Eve Milan: The Birth of the Porn Parody – Rare, Unpublished Photographs

Eve Milan: The Birth of the Porn Parody – Rare, Unpublished Photographs

Eve Milan was credited with three adult films in the mid 1980s: Flash Pants (1983), First Time at Cherry High (1984), and The T & A Team (1984).

The movies featured many of the stars of the New York scene, such as Ron Jeremy, Tanya Lawson, Michelle Maren, Jerry Butler, Joanna Storm, Alan Adrian, and George Payne.

But the identity of the director has remained mysterious – until now.

On this Rialto Report, Eve Milan shares candid photographs from the sets of the films.


Who was Eve Milan?

Long before the trend of porn parodies of mainstream Hollywood films (our favorites? Game of Bones, Lawrence of A Labia, and Womb Raider), Eve Milan made three movies that spoofed popular films and television shows of the time.

Her films Flash Pants (made the same year as Flashdance), First Time at Cherry High (based on Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)), and The T & A Team (which came out the year after the debut of the television series, The A-Team) received much publicity in the press and were more successful in theaters than most adult films of the time.

So who made these films?

The company behind them was Bunnco, Inc. – a porn production and distribution house based at 1501 Broadway run by Bunny Atlas. Bunny was a Jewish yenta who’d become involved in adult film back in the 1960s as secretary to Distribpix owners Arthur Morowitz and Howie Farber.

She often worked with Jack Bravman, a filmmaker who she’d known for 20 years. Bravman had been making sex films since the mid 1960s under a bewildering list of pseudonyms, working with Michael and Roberta Findlay, the Amero Brothers, and many others over the years.

Atlas and Bravman (using the name ‘Jack Rabbit’) realized the commercial potential of making adult films based on popular movies, and so looked for someone who could assemble all the elements.

They hired the ideal person in Erica Havens, a veteran actress from the 1970s New York scene, and Erica took the name Eve Milan. Erica Havens

Erica’s journey into adult film had been unconventional. In 1976, she was a student at Fordham University, a long-established Jesuit, Catholic university in New York. That same year, she started appearing in adult films going on to work with people such as Radley Metzger, the Amero Brothers, Carter Stevens and Joe Davian. Her college studies crossed over with her film work in 1977, when she wrote her academic dissertation, ‘And They Knew They Were Naked: Behavior (and the role of Sexuality) in a New York sub-culture.’

By the early 1980s she was looking for a chance to move behind the camera, and so Jack Bravman’s offer was a welcome opportunity.

Erica wrote, directed, cast, and edited the three films, Flash Pants being the first in the fall of 1983, whilst First Time at Cherry High and The T & A Team were made in January 1984.

Alan Adrian remembers being paid $100 for his involvement in the orgy scene in First Time at Cherry High in which he was asked to wear a three-piece suit and a mask. (The rumor that the other masked men were eager volunteers is completely false; releases reveal that all were porn actors active at the time – including Ron Jeremy). Adrian remembers the scene being shot at midday on Sunday, January 15, 1984 at 119 East 27th Street – now the location of Turnmill Bar.

After the movies were finished, Erica pursued a mainstream film career in which she has worked ever since.


Flash Pants (1983)

Flash Pants




Flash PantsMichelle Maren, in the lead role


Flash PantsJack Bravman with the cast


Flash Pants


Flash Pants


Flash PantsTanya Lawson


Flash PantsTanya Lawson


Flash PantsTanya Lawson

The T & A Team (1984)

The T&A Team


The A Team


The T&A TeamCarol Cross, Silver Starr, Rene Summers, Tanya Lawson


The T&A Team


The T&A TeamSilver Starr


First Time at Cherry High (1984)

First Time at Cherry High


Fast Times at Ridgemont High


First Time at Cherry HighValerie LaVeaux, Silver Starr, David Scott, Tanya Lawson, Natassia Ski


First Time at Cherry High


Tanya LawsonTanya Lawson


Tanya Lawson, Valeri LeVeauValerie LaVeaux and Tanya Lawson


Valerie LeveauValerie LaVeaux


Valerie LeveauValerie LaVeaux


RR - First Time - Eve-Milan-07bCathy Stevens


Valerie Leveau, Tanya LawsonTanya Lawson, Valerie LaVeaux, Renee Summers


Valerie Leveau, Tanya LawsonCathy Stevens, Renee Summers, Valerie LaVeaux, Tanya Lawson, Silver Starr


Valerie LeveauRenee Summers, Valerie LaVeaux


Valerie Leveau


Eve MilanRenee Summers


Eve MilanCathy Stevens, Valerie LaVeaux


Eve Milan


Eve MilanValerie LaVeaux, Cathy Stevens,


Valerie LaVeaux – Cheri shoot

Eve Milan also took photos of Valerie LaVeaux, who appeared in First Time at Cherry High and The T & A Team.

