Adult Film Locations – Part 17: Ghosts of Radley Metzger’s ‘Score’ (1973)

Adult Film Locations – Part 17: Ghosts of Radley Metzger’s ‘Score’ (1973)

April Hall has always loved Radley Metzger’s Score (1973) – a film made just over 50 years ago.

What’s not to love? It’s a gorgeously shot tale of sexual experimentation featuring Casey Donovan and Gerald Grant as bi-curious husbands, a devious and scheming Claire Wilbur manipulating a naive ingenue Lynn Lowry, and the lurking, rugged presence of alpha male Carl Parker.

What’s more, the film features many of Radley’s film-making trademarks. I often promised Radley I would not use the words “sophisticated,” “elegant,” or “classy” in any description of his work – terms he had tired of over the years and which deemed hackneyed and lazy – but… you know.

Particularly notable was the luxurious setting for the movie: “the peaceful city of Leisure resting snugly on the western shore of the Idle Sea” situated in “a future time in the lush little land of Plenty in the enviable state of Affluence bordering on Decadence to the north and the state of Euphoria to the south, nestled deep in the Erogenous Zone.”

Phew: as a location, it was a far cry from the borough of Queens, New York, which had served as the setting of the original stage play version of ‘Score’ (that starred a then-unknown Sylvester Stallone).

But where exactly was the actual location of this mythical land where Radley took his U.S.-based cast in the spring of 1973 to make the film?

This summer, April set sail for Croatia to see where ‘Score’ was shot half a century ago… and to see which of the locations had survived.

This is what she found – with previously unseen production stills from the original shoot.

Note: To see ‘before’ and ‘after’ views of the locations, please use the slide on the pictures below. Turn your phone to landscape for the best view.


Sometimes it seemed as if Radley Metzger made his film career decisions in the same way as other people organize their summer vacations.

That is, he did one each year, and would select the location by getting out a map of Europe to decide which destination would be the most suitable. He would research each location before he set off, knowing that he’d probably have to change his plans when he arrived and improvise based on evolving circumstances: “Film-making is what happens when you’ve made other plans,” he once told me. But the main difference between Radley and a summer vacation was that at least he ended up with an engaging movie at the end of each trip.

In this way, in the late 1960s / early 1970s, Radley traveled to places such as Rome (where he shot Camille 2000 (1968)), Paris (Therese and Isabelle (1969)), and the Abruzzi mountains (The Lickerish Quartet (1970)).

And so, in June 1972, he selected the small, picturesque sea village of Bakar (population 7,983 in 1972) in former Yugoslavia, now part of Croatia, for the location of ‘Score’, the filmed adaptation of a stage play by Jerry Douglas.

Radley told me: “I wanted to recreate the south of France, but the production costs there were too high – even more expensive than shooting in Paris – so we had to look around for a suitable alternative. I’d shot Little Mother (1973) the previous year in the Yugoslav capital, Zagreb, and had got along so well with the production manager and the crew, that I decided to re-use them for ‘Score’ and return to Yugoslavia to shoot on the Dalmatian coast.”

If you’re familiar with Croatian holiday destinations, you’ll have encountered the impressive beauty, warm weather, and friendly people in the country. The only difference with Bakar is that it is not a tourist destination and, judging by its inhabitants, it is determined to stay that way. Not that the townsfolk are unfriendly, rather there are few concessions to visitors in terms of the number of hotels (none), people who speak English (or Italian or French for that matter – none), or restaurants (just three small cafés).

When I arrived, I was struck how Bakar was virtually unchanged architecturally since the days of ‘Score’, and in fact has shrunk by 10% as the young have left the town looking for better employment opportunities.

For much of the last 50 years, the village has been dominated by the impressive Hotel Jadran, an imposing sand-colored building facing the town center across the bay from where Bakar is nestled. In fact it is the Hotel Jadran’s outdoor restaurant where Claire Wilbur’s character is seen lounging at the beginning of the film. Unfortunately the hotel/restaurant has since been closed for several years, ostensibly for renovations – but locals are skeptical, and perhaps grateful, that it may not re-open.

Radley remembered: “The first challenge we encountered was to recreate the feel of the French Riviera which was difficult in Yugoslavia at the time. It was a strange period in Yugoslavia – it was still a communist country and Tito was still in power, so it was a very gray place. That didn’t work for the tone of the film, so we had to bring items of color with us from the U.S. to brighten the scenes up.”

