Premieres, Parties, and Awards – Part 2: Rare photos unearthed

Premieres, Parties, and Awards – Part 2: Rare photos unearthed

Earlier this year we presented a collection of rare black and white photos take by Bobby Hansson, artist, musician, biker, sculptor, photographer, and more. You can see them here.

Due to the great response we had, we’re pleased to present a second collection of Bobby’s photographs of adult film premieres, parties and award ceremonies – this time in color. They include pictures of Bobby Astyr, Al Goldstein, Kelly Nichols, Gerard Damiano, Vanessa Del Rio and many more.


Critics Adult Film Awards (1982):

Al Goldstein, Kelly NicholsAl Goldstein, Kelly Nichols


Al GoldsteinAl Goldstein


Gerard DamianoGerard Damiano


Gerard DamianoGerard Damiano, Chuck Vincent


Kelly NicholsKelly Nichols


Unknown person, Sharon MitchellNeil Wexler, Sharon Mitchell


Veronica Hart, Sharon Mitchell, Samantha FoxVeronica Hart, Sharon Mitchell, Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols


Unknown Adult Film Industry party (circa 1981):

Vanessa Del RioVanessa Del Rio


Vanessa Del RioVanessa Del Rio


Ming Toy, Peter WolffMing Toy, Peter Wolff


Unknown person, Marlene WilloughbyUnknown person, Marlene Willoughby


Marlene WilloughbyMarlene Willoughby


Tiffany Clark, Mike Filene Tiffany Clark, Mike Filene


Tiffany Clark, unknown personTiffany Clark, unknown person


Tiffany Clark, unknown personTiffany Clark, unknown person


Jean SilverJeanne Silver


Tina James, Alan AdrianTina James, Alan Adrian


Tina JamesTina James


Ron Sullivan, Sharon KaneRon Sullivan (aka Henri Pachard), Sharon Kane


Unknown person, Lisa CintriceUnknown person, Lisa Cintrice


Tish AmbroseTish Ambrose


Ron JeremyRon Jeremy


Richard Milner, unknown personRichard Milner, Tina Marie


Sharon MitchellSharon Mitchell


Jamie GillisJamie Gillis


Plato’s Retreat Oil Wrestling Party:

Larry Levenson, Al GoldsteinLarry Levenson (owner of Plato’s Retreat), Al Goldstein


Larry Levenson, Al Goldstein


Larry Levenson, Al Goldstein


Larry Levenson, Al Goldstein



Other parties (early 1980s), featuring Bobby Astyr, Bambi Woods and more:

Jamie Gillis, Bambi WoodsJamie Gillis, Bambi Woods


Bobby AstyrBobby Astyr


Bobby Astyr, Samantha FoxBobby Astyr, Samantha Fox


Robert Mapplethorpe, Lisa LyonPhotographer Robert Mapplethorpe, bodybuilder Lisa Lyon


Ron Jeremy, unknown personRon Jeremy, unknown person


Unknown person, Ron JeremyUnknown person, Ron Jeremy


Ron Jeremy, Dian HansonRon Jeremy, Dian Hanson


Ron Jeremy, Marilyn GeeRon Jeremy, Marilyn Gee

 Sharon MitchellHoney Wilder, Sharon Mitchell


Sharon Mitchell, Peter WolffSharon Mitchell, Peter Wolff

 Bobby Hansson, Dian HansonPhotographer Bobby Hansson, Dian Hanson



Bobby HansonYour photographer, Bobby Hansson


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  1. Jose Verschaffel (Josey Duvall) · September 28, 2014 Reply

    Fun to see all those great people! Thanks

    • D. Golan · April 13, 2017 Reply

      What a great spread. Does anyone or can anyone find Honey Wilder now. It would be amazing to interview her now.

  2. Lewis D. · September 28, 2014 Reply

    What the heck was Mapplethorpe doing at one the adult industry parties…?

    Either way, I love this collection. These should be in a gallery.

    • bache · October 30, 2014 Reply

      If you’ve ever seen any of Mapplethorpe’s work, you would know that he was no stranger to porn, even though he never described his own work as being porn.

  3. Susan Dean · September 28, 2014 Reply

    I find Booby and Samantha so adorable together. What a treat to see them in such candid pictures. Thanks.

