How Jimi Hendrix’s Roadie became a Porn Producer – Podcast 77

How Jimi Hendrix’s Roadie became a Porn Producer – Podcast 77

This story begins with a single photograph, taken in 1967. It’s a photo of Jimi Hendrix, and it shows him sat on a table in his familiar hat and rock star jacket. Jimi is smoking, and he looks relaxed and happy. He seems to be sharing a joke with a man sat on a chair in front of him.

I first saw this picture in the early days of the internet, and became fascinated by it. And what struck me about it was this: The photograph shows Jimi Hendrix, one of the great guitarists of all time, and someone everyone wanted to hear play. But it’s the man in front of him who’s playing the guitar, not Jimi. And I didn’t recognize this person as any other guitarist I’d ever seen. Who in earth would be in a picture with Jimi, where Jimi wasn’t the one playing a guitar?

I did some digging around, and found that the person Jimi was with in the picture was actually one of the legendary roadies of the 1960s London music scene. It turned out he’d started in Liverpool in the era of The Beatles, and had worked with The Who, the Bee Gees, The Merseybeats, Cream, Lemmy, Mick Jagger, Apple Records, Robert Stigwood, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and many others, not to mention The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

I found out that the roadie’s name was Neville Chesters. I wondered what happened to him, but apparently, he’d left the music industry abruptly in the early 1970s and disappeared from London. I spent years wondering about his life on the road with many of the greatest legends of music history.

Years later, I was talking to a friend about the adult film industry in New York. We were talking about the 1990s. This was a few years after the so-called golden age, and it was the last gasp of the New York pornography business. At this stage, scenes were being shot cheaply on video largely for compilations that were sold for bargain basement prices.

My friend told me that one of the centers of the business at that point was called the ‘New York Fuck Factory’. This was a notorious loft on 38th Street where multiple shoots would take place.

I found that the owner of the Fuck Factory was an Englishman. He produced films using the name Neville Chambers… but his real name was Neville Chesters. Apparently, there were rumors he’d once been involved in the music business in London.

Was this possible? And if so, how did a 1960s roadie with the Who and Jimi Hendrix in London become a porn producer in the 1990s in New York?

On this episode of The Rialto Report, we track Neville Chesters down to hear about life in the swinging 60s, when he had a front row seat to witness some of the most momentous music ever made. And we also hear about how he re-emerged in New York years later as an adult film producer, of series such as Streets of New York, New York Taxi Tales, and indeed, Strap-on Sally 12: Squirting Dildo Soiree.

We also hear about how The Who’s Pete Townsend may recently have actually helped save Neville’s life.

Seriously, is there any other podcast in the world featuring Pete Townsend and a Squirting Dildo Soiree?

The musical playlist for this episode can be found on Spotify.


Neville Chambers – His Employers in Photos

The Merseybeats:







The Who:

The Who


The Who


The Who


The Who


Robert Stigwood:

Robert Stigwood


Robert Stigwood


Bee Gees:

Bee Gees


Bee Gees


Bee Gees


Robert Stigwood with the Bee Gees:

Bee Gees









Mick Jagger (still waiting for his driver…):

Mick Jagger


Jimi Hendrix:

Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix



Emerson, Lake and Palmer:Emerson Lake and Palmer


Emerson Lake and Palmer


Emerson Lake and Palmer


Streets of New York:

Streets of New York


Streets of New York


New York Taxi Tales:

New York Taxi Tales


New York Taxi Tales


Neville Chesters himself:

Neville Chesters




  1. Gem · February 18, 2018 Reply

    This looks like another classic Rialto story! Can’t wait to listen – and welcome back.

    Btw – are you guys on board for season 2 of THE DEUCE?

  2. Frank Cornacchio · February 18, 2018 Reply

    YAHOOOOOOOOOO – another Rialto podcast!!!!!! Happy Sundayyyyy!!!

  3. Wes James · February 18, 2018 Reply

    I have just discovered this site – and hats off to you. This is a truly marvelous acheievement.

    I look forward to spending my Sunday evening listening to this.

  4. wally · February 18, 2018 Reply


    Can you ‘translate’ (for Americans) what Neville is saying at roughly 47:30 mark in interview.
    He’s talking about Cream roadie Mick (Turner?) being sort of a tough cockney.
    I can’t make out the particular phrase Neville is using or perhaps his broader meaning.

    btw, nice interview!