Given the lack of accommodation in Bakar in the early 1970s, Radley booked a hotel twenty miles south of Bakar – in a severe and imposing spa called Uvala Scott, a distant remnant of the Communist era. To say that Uvala Scott has not changed in the fifty intervening years since Radley’s visit would be an understatement: the dilapidated, dirty building still takes paying guests, largely bikers and travelers from the former communist bloc and, judging by Radley’s collection of personal photos taken during his time there, today it is exactly what you would expect of a building that shows no sign of having been updated.

Radley, the cast, and small crew commuted daily to Bakar, and spent the first days shooting exteriors around the seafront area of the town. The schedule was dictated by a lack of availability of the residential house where the opening scenes were to be shot. The production crew encountered a number of issues with the interior shoot, and ended up shooting in three different houses in the town. The principal residence where they were due to shoot was commandeered by an army general. When the they were kicked out of this location, Radley had an issue: some of the film’s most important scenes still hadn’t been shot.

Frustrated by the lack of availability of suitable alternative locations, and running out of time, Radley asked staff at the Uvala Scott hotel if they knew where they could film the remaining scenes. The only suggestion he was offered was a small disco/bar called the White Horse, situated near the hotel. When Radley and his trusted production manager, Branko Lustig, visited the tiny nightclub, they agreed they could find a way to shoot most of the necessary scenes there, and so relocated the production out of Bakar. Remarkably, the White Horse club is still standing – and still bears the same name. I found it boarded up, neglected, and in disrepair, but still undeniably recognizable from its appearance in ‘Score’. It has a Facebook page that indicates it’s still open for club music nights.

The sex scene between the two women was the last scene left to shoot, and Radley used his hotel bedroom at the Uvala Scott for this.

In the last hours of my visit to Bakar, one question remained – and this time, it wasn’t about a location but rather an extra who had appeared in the film. Outside of the five principal players, there was one other actor who had a small role playing the part of a waiter at the end of the movie, eyed up lasciviously by Claire Wilbur’s character. According to Radley, the actor was a local, perhaps even a real life waiter in Bakar, who Radley had hired on the spot. I figured that if the young man had been 25 when the movie was shot, he’d now be in his late 70s. I wondered if he was still living in the town.

I showed a screenshot of his picture to a couple of old men who were drinking in the summer sunshine outside one of the bars. One of them started speaking excitedly when he saw the picture. As he jabbed a finger at the picture, I found someone who translated his words. According to the man, this waiter still lived “just around the corner”, two minutes away on the next street. Unfortunately despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find the waiter. Perhaps next time. Or maybe, it’s good to have some mysteries linger.

ScoreThe waiter in ‘Score’


Bakar as seen in ‘Score’

‘Score’ opening sequence – then and now





Bakar harbor, 2024



Radley MetzgerRadley, in the Bakar harbor


Radley MetzgerClaire Wilbur and Lynn Lowry


Casey DonovanCasey Donovan



Claire WilburClaire Wilbur


Radley MetzgerClaire Wilbur and Gerald Grant on a Bakar pier…


Bakar…and April Hall on the same pier in 2024


ScoreHotel Jadran, 2024



Radley MetzgerClaire Wilbur, in the outdoor bar of the Hotel Jadran



Radley MetzgerClaire Wilbur, outside the Hotel Jadran…


Scoreand April Hall, outside the Hotel Jadran in 2024







Radley MetzgerRadley Metzger with Lynn Lowry




Radley MetzgerRadley on the main street of Bakar…


Score… and the main street in 2024


Radley MetzgerRadley on the main street of Bakar…


Score… and the main street in 2024


Radley MetzgerGerald Grant and Claire Wilbur, with the Hotel Jadran across the water…


Radley Metzger


Score… and the Hotel Jadran in 2024


Uvala Scott hotel – and the White Horse

ScoreUvala Scott hotel – in a picture taken by Radley from the White Horse club


ScoreCasey Donovan, with the Uvala Scott hotel on the right


ScoreUvala Scott hotel – from the beach of the White Horse club. The slide features in a deleted scene from ‘Score’ – and is shown for a split second in the final cut of the movie


ScoreThe White Horse club during the ‘Score’ shoot…


Score… and The White Horse club in 2024







ScoreCarl Parker and Lynn Lowry on the White Horse outdoor staircase…




Score…and the White Horse outdoor staircase in 2024




ScoreRadley and Gerald Grant at the White Horse…


Score… and the same location in 2024


ScoreLynn Lowry on the White Horse balcony in 1972…


Score… and the White Horse balcony in 2024


ScoreRadley and Gerald Grant at the White Horse…




Score… and the same location in 2024




Return to Bakar





ScoreCasey Donovan on a day off from filming – in nearby Rijeka


ScoreClaire Wilbur and Casey Donovan on a day off from filming – in nearby Rijeka



Score‘Score’ cast in 1972, and your travel guide in 2024



  1. Jason Dell · June 16, 2024 Reply

    YAYYYYY!!! You have made my Sunday…. this is exceptional.
    Thank you April for visiting this location and reporting back with such amazing pictures.

