Barbara Dare: A Curious Woman – Podcast 58

Barbara Dare: A Curious Woman – Podcast 58

Last week we presented a selection of pictures personally chosen by Barbara Dare from her collection – and have been amazed by the response.

We received email from so many of you, all eager to know more about the elusive star of the 1980s who vanished from the scene almost 25 years ago.

Barbara was a superstar of the adult industry in the 1980s video era. She started out in New York – where she was a regular at the sex club Plato’s Retreat – before moving to California. There she quickly became one of the leading ladies of porn throughout the late 1980s, starring in over 100 features. She was one of the first contract girls – initially with Essex Video, then with Vivid. She made films with Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Paul Thomas and all the other big stars from the era. She traveled regularly to Europe to make movies there with people like Rocco Siffredi. She retired from film in the early 1990s, opting to travel across the U.S. and Canada where she was a big draw on the dance circuit. There was talk about her moving into the mainstream – with a one-woman show that Sandra Bernhard’s manager was interested in promoting.

And then what happened?

This week Barbara talks candidly to The Rialto Report in her first in-depth interview in decades – it’s a moving, entertaining, and surprising story.

All photos belong to Barbara Dare.

This episode’s running time is 100 minutes.


Barbara Dare films

Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara Dare


Barbara DareApril Hall and Barbara Dare, 2016


  • Posted On: 21st February 2016
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. Ryan O'Brien · February 21, 2016 Reply

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for…….!!!!!!!
    I’m off to listen to this now. I know it will be great.

  2. Dave Huffman · February 21, 2016 Reply

    I’m listening to this now and it is already exceeding my expectations. Sheer podcast perfection.

  3. Cathy Gigante-Brown · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Always loved her! Such an deep, no-holds-barred interview. I applaud her honesty. One of Jerry Butler’s favorite costars. I must have written a script or two for her back in the day but for the life of me, I can’t remember which ones they were.

  4. Georgia Gal · February 21, 2016 Reply

    This was quite a trip…., I hadn’t expected it to be quite so moving or affecting. All credit to Barbara for what she has been through, and for what she has now achieved. This is a special story and I wish her the best in her life now. She deserves nothing but happiness. Inspiring, classy lady.

  5. Steven Otero · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Another amazing podcast by April Hall !!! It’s great to hear from Barbara !

  6. WILLIAM MARGOLD · February 21, 2016 Reply

    It should give the dynamic Ms. Dare great pleasure to know that she is certainly far from forgotten, as I have a Silver Medallion with her name on it, proclaiming her as a LEGEND OF EROTICA way back in 1999, and she will remain that way into eternity. And perhaps one day in the near future she will grace us with her presence at an Adult Entertainment Industry event befitting her magnificent stature, and allow me to present her award to her.

    as always…take care and care take.

  7. Patrick · February 21, 2016 Reply

    I always enjoy the interviews. They are so well done and professional. I love the backstories…

  8. J. Walter Puppybreath · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Barbara really bent my head (in a good way!) when I started discovering her vids. Very glad she’s been so sharing with this site. She’s the best!

  9. Roy Karch · February 21, 2016 Reply

    A great conversation. Nice to meet you again here Barbara. Thanks for the truth Stacey.

  10. Jim Stevens · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Many, many congrats to Barbara/Stacey on her new (or newer) career! It’s interesting she mentions Sharon Mitchell, since Sharon with AIM and the AIDS advisory group she works for now, and Barbara with her counseling, have ended up taking similar career paths supporting and caring for others.

    I was struck by Barbara’s laughter (as I am with the laughter you get out of many of your subjects) and her self-deprecation. Ashley and April, you always dig deep and come up with great interviews.

  11. JK · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Great to hear from Barbara. Always one of the nicest women in the business, and so good to hear that life has turned out well for you. Best wishes in whatever you choose to do!

  12. Barry Nichols · February 21, 2016 Reply

    BARBARA DARE!!!!!!!

    I loved hearing your voice again. Thanks for the films, Thanks for being you, and Thanks for the honesty and beauty in this interview.

