Mike Horner: Porn’s Late Bloomer – Podcast 91

Mike Horner: Porn’s Late Bloomer – Podcast 91

What happens when you’re raised in a loving suburban home, an athletic but painfully shy kid who went to church every Sunday with his very Catholic parents? A boy who developed an early love of dance but had to hide it because his mother thought that would mean he’s gay? A young man who was so intimidated by girls he stayed a virgin until he was 20 years old?

Well you go on to become one of the most prolific male porn stars in history of course. Mike Horner entered the business in the late 70s – just a few months after he lost his virginity and a few weeks before his 21st birthday. He stayed in the business for the next thirty years racking up thousands of film titles and sex partners.

So how did a good Catholic boy run off the rails of a straight and narrow life? How did a brief adventure turn into an almost life-long career, and certainly an enduring identity? And what happens when you outgrow the business that in part taught you to be the man you are?

In this episode of the Rialto Report, we speak with Mike Horner about his decades long career in the industry and what he looks forward to now. Hint, it starts with S and ends with X.

This episode is 57 minutes long.

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Mike Horner

Mike Horner


Mike Horner


Mike Horner


Mike Horner


Mike Horner


Mike Horner


  • Posted On: 1st September 2019
  • By: Ashley West
  • Under: Podcasts


  1. Sam · September 1, 2019 Reply

    I love Mike Horner and to my knowledge he has never given an in-depth interview… this should be great……..

    Love you guys at the Rialto

  2. JS · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Been asking for Mike Horner for years so thank thank thank you. Great!

    • Mark · September 1, 2019 Reply

      This is so weird I was thinking the other day about interviews I would like to see you do and Mike Horner is one of them, so can’t wait to listen to it. Now let’s get Lois Ayers, Tajia Rae, Bridgette Monet and the one I hope for the most is Angel!

      • April Hall · September 2, 2019 Reply

        Enjoy Mark!

      • Geroge Rexroad · January 23, 2024 Reply

        Mike, along with Peter North and Buck Adams was the quintessential porn star stud me and my friends in high school envied. We wanted that life of having sex with the likes of Nina Hartley, Ashlyn Gere, PJ Sparxx, and Shanna Mccullough, and get paid a grip for it. I hope he landed a gig giving lectures at artsy fartsy liberal colleges, especially these days since they need a reprieve from all the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • April Hall · September 2, 2019 Reply

      Hope you enjoy JS!

    • Eric · September 3, 2019 Reply

      Love it. Great actor

    • Carl Holmren · January 5, 2024 Reply

      Can someone please tell me the name of his film where he and a friend approach an Asian woman while he’s playing guitar. His shirt gets ripped, one thing leads to another and they have a threesome. She’s unwilling at first and then enjoys it. One of the guys name is Clem.

  3. Brandon · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Another great podcast! I totally don’t blame Mike About Nicole Black! I don’t know what it was about her but she always sets the motor running. Personal favorite….

  4. Andrew · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Just finished this fantastic podcast. Mike came across as a great guy. Awesome interview April!

    • April Hall · September 2, 2019 Reply

      I so appreciate that Andrew!

    • David · May 30, 2020 Reply

      Handsome sexy and smart. I’ve been a fan Of Mike’s performances and body since the 80’s. He’s a legend. Never thought about who he really was and glad to know he is who he is. Great interview. Well spoken. Reminds me of a buddy I knew in college. He deserves to be kinder to himself. we all learn from our mistakes and are better for them. Love to see him naked now too. Thanks Mike!

    • A · September 25, 2022 Reply

      I seen him on a porn set,about 10 years ago,just sitting there,by craft service,in noho village he looked bored.and didn’t say hi,I recognized,him immediately,but couldn’t remember his name,he looked good.

  5. Drags · September 1, 2019 Reply

    I really hope you guys do an interview with Tracey Adams. Whatever little bit of information out there about this beautiful woman always showcases the fact that she is a unique soul in the business.

  6. Bobby · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Another fantastic interview April!I first remember seeing Mike Horner in a scene with Dominique Simone.He was a great perfomer and I’m going to say a bit underrated.

  7. George Maranville · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Would love a follow up to ask him about the Nuevo roughie he performed in that Sage Stallone directed about 10 years ago. Sage freaked out during the making and never let it see the light of day.

  8. JL Hayseed · September 1, 2019 Reply

    Wonderful interview. Glad that Mike is happy.

  9. Jim Stevens · September 2, 2019 Reply

    Been wanting a podcast for so long and happy that it’s Mike. One of porn’s better actors, I’m glad he felt a kinship with Richard Pacheco since he comes across the same way…a no-frills, all around good guy with a unique occupation. He and Roxanne Blaze were so good together in Justine. Also appreciated that he was a late bloomer sexually…you don’t hear someone admitting that often.

  10. Chris Flash · September 2, 2019 Reply

    Another home run, Rialto Report!!

    I always liked Mike’s adult performances — this interview reveals him to be the easy-going laid-back dude I suspected he is.

