Jeffrey Hurst: The Reluctant Porn Star – Podcast 04

Jeffrey Hurst: The Reluctant Porn Star – Podcast 04

On this episode of The Rialto Report, Jeffrey Hurst speaks about his career in adult films in the 1970s.

This episode running time is 60 minutes.

One of The Rialto Report’s favorite actors of the 1970s adult film scene is Jeffrey Hurst.

From his acting ability to his comedic prowess and his trademark vintage porn mustache, he was an underrated and always enjoyable star. And what makes his career even more interesting is that throughout his XXX film career, he was also appearing in off-Broadway plays, commercials (with Sylvester Stallone..), short films (with Glenn Close..) and went on to make appearances in television shows such as Charlie’s Angels and Fantasy Island.

And yet – there he was, for most for the 1970s, appearing alongside the acknowledged stars – such as John Holmes, John Leslie, Terri Hall, and C.J. Laing – in a whole string of hard core adult films. He was in big budget productions, quick and dirty one day wonders – and a bunch of 8mm loops too.

All the time, he was living a double life – doing his best to hide his involvement in adult film. He hoped no one would actually notice him in porn – just as as he hoped that someone would notice him in his legit work.

Jeffrey Hurst was a reluctant porn star. This is his story.


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  • Posted On: 30th March 2013
  • By: The Rialto Report
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