Seka: The Platinum Princess Speaks – Podcast 23

Seka: The Platinum Princess Speaks – Podcast 23

On this episode of The Rialto Report, we speak to Seka – the last star of the golden age of adult film and the first star of the video era.

Tales of John Holmes, John Leslie, Dracula Sucks, Swedish Erotica, drugs, boyfriends, Morton Downey Jr, Alan Thicke, Sam Kinison, comebacks, retirement, and her new book Inside Seka – all on this episode of The Rialto Report.

This episode running time is 71 minutes.

Dottie was a Virginia hillbilly. She was a tomboy who had little time for dressing up or playing with other girls.

Seka is the elegant and sophisticated Platinum Princess, arguably the last icon of the golden era of adult film, as well as the first icon of porn’s video era. For a time her distinctive look dominated the industry as she appeared in feature films, Swedish Erotica loops and on the stripping circuit.

SekaHow Dottie became Seka is the subject of her newly published autobiography, named after her most famous film, Inside Seka.

She was one of the rare figures who transcended the X-rated business. In the 1980s, Playboy called her “a bona-fide video phenomenon—just like Boy George and stereo television.” She appeared on talk shows and in mainstream magazines, she directed and produced her own film, and spoke in front of Meese Commission. Here was a strong, independent woman who showed that women could be sex symbols in front of the camera, as well as having significant control over the end product. Long after she retired she was still running her fan club, making lucrative personal appearances, and being recognized on the streets of her adopted home town of Chicago, where she’d become a local celebrity.

On this episode of The Rialto Report, I’m joined by my co-presenter, April Hall, and by Seka herself who talks frankly and openly about her life, the films, the money, the boyfriends, the drugs, the celebrities, the sex.

You can buy copies of her book here.


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  • Posted On: 20th October 2013
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  1. M · October 21, 2013 Reply

    What an absolutely wonderful interview with Seka, the Platinum Princess…..You both did such a Great Job Talking with her about Everything in her Life. Cheers to you Both for doing such a Fabulous interview with the Legend of Adult Films. I Know we all Love Seka Dearly…..I am Now a Big Fan of the Rialto Report…..Mikey in Philly.

    • Jason · March 29, 2017 Reply

      A completely conservative female. So smart, an amazing interview. Thanks Ashley and Seka!

  2. Frank F · October 21, 2013 Reply

    Kudos to Ashley West and April Hall for an informative, entertaining interview with Sassy Seka! Loved the intro music as usual.

    Keep up the great effort! Very much appreciated.

  3. Tailagent · October 21, 2013 Reply

    Great Interview! I missed her appearance at the Museum of Sex here in NYC but hopefully I’ll catch up at New Jersey’s Chiller Theatre convention. Can’t get enough of your shows. Why can’t they be 2 or 3 hours long?
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Buck Johnson · October 23, 2013 Reply

    Seka was the best! I haven’t had a chance to read her book yet. Does Seka ever explain why she never did a sex scene with a black man? In 1982 Seka did a joke of a scene with Long Dong Silver, Club magazine advertised it like Seka really has sex with Long Dong. If you have ever seen the film it is awful, Long Dong has a silly looking prosthetic penis on that can not get hard, he doesn’t speak English, and Long Dong and Seka have zero chemistry. Seka looked embarrassed to even be a part of this turkey. It would have been nice to see Seka and Johnny Keyes do a scene together but for some reason Seka avoided interracial scenes?

  5. John Cole · October 29, 2013 Reply

    Long live Seka! And great scoop for the Rialto Report.

    You guys just keep doing it… high quality, insightful and groundbreaking interviews.

    This is history, people! Real documentary class.

    I bow down to you.

  6. Todd · October 30, 2013 Reply

    What was the deal with Gordan Duvall aka Sleepy La Beef? he did several scenes with Seka. He wasn’t exactly a midget though he was only about 5 feet tall. Was he some kind of stage actor? He had a penis kind of on the small side for porn, yet worked with Seka, Veronica Hart, Serena and Del Rio

  7. jotman · September 14, 2014 Reply

    Thank you Seka for many intensely memorable moments…You will always be #1

  8. Lit · December 9, 2017 Reply

    After seeing this beautiful actress in the broken table scene with Mike Ranger, my thoughts always drift when I see a coffee table.

    Seka was smokin’ hot – pure beauty from head to toe and the scarf and seamed stockings – Yowser, Yowser, Yowser as Nile would chant…

  9. Bob Batons · May 18, 2021 Reply

    Hope not annoying you but I have a request. For those of us who English is not our mother tongue, and especially American English… is difficult sometimes to understand what people say. Literally, many times have to go back and forth in a segment, in order to understand and then… hopeless give up.

    So if not difficult, can you turn the podcasts into articles – in duo time off course. Especially those ones about big celebrities like Seka or Amber Lynn. Thank you.

  10. MISTYK the DJ · April 20, 2023 Reply

    Great interview! She seems like a strong woman who didn’t let anybody tell her what to do and I respect her discipline! One of my fave interviews!

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