    Peace be with you, Mike…..

  11. Bob · September 3, 2019 Reply

    I enjoy podcasts. Anyone have knowledge on one of my favorites Leslie Bovee? Thanks.

    • James · September 6, 2019 Reply

      The last I heard, Leslie has really rejected her porn past and has no interest in talking about it. She was always one of my favorites from the early days.

  12. C.R. · September 3, 2019 Reply

    Mike Horner was obviously a great choice for an addition to The Rialto Report library. I didn’t quite understand why the big movie he directed never got released though, the dots weren’t connected with his explanation as far as I could gather. I was always glad to see male performers from the Golden Age transition into directors, and we got to see their personalities and eccentricities on display from that perspective. Each gave us something different too, from John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera to Rick Savage or Tom Byron, Ed Powers and Peter North. So I can’t help but wonder what Mike Horner might have contributed as a more prolific producer being such a well liked and diverse performer. But overall, it’s great to hear he’s doing well having moved on from it. If he’s successful in his bed and breakfast venture as it is, that’s terrific, but I bet he would get even more visitors if more people knew who was running such an establishment there in Oregon! I wouldn’t imagine it’s called “Mike Horner’s Corner Bed & Breakfast,” eh?

  13. Elle Rio for President of Brazil · September 3, 2019 Reply

    I was skeptical about a Mike Horner Interview. Jamie Gillis said Mike was “too nice to be in porn” and Jerry Butler said he was a “harmless guy who never says anything bad about anybody” then compared him to a giraffe in an elevator.

    How interesting can an interview be for a male performer with no drama/drugs issues in their life?

    Once again the Rialto Report rocked it. That was a great interview.

    First let me say Mike Horner is one of my favorite male performers in the biz. The best thing was that MASSIVE GRIN he always had on his face during a sex scene. He always looked like he was enjoying himself and would do it for free. I thought he would grin himself to death during his orgasms.
    One of the many things I found fascinating with this interview was he was too shy in his personal life to approach/date women, so he decides to do porn so he will get some experience! Having sex with a stranger in front a camera crew being filmed under hot lights has to be a first for a way to cure social/performance anxiety.

    After hearing this podcast, Im glad to know Mike is a sweet, sensitive, intelligent and interesting guy

    Some fairly popular male talent not much is known about for the super talented Rialto Report super sleuths to consider:
    Kevin James
    Steve Drake
    Frank James
    Blake Palmer
    Jeff Conrad
    Dan T Mann

    Thanks again Rialto Report

    • April Hall · September 6, 2019 Reply

      Thanks so, so much Elle Rio!

      • king midas in reverse · September 10, 2019 Reply

        Great Podcast as usual. Thanks so much for hard work you do.

        There is one golden age star Id love to know what ever became of him or if he’s still alive…Mike Ranger.

    • King Paul Fan · September 8, 2019 Reply

      Please ad King Paul to that list, not much is known about him besides his work in the Diamond Collection loops

  14. Michael S. · September 4, 2019 Reply

    Great Inteview April, longtime listener to your podcast. First time posting a reply. I’m sure you are working on many more great interview subjects. Would love to hear about Samantha Strong, Jamie Summers, and also Peter North (not sure how open he would be) as it is well known discussing his gay porn past is verboten.

  15. Stanley · September 6, 2019 Reply

    I look forward to listening. I heard a rumor a few years back that Mike was approached to do ‘daddy’ type gay porn. He’d be a gay-for-pay top obviously. Again, a rumor, but one I’d be happy to see.
    Keep up the good work, Rialto.

  16. King Paul Fan · September 8, 2019 Reply

    Any chance Rialto can give us an update on Miss Arroyo? Is she still alive?

  17. Jeff · September 8, 2019 Reply

    Great podcast- insightful and good listen. Any chance of a Nikki Knights expose?

    • King Paul Fan · September 8, 2019 Reply

      Nikki Knights and Billy Dee were like the Sonny and Cher of porn! They were porn’s “it” couple of the mid to late 80’s. I still remember Nikki doing a scene with the late Jack Baker “Sticks Downey” from the TV Show Happy Days. I always thought Nikki Knights looked like she could have been related to Nikki Randall.

  18. Mark · September 8, 2019 Reply

    Another great interview. It’s good to hear he’s doing well.

    It makes me curious to hear an interview with Nicole Black.