  13. Roy Karch · February 21, 2016 Reply

    Love the Barbara Dare podcast, April. Truely insightful stuff and as always for the Rialto Report; presented in deep focus.

    • April Hall · February 22, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Roy!

      • Rich Pancoast · March 10, 2016 Reply

        April how hard are these actors to track down?

        • April Hall · March 14, 2016 Reply

          It varies Rich. Some are out there in the public like Annie Sprinkle. Others have disappeared like Barbara Dare. For those that aren’t in the public it’s not easy but we’re persistent!

          • Rich Pancoast · March 22, 2016

            I asked because I got to know Juliet Anderson pretty well.She had a website and on a whim I left my phone #…Damn if she didn’t call…we hit it off….we talked frequently right up until her death.She would even call me. She would have been good on your podcast.

          • Christian · June 15, 2016

            Hello loved the Barbara Dare interview thanks so much is there a mailing address she has for her fans to contact her?

  14. Will · February 22, 2016 Reply

    What a great interview. Ive allways loved Barbara Dare/Stacy. I hope she makes a come back. Im gonna be in New York in May on vacation. I would love to have coffee with here..hint hint. .lol

  15. Jack Orl · February 22, 2016 Reply

    Great interview. Its no wonder she was such a big star and icon. She is real and i think that always showed in her films and when she met her fans. Most of all I’m happy she made it through the tough times and it a happy healthy woman.

  16. Bruce · February 22, 2016 Reply

    Wonderful interview with the thoughtful, inspiring Barbara Dare. Bless you Stacy for being who you are and for your work with your clients! You are a Mensch!

  17. Art Smith · February 22, 2016 Reply

    I loved this one. Some hysterical anecdotes (deflowering the producer’s nephew…), moving moments (Erica Boyer’s passing dawning on Barbara), and thought-provoking (how should a porn star cash on on her fame…).

    Well done to all concerned!

  18. Mark · February 23, 2016 Reply

    loved this interview. i always considered barbara and some of the ladies she mentioned (ginger lynn, amber lynn, erica boyer, nina hartley etc) as being the ultra gorgeous babes of 80s porn (together with porsche lynn and angel kelly).

    p.s. two of my favorite films with barbara dare are ‘barbara dare’s bad’ and ‘doctor lust’

  19. @WhatSpadeThinks · February 24, 2016 Reply

    As a huge fan of the, without tongue in cheek, ART of the adult industry, I have come to see the Rialto Report as the 60 Minutes of this crazy business. Along with other great microscopes of the adult business (the “Raw Talent” book by Jerry Butler, the documentary “After Porn Ends”, etc.), the RR allows those who wish see a crystal clear window into the industry. More importantly perhaps, the Report also allows the human beings who gave their hearts, sanity, bodies and sometimes lives to the business a voice to share what really happened and how they feel today.

    This Barbara Dare episode was excellent, among the very best episodes. Dare’s courage and candor were refreshing in this age of fronts and media hype. She was a star of the Golden Era of the ’80’s in every sense, and deserves the recognition she deserves. And as a recovering addict of 7+ years, her story and dedication to the treatment of the disease of addiction makes me respect her all the more.

    Congratulations April & Co. on another homerun episode.

    • April Hall · February 25, 2016 Reply

      We so agree with you about Barbara’s courage and candor – the main reason Rialto Report interviews are what they are is because participants like Barbara are willing to open up and share of themselves.

      And we love your 60 Minutes comparison – maybe we should have called ourselves 69 Minutes! 🙂

  20. Corey · February 25, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for another great interview April!

  21. Robert · February 26, 2016 Reply

    That was one great conversation!Stacy seems like such a wonderful soul who had to battle inner demons and came out strong.

  22. Brian Christgau · February 29, 2016 Reply

    Barbara’s still smokin’! It’s always great when these stories have happy endings, but it sounds like she’s found real purpose in her life, proof that the best way to help yourself is by helping others. One of your best shows yet.

