John Amero and ‘Body of a Female’
Podcast 01

John Amero and ‘Body of a Female’<br>Podcast 01

John Amero joins the Rialto Report to tell the story behind the making of his first film, Body of a Female (1964), which he co-directed with his friend Michael Findlay.

This episode running time is 65 minutes.

It seems only right that the Rialto Report visited John Amero for our inaugural podcast. He symbolizes much about the golden age of the New York adult film industry.

John started his career by working with Michael Findlay, a co-worker in the editing department of ABC, on Body of a Female, before forming a partnership with his brother Lem that spanned 1960s sexploitation films such as Diary of a Swinger and 1970s hard core films Blonde Ambition and Every Inch A Lady. John also made a series of gay films under the name ‘Francis Ellie’, and in the 1980s he worked regularly with Chuck Vincent and Larry Revene, and continued to make his own films under a variety of pseudonyms.

We recorded the podcast in the same front room that appears in many of John’s films, from The Corporate Queen through to Dynamite – and in most of the Francis Ellis films too. We were even privileged to sit on a chair that was used for many sexual encounters across John’s filmography.

John is close to completing his autobiography that covers his whole film career in detail, and features a cast of characters including the likes of fellow filmmakers Michael and Roberta Findlay, Chuck Vincent and Jack Bravman; actors such as as Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis, Ute Erickson and Linda Boyce; New York film distributors Stan Borden, Sam Lake and Bobby Sumner; mobsters Mickey Zafferano and Norm Arno; and not to forget notables such as Anthony Perkins, Montgomery Clift and Joan Crawford too.

The Rialto Report will be returning to John’s front room for another conversation soon. But next time we’re interviewing the chair.


Pictures of ‘Body of a Female’ from John Amero’s collection

Roberta Findlay in a still from 'Body of a Female'

Roberta Findlay in a still from ‘Body of a Female’

Roberta Findlay in a still from 'Body of a Female'

Roberta Findlay in a still from ‘Body of a Female’

Michael and Roberta Findlay in 'Body of a Female'

Michael and Roberta Findlay in ‘Body of a Female’

'Body of a Female' opens at the State Theater in Boston

‘Body of a Female’ opens at the State Theater in Boston

Press ad for 'Body of a Female'

Press ad for ‘Body of a Female’

John Amero

John Amero today

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