  19. Mike Horner · September 8, 2019 Reply

    Thank you to April for a nice, respectful intelligent interview. Sorry we didn’t have a chance to discuss that a bit more. My values guided me in my early years, promoting the progressive desire to bring honesty and respect to sexuality, treating women with an equal right to pleasure, and very consciously promoting sex as not a dirty, crude, event, but as the natural experience that it is, and as one of the most important aspects of humanity. I’m known as smiling during sex, which did really happen spontaneouosly, but I had studied psychology and sociology and knew that those who smiled are generally truly happier, and make others around them happier, so I did choose to smile on many occasions. I also realized that , while power and strength are valued by both men and women sexually, the most valued trait in a lover and mate is, “who do I like the most, can trust the most, and who makes me happy, and smile, and possibly create a permanent realtionship with”. Power is far down the scale of importance in a sort of evolutionary sense compared to the success of a supporer during preganancy and for 18 more years before that child is independent. Men into power aren’t usually the best choice for carig support, though political and financial successs is a major part of how women can gauge whether a partner is a good long term mate. Thus I tried to pose myself as an average guy, even if athletic and good looking, and not a macho man. I also pursued comedic acting and physical comedy, both to be a funnier person in life, but also to allow me to be brought down to everyone elses level, not a sex star. Not make others feel that I am more or beter than they are, because they can laugh at and with me. Thanks again, for the opportunity.

    • April Hall · September 11, 2019 Reply

      Thank you so much for the additional color Mike – I’m so glad you shared that as well as all the insight into your life. We’re very grateful.

  20. Jeff II · September 9, 2019 Reply

    This is another great interview. Having seen him appear in one 1980s movie after another, I became curious about who Mike Horner was. He had a different vibe than the other male actors of the period. The interview explains a lot about that. His work with Tracey Adams stands out. (I second, third, fourth… the request of an interview with her.)

    Has the Rialto Report ever considered Jon Martin for an interview? I have gained an appreciation for the comedy he brought to his roles.

    Another person of interest to me is Rene Bond. Coming up through the underground days of hardcore films, I am sure she would have had many tales to tell. It was hinted at in the Ken Scudder article that The Rialto Report is working on something about her. I look forward to that.

  21. Brock Landers · September 19, 2019 Reply

    Good Ol’ Horny Mike! Maker of the best facial expressions ever in porn. Maybe others were just mailing it in but Horner looked like he was having fun getting paid for pee pee friction pleasure. No Porn Hall of Fame would be complete without a section devoted to Horny Mike.

  22. Nancy Smith · September 23, 2019 Reply

    What a fabulous man Mike came across as. Modest, unassuming, polite, respectful and self aware. In fact just like his reputation would suggest.

    I hope he reconsiders his ‘no children’ perspective. Yes he’s no spring chicken but I sense he still has much to offer and needs an outlet. I’d wager he would be a really calm and supportive father/ step father to someone.

    I really wish him all the very best and that his aching joints don’t bring him down.

    God bless you Mike

  23. Peter · June 2, 2020 Reply

    MH comes accross was an amazing guy. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase his films or clips in the highest quality?

  24. geo godley · August 21, 2020 Reply

    hey Mike Horner! interviewed you in 2000! it was on youlube before wrongful termination. hope you’re well! -georgegodley dot com, vlog dot com

  25. Mike S · August 26, 2020 Reply

    What an excellent and insightful interview April. I didn’t know much about Mike Horner personally other than seeing his movies of course. What an intelligent and well spoken man.

  26. Nicholas Simpson · November 13, 2020 Reply

    Great podcast! I loved Mike in the 1980s.
    Be great if you can do a podcast on another great person from that decade, the gorgeous Rachel Ashley.

  27. John Merrick · January 6, 2021 Reply

    Wow, I just discovered The Rialto Report tonight, and pretty much by accident, as I haven’t followed or even watched porn (much, anyway) in many years. I think this is due to modern porn feeling sterile, at least to me. As I scanned through the list of interviews, this one caught my eye, as I remembered Mike Horner as being one of the most genuine regular guys I’d ever seen in that setting. And this interview proved to me that he is exactly that; a genuine guy. He was always one of the very few male actors that was such a delight to watch, that he succeeded in taking my attention from the female actors, and caused me to enjoy the films more for the acting than the actual sex. No small feat. This interview was done extremely well by both parties, and if this is any indication, I have many more excellent interviews to look forward to. my best wishes go out to Mike, and also to The Rialto Report for shining a much-needed light on the lesser-known aspects of this fascinating industry.

  28. Dave · June 1, 2021 Reply

    You should do an interview with Taija Rae, she was very popular in the 80’s

  29. Mark · April 12, 2022 Reply

    What a legend! To me this is what a professional porn star is. Thanks for making this interview, I’ve always been curious to know more about Mike Horner.

  30. Tom · April 23, 2022 Reply

    Thank you for this incredible interview and thank you Mike. I never want to overstep bounds, but I have always thought Mike was one of the most beautiful men on the planet and also came off as intelligent, creative and funny. His openness, honesty and sex positive attitude is a tribute to the great person he is. His humanity and intelligence comes through in this interview.

  31. Howie Gordon · February 4, 2023 Reply

    Nice interview, Mike! Well done, April! For the record, when SEKA hired me to direct my very first filmgoer her,
    CAREFUL, HE MAY BE WATCHING, I got her to hire MIKE HORNER as the leading man. It was a good choice! – Howie Gordon, aka the ghost of RICHARD PACHECO .

  32. Jack · June 12, 2024 Reply

    Who’s the blonde actress in the photo below the Super Stud photo? Thanks.

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