vincent?

  3. Frank F · December 6, 2020 Reply

    I also bought the book, and give it my strongest recommendation. Insightful, moving, many funny stories. Congratulation to John Amero for the first printing almost sold out!

  4. Blaine · December 6, 2020 Reply

    This was interesting. Thanks for posting. It might be interesting to read a collection of Al Goldstein’s
    movie reviews. Rialto Report is great.

  5. George Maranville · December 7, 2020 Reply

    Such great stuff. I was born too late, a couple decades too late. The best I could do was a couple trips to The Dive for Gore Gazette showings and a few years later get the very tail end of the glamour of Show World. Thanks again Rialto Report for making me wish every day was Sunday.

  6. John Ruggiero · December 7, 2020 Reply

    I totally adore this book! I pre-ordered it from Fab Press and devoured it in 2 days. Well written, informative, interesting and extremely moving! So glad that it is now widely available for other fans to enjoy! Thanks to Mr. John Amero and The Rialto Report for sharing this exceptional story.

    • John Edmonds · December 7, 2020 Reply

      Have to admit I feel the same. It was a marvelous read – both personal and a historic and informative read.

      Having these photos is an amazing companion and to the book.


  7. James Brummel · December 8, 2020 Reply

    ,Pepper Secret Agent 00x’
    “Lem sits with the slate while John stands back directly behind him” picture–

    I see Roberta Findlay 4th from left, guy 2nd from right in nice suit looks familar.

    Did John,Lem and Roberta swap shirts? Or just shop together to get deals?

  8. Dave · December 8, 2020 Reply

    I found this book to be a fantastic bit of literature. Knowing John and Lem, I delighted in both the personal history provided as well as coming to understand the underpinnings of the exploitation film industry. A very worthwhile read that you will not want to put down. Excellent!

  9. LaRue Watts · December 9, 2020 Reply

    So happy for all involved and glad to have been a small part of it……..Loved the book and wish you a Happy Second Printing!

  10. Joan Amero · December 9, 2020 Reply

    Loved the book! It’s so well written and a very enjoyable read. I hope to hear that there will be a second printing!

  11. Jeff Amero · December 9, 2020 Reply

    This book is fantastic. Learned so much about the NYC scene back in the day. Even learned some new family lore. As always, John is the clever and astonishing storyteller. A wild ride!

  12. tim · December 12, 2020 Reply

    Mad #37 (January ’58) pictured.

    • George Maranville · December 20, 2020 Reply

      Bought it for myself for Christmas. Don’t know if I can wait a whole week. Thank you for what you do.

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