Valerie Leveau


Valerie Leveau


Valerie Leveau


Valerie Leveau


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  1. Joe Baxter · March 20, 2016 Reply

    GREAT to see Tanya Lawson get some loving on this site. One of the most under-appreciated starlets of the 80s. And looking GREAT here!

  2. kevin · March 20, 2016 Reply

    Always interesting to see these candid shots. Well done for another awesome blog.

    But who is Valerie LaVeaux……………???

  3. Anon · March 20, 2016 Reply

    Loving these photo collections. They make the era came alive all over again.

    I knew Tanya Lawson back in 1983, and I know she’s doing great today. Still beautiful, and still fun and happy.

    • Also anon · March 20, 2016 Reply

      I remember Tanya Lawson and Ron Jeremy were a serious couple back in 1983-84, for a while it looked like they were going to get married but she abruptly left the business.

  4. Steven Otero · March 20, 2016 Reply

    Elementary Watson The Rialto Report has done it again.

  5. brett adams · March 20, 2016 Reply

    Erica Havens is near the top of my wishlist for future Rialto Report podcasts. Up there with Mary Mendum/Rebecca Brooke, Clea Carson, Susan Mcbain, Peggy Church, and so on.

    • Kent Statham · March 20, 2016 Reply

      Brett – you have good taste, but allow me to point out a few things….

      Sue McBain has already been covered in an audio podcast by this site (and very moving it is too…)

      Mary Mendum died several years ago.

      In understand they are in touch with Clea Carson though….

  6. Jose Verschaffel aka Jose Duval · March 20, 2016 Reply

    I had the pleasure to work with Tania in “Succulent ” at Adventure studio,I think by then she was Ron Jeremy’s girl friend also if I recall she was playing the violin.She was darling to work with n my second movie.

    • Also anon · March 20, 2016 Reply

      Jose, did you work with Chelsea Blake? The term Milf wasn’t even used in 1984 but Chelsea was in her 40’s and had a lean muscular dancers body. She wasn’t a top star but was sexy in all her films. I remember one film where she played Tanya Lawson’s mother

  7. brett adams · March 20, 2016 Reply

    i overlooked the previous podcast with susan mcbain. thanks for pointing that out. i’ll still dream of a mary mendum podcast. and amend that last post to include hillary summers, cj laing, maggie randall, sheri st clair, amanda blake, heather ellis, and the rest of the on and on.

  8. John A. Mozzer a.k.a. Alan Adrian · March 21, 2016 Reply

    I remember her as the script supervisor on adult film sets in New York, going back a little earlier than 1980.

  9. Anon · March 21, 2016 Reply

    This is what I like about TRR… it’s about the truth – not conjecture, wishful thinking, or opinions.

    A while ago, Dries Vermeulen wrote that this film could have been directed by Joanna Williams and that the orgy was rumored to have consisted of ‘eager volunteers’. Next this was propagated in the book Graphic Thrills.

    Neither are remotely true as we now find out. Thanks for keeping it real.

  10. Tanya Lawson fan · March 21, 2016 Reply

    Tanya Lawson gets my vote as most underrated star of the 1980s. Great actress, and beautiful woman. More please!

    • Valentino fan · March 22, 2016 Reply

      I agree with you, Tanya Lawson was kind of a second tier star but she was very pretty and always great in her sex scenes. Another underrated star from 1984 was the sexy Gina Valentino

  11. Westgate Gallery · March 27, 2016 Reply

    Fantastic & immensely informative as usual, TRR, but in defense of Dries Vermeulen’s vast & generously shared knowledge of the genre, as well as Robin Bougie’s journalistic talents and his essential GRAPHIC THRILLS books, the CHERRY HIGH “orgy-included-nonpro-volunteers” rumour was clearly labeled a “legend” in GT. And in his review, Dries also calls it a rumour, while correctly identifying participant Alan Adrian, presumably on the basis of AA’s non-verbal thespian skills. As someone with an obsession with Golden Age movie posters, I do have to mention the other FAST TIMES-inspired XXX release LOOSE TIMES AT RIDLEY HIGH has an incredibly superior 1-sheet, one of the last painted posters of the era before everything went photographic, featuring 2 of my favorite things about the 80’s, big blonde hair and jockstraps. It’s available at our original movie-art webstore westgategallery.com along with thousands of other Golden Age gems. Sorry, those holistic freeze-dried chicken breast cat treats ain’t cheap.

  12. Perian Dillon · March 31, 2016 Reply

    Some of the greatest porn (parody) I have seen out here in the islands. Good stuff!

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