  2. Samantha West. · June 16, 2024 Reply

    The black and white set stills are quite exceptional. Any thoughts about doing a Radley coffee tabel book.
    I can’t think of a film maker who had a more visdually appealing style who deserves it more.
    Great report.

  3. Jeff Robertson · June 16, 2024 Reply

    Awesome Article Keep Up Good Work Happy Father’s Day

  4. Michael Squier · June 16, 2024 Reply

    I love these articles. These are great visuals thank you. This one may have a distant personal connection. I think I may have crashed at one of the local film crew members houses in July 1999. I was in Rijeka for a musical festival to see Mick Taylor and Tony Hadlee performing and went late night drinking with one of the stage riggers at the festival
    who at 3 in the morning offered me a couch so I wouldn’t have to drive back to my uncle’s place in opatije . He had worked on an american film in the 70’s and had photos of the shoot on his walls . sadly I hadn’t seen score yet so it didn’t register but one of the photos was a selfie with lyn and I was smitten because I thought she looked so much like barbara hershey when she was in the monroes , my first TV crush. I remember trying to figure out what movie it was but couldn’t and he didn’t remember. I wish I could be 100% sure it was Score.

  5. Frank F. · June 16, 2024 Reply

    April, awesome article and photos! Great job!

    I bought the DVD for “Score” after listening to a podcast about the film from “The Projection Booth”. Enjoyed the film very much. Time to revisit it!

    Wondering if any of the cast of “Score” would be open to an interview/podcast on “The Rialto Report”.

    • Dave · June 17, 2024 Reply

      Gonna be difficult as four out of the five cast members are dead….

      • Peter · June 18, 2024 Reply

        I spent a lovely summer in Communist Yugoslavia in 1979 (?). I feel so lucky to have gotten a first hand view of life there at the time. So different, it blows your mind. I also vividly remember many Communist hotels. They were plain beyond imagination and still adorable.

        I revisited Bled this time last year.

        Your report brought back many wonderful memories.

  6. Mark Falconer · June 17, 2024 Reply

    April, this is absolute gold! I can’t thank you enough for visiting and documenting the ONE porn location that I personally have always wanted to visit. I have been obsessed with Score since I was first introduced to it as a very confused young teen in the 1970s. A business associate of my father’s took me under his swinging 70s bachelor’s wing at a time when I didn’t understand my sexual attraction to both men and women. Larry had bootleg copies of hundreds of porn movies, all available to me as a house sitter when he was away on business. Score was a revelation, and aside from its deep personal significance to me, I happen to think it’s the one of the wittiest, most beautifully photographed, and ultimately the most sex positive porn films of that era. It saddens me that I never had an opportunity to tell Radley what a constructive impact Score had on my sexuality. It was liberating. I harbor a great number of hangups, but mercifully, thanks to movies like Score, sex isn’t one of them. Many thanks to you for sharing your hard work with us.

    • April Hall · June 19, 2024 Reply

      You should definitely visit if you can – it’s like walking right back in time!

  7. Thelma · June 17, 2024 Reply

    Thank you Rialto Report! What a splendid journey through time! A perfect kick-off for the long, hot Summer. So many of the Golden-Age classics have remarkable, “behind the scenes” location stories buried under all the steamy sex. Deeply appreciate the care and detail you invested into this amazing chapter… Arm-chair travel at its finest.
    Best wishes, – Thelma and Louise

  8. J. Walter Puppybreath · June 17, 2024 Reply


  9. Wes · June 25, 2024 Reply

    Lyn Lowry is a stunning beauty. I wish she had a more extensive career. Amazing.

  10. Todd · June 28, 2024 Reply

    We love April Hall….. Few would go through this fantastic visual documentation with creating matching parallels shot by shot. It is poignant, effective and very kind.

    I say this while the location clearly enjoys great attentiveness, even in their elements of renovation, often matching what was, patching up wall cracks and maintaining that great oat of foliage.

    Yet, it is all about the people, isn’t it… and seeing April there musing and pondering every scene with care and bringing it all to us….. Thank you for that, April…!!!

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