‘The Legend of Henry Paris’ – by Toni Bentley

‘The Legend of Henry Paris’ – by Toni Bentley

A couple of years ago, we introduced Radley Metzger to author Toni Bentley (‘The Surrender’), and were pleased that the friendship yielded a recent Playboy magazine article about Radley by Toni.

We met up with them last week to celebrate the event.

You can read the Playboy profile of Radley Metzger here.

You can visit Toni Bentley’s site here.


Selection of stills from Radley Metzger’s ‘The Lickerish Quartet‘ (1970) and other of his films from the same period.


Silvana Venturelli, Erika RembergSilvana Venturelli, Erika Remberg in ‘The Lickerish Quartet‘ (1970)

Silvana VenturelliSilvana Venturelli in ‘The Lickerish Quartet‘ (1970)

Lynn LowryLynn Lowry in ‘Score‘ (1974)

Silvana VenturelliSilvana Venturelli in ‘The Lickerish Quartet‘ (1970)

Erika RembergErika Remberg in ‘The Lickerish Quartet‘ (1970)

Mary Mendum, The ImageMary Mendum in ‘The Image‘ (1975)

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  1. April Hall · June 26, 2014 Reply

    A great article and love that photo of Radley – that guy is a looker!

  2. Tony Faynor · June 26, 2014 Reply

    Love the fact that everyone has rediscovered Radley Metzger again. The best damn director of the golden age if you ask me and I’m sure many other passionate fans. Only 5 hardcore films but what a legacy. His films had so many taboo/subversive elements in them for the times(swinging, cuckolding, lesbianism, pegging). Yet they truly were the polished, professional films of the most competent porn director ever. The profile in Playboy was wonderful. Quite a coincidence that Radley was trying to option The Surrender. I hope more people see his work thanks to Toni.
    Truly saddened that his best leading man Jamie Gillis is gone. Loved the podcast with him. Really appreciated his comments on “luxuriating in time” between films. That was ageless wisdom.
    I’ve just discovered your website and love it! I’m so glad that someone is treating these films with the respect they deserve. I grew up during the “Golden Age of Porn” and truly believed (quite naively) at the time that XXX films would go mainstream. So thank you for your time and effort on behalf of these truly underappreciated stars of Hollywood. I hope in the future to see in depth profiles of a couple of the biggest stars yet to be done, John Leslie and Marilyn Chambers. Of course there are so many others left to put the spotlight on also. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

  3. Hank Rose · June 27, 2014 Reply

    Barbara Broadcast with its sex act cafe theme was my fave of his. And the Sue McBain oral scene ended with the most classic line in all of adult films.

  4. George "The Animal" Steele · July 11, 2014 Reply

    Brings back wonderful memories. I saw several of these when they hit the theaters. Thanks!

  5. Recent Porn Blog Links #2 | obscure porn · July 18, 2014 Reply

    […] my hat, yet again, to Rialto Report, the Playboy profile of Radley Metzger is wonderful, as was the collection of eulogies to Al […]

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