  5. Savage Doc · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Streets of New York! one of the first reality type of series shot outside. I even remember the one and only Smalley Paulley on the cover of Taxi Tales 6 there. Paulley was in a Mexico vacation porn film and he got a bj from Barrett Moore who later became Veronica Caine, Barrett was a bit of a size queen and looked pretty surprised when she saw how small his penis was? pretty funny

    Rick Savage was the man! Amber Lynn, Ali Moore, Carol Cummings, Britt Morgan, Gina Valentino, Janey Robbins and Kari Foxxx. Rick was a great performer who worked with all these 80’s porn queen favorites. I forgot about Rick doing Streets of NY in the 90’s? fun series!

  6. DC · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Can’t wait to hear this! Neville actually keep a diary during his Hendrix days and that info has been a historical boon to the biographers. This is a big deal!
    I’ve always hoped he made a few reel to reel recordings of the ’68 Hendrix tour. Neville – any luck?
    And all this on the Rialto Report – colliding universes!

  7. Steven Otero · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Neville & The Fuck Factory are featured in Michele Capozzi’s Pornology New York (2005).

  8. Cathy Gigante-Brown · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Just fantastic! Brings back such memories. I was PA on a few shoots with “the Little Brit,” my sweet buddy Neville. I remember that gorgeous Central Park West Apartment well. I believe one of the vids shot there was “Anal Rescue 911.” Glad he’s still kicking and that you tracked him down for an interview.

    I can’t help but think this thing can have legs on a site like Rolling Stone or even Please Kill Me.

    • Eric · February 18, 2018 Reply

      I agree with Cathy – this story has even wider appeal than normal, and it needs to be heard by the wisest possible audience who are interested in the history of rock n roll. The stories are exceptional, and really convey the sense of life on the road in the 60s.

      How about a book Neville – or a stage show / musical?!

  9. Jon S. · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Neville – you are a legend!!!!!

    Immense stories – and all the best wishes in overcoming your health issues.

  10. Blue Man · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Once again, a 1) moving 2) informative, 3) important, 4) exciting, 5) inspirational account of a life well lived.

    Thank you, thank you.

  11. Andy · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Great story. I was lucky to be friends with Micky Dolenz, and he told me many years ago how he was embarrassed to have his fans boo Jimi Hendrex off the stage to hear the Monkees.

  12. DC · February 18, 2018 Reply

    Rialto – Lipitor – Neville.
    Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll!

  13. Jane Ashby · February 20, 2018 Reply

    Ashley, you’ve done a great job of Neville’s “This is your life”.I was spellbound even though I’ve heard most of it before…….at least once! The music inserts were inspired Thanks.Jane

  14. Rich · February 20, 2018 Reply

    Once again the Rialto report delivers…..Fascinating interview guys….

  15. Jim Stevens · February 20, 2018 Reply

    Rock history and porn history? Never thought that two could be combined but you’ve done it. Neville’s stories were fascinating.

    And as always, the music choices are spot-on.

  16. Roger L · February 22, 2018 Reply

    Great interview, Ashley, Thanks for finding Neville for us and for rock history! Cheers, R

  17. J. Walter Puppybreath · February 22, 2018 Reply

    Beyond awesome, RR! This hit the sweet spot on multiple levels.
    If you don’t want to address this, I completely understand, but was wondering why the post with the Show-World footage was pulled?

  18. Alexander Portillo · February 25, 2018 Reply

    Ashley, once again you have knocked it out of the park with your shrewd journalism and wit! I truly did not want this interview to end. Wished that this former roadie would write a book of his adventures, i’d read it in a heartbeat!

  19. Melanie Dante · February 27, 2018 Reply

    Neville Chambers – if you are out there – I adore you! So entirely glad to see / hear you on one of My absolute favorite podcasts. Manhattan memories are like no other, aren’t they? So decadent. Yea.

  20. Dolly Daffodil · February 27, 2018 Reply

    Ashley, this interview is as truly special as my Uncle NEVILLE is to me! He’s really one of a kind! Thanks for giving the world a glimpse of an unsung hero of rock…and some other things too! We love you and miss you, Neville!
    Dolly Daffodil

    Ashley- this is a wonderful interview of Neville and it allows him to tell his story intimately and seamlessly. It was a joy listening to it. Great production of a great life!
    Dolly’s Mommy

  21. Jen · March 16, 2018 Reply

    Ashley & April: this podcast has it all: what a life, what a story teller that Neville is. Great questions from Ashley and I love the different British accents. Neville’s is North Country twang, what we might call hillbilly, yes?
    The combo of his music career and his porn career makes for the very best Rialto Report ever.
    But who will play him in the film bio? James Franco maybe?

  22. Joe Gallant · May 8, 2021 Reply

    I didn’t know this was up. Remember with huge fond heart my years hanging with Neville (and his cohort, Mickele) in his Hell’s Kitchen days.
    We did camera for each other on many a scene, and I’d always both held him in some awe & regarded him as a mentor, and good friend.

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