  4. nylonsteve · September 28, 2014 Reply

    the memories are so thick and good I want to cry. such special people

  5. Woze dat · September 28, 2014 Reply

    Ah, so nice to go down porn’s memory lane with these golden age era photos. Bobby and Samantha Fox truly were the Sonny and Cher of porn, it’s too bad Samantha never shot an interracial scene. How cute was Tiffany Clark? Would love to know what Tiff is up to these days? saw her on a doc years ago and she was married with kids and living in Florida, but knowing Tiffany she may have reinvented herself again,

    Surprised Bambi Woods was there, thought she split the scene right after Debbie Does Dallas 2?

    Had a good laugh at the one of Lisa Cintrice? remember after Seka dumped Ken and he started managing Cintrice saying in all the porn mags she would be the next Seka! I don’t think so, Lisa Cintrice never made it above B list

    Why is Ron Jeremy always groping girls? poor manners.

  6. Woze dat · September 28, 2014 Reply

    It looks like a lot of these photos were taken in 1982, since you can see the years on the awards. It truly was the ending of an era, at the time no one there would have thought by 1985 the porn industry would move to LA and by 1989, New York based porn star Ed Powers would redefine the porn biz with his Dirty Debutante series. It was the end of the New York style scripted films and Ed dominated the industry for more than a decade.

    Everyone copied his gonzo style where the girls sit on the bed, get interviewed and then get screwed. No sets, no costumes and no dialogue. Well Jamie Gillis was a footnote to this since it was Jamie who performed with the very first Dirty Deb, a forgotten beauty named Mia Powers. But Jamie and Ed had a falling out and Gillis was pushed out.

    Wow, when you look at these photos you remember how great all those NY porn productions were, many of these ladies really could act

  7. Jim · September 28, 2014 Reply

    That wouldn’t be Anna Ventura in two of the photos with Tiffany Clark, would it?

    • Woze dat · September 29, 2014 Reply

      Could be, Anna shot OUI Girls that year with Tiffany and that was the sort of punk rock hairdo Anna sported in 1982/83

      Anna was amazing in 1981’s Bad Girls, that film also featured and unsung porn beauty Victoria Knoll. Victoria did every mens magazine out in 1981-83 but only did a few porn films. Victoria looked like she came from a mainstream modeling background, a real stunner

  8. Joe Scott · September 29, 2014 Reply

    Yes – that definitely looks like Anna Ventura to me… and I’d love to hear a Rialto interview with her! Love you guys and the way you never make it about you (unlike other so-called ‘adult film historians’ who I don’t even want name on this hallowed site), but instead focus on the direct voice of the originators themselves. Good work – and please don’t stop.

  9. Annette Heinz · September 29, 2014 Reply

    Thanks, once again, to the Rialto Report. You flood grey matter and melt my heart with beautiful images of lovely people. Never again will there be such an assembly of golden hearts. So happy to be a part of all this.

  10. Chad · September 29, 2014 Reply

    Ah, Honey Wilder. My absolute favorite of the classic era. Anyone know if she’s doing well these days and how she looks back on her time in the industry? Would love to hear a podcast with her, Mr. West!

  11. tom · September 29, 2014 Reply

    sure looks like Anna Ventura, another possibility would be Rachel Ashley

  12. Skirm · September 29, 2014 Reply

    Always wondered what director Chuck Vincent looked like. Cool.

    Anything with Ron Sullivan is always nice too.

  13. Hank Rose · October 2, 2014 Reply

    1982, year I graduated high school. The memories are plentiful. Wish I could hop in a time machine. The good old days did exist then…in and out of porn.

  14. Sweety U · October 2, 2014 Reply

    I wish Tamara Longley showed up in some of these pictures, she had the best legs in porn. Did Tamara appear in any NY based films? It looks like Tamara started with just photo shoots in 1982 then started doing films in 1983

  15. S. · September 21, 2015 Reply

    I am quite sure that standing behind Tiffany Clark and that other girl dancing is Fred Lincoln.

  16. Sean Elliot · October 12, 2015 Reply

    I’m glad to have found this site. memories come flooding back after so many dormant years.Great to see old friends and actors that I knew. Worked a great scene in Scoundrals with Marilyn Gee and Tigr( Chelsey Manchester). Worked in many films with Ole Ron Jeremy, too. Was also glad that Rialto contacted me for an interview. Looking forward to seeing what Ashley does with my memories. Love to you all in the classic world .❤️
    Sean Elliot

  17. D. Golan · April 13, 2017 Reply

    Honey Wilder where are you! Please re-surface!

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