  23. Brian Christgau · February 29, 2016 Reply

    P.S. I’m hearing a lot of these folks (i.e. Barbara, Billy Dee) talking about how they don’t want to get back into the business but would love to reunite with some old friends. Is that a classic porn star reunion I see off in the distance? Imagine what a show that would be! The stories and anecdotes alone would be EPIC.

  24. Wayne · March 2, 2016 Reply

    Wow that was awesome! I have met Barbara/Stacey twice in my life and still have the pictures with her on my lap, she was incredible !!! Thx for a great interveiw and I hope to see more of her in the future! She needs to write her story in a book!!! It would sell out !!!

  25. Barbara Dare · March 2, 2016 Reply

    Hey all…….
    I want to thank you for such nice comments. I love my fans,and had a great time on the road meeting some of you..I wish i could go back in time and do it again!! YOU are the reason I wanted to do this interview..(MY PEEPS)! Doing the interview was so natural with April and Ash… I am very blessed to have met the two of them..The Rialto report is really something special.This interview allowed me to go back in time and open up a part of my life that made me who I am today. I MISS BARBARA DARE. But the cool part is SHE NEVER WENT ANYWHERE……Love you all…..Hope to see you again!!
    Yours forever, Stacy (Barbara)

    • Joe · March 12, 2016 Reply

      Also, to add to my comment below…it’s been 24 years, but I remember that stage show. “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, wasn’t that one of your songs for the set. Two years later I saw you dance again, I think at Naked City…you remembered my name (Joe), I was amazed!

      Even more beautiful in person, sexy AND sweet.


    • Jay Maxwell Nichols · March 24, 2016 Reply

      Thank you for such a moving interview. Most important, THANK YOU for helping our society as an addictions counselor. Thank you for saving lives.

    • Chris · April 3, 2016 Reply

      You are so hot. I’m your age. Sober 24 years. Always wanted to meet you. Kind of relate to you. I’m very open. Love how you embraced it. Glad you’re doing well. I’m shocked you never knew about Erica Boyer. She was great also. Stay healthy. Continued blessings. A huge fan. Well, not in that way. Lol.

    • Debbie Kostick · August 6, 2016 Reply

      Stacy your candor in this interview was unbelievable and left me with so many emotions for you… You have overcome a shit load and survived and thrived. You brought me back to our childhood together! I’m sorry there was so much heartache in your memories of your younger years…. I watched your films, you were always beautiful, and I was proud as an old friend, that you were the best at what you wanted to do no matter what it was! I’m happy you found your way again and found love. Listening to you was such a throwback! Your laugh is so Judy! You made me smile in remembrance and laugh bringing my teen memories back of “the trees” and TAC! We smoked and drank Boones Farm! You taught me how to make out… With my pillow!!! Lol… Next you need to write your life story! Hugs old friend,
      Debbie xo

    • Julian · January 14, 2021 Reply

      Hello again! I worked on your first “breakout” film. Remember that? Shooting in Asbury Park at Delores’ house? Henri Pachard directing. Maybe a year after you had moved to L.A. you came back to NYC for a shoot in Queens (one of those Arabian Nights themes) and you remembered me. I was really hot for you and it seemed like you were maybe interested but you were there with your partner (?) and she made it clear I was to stay back. 😉

    • Jessica · May 2, 2022 Reply

      Hi Barbara/Stacy,
      I know this interview was 6 years ago but I’m just finding it now. I’m a woman in her 20s who loves the 1980s and your life has inspired me a lot. I’m coming to terms with being a lesbian and hearing you talk about your life and experiences with women has made me feel less shameful about who I am. I related to a lot of what you said about your childhood, except sex was something that was always shameful in general so it’s tough for me to open up about these things. Your story has inspired me to keep going on my own personal journey and hopefully someday embrace that side of myself like you did. I know you mentioned your purpose is to help people so I wanted to comment and let you know that, even though this was a long time ago. So happy to hear that you overcame your struggles and are thriving in your career now, I look up to your strength and resilience.
      A new fan 🙂

  26. Adam Brown · March 9, 2016 Reply

    BARBARA DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We loved you then, we love you now, and hearing your interview has just increased our love. You’re the best!

    Stay well, and hope to see you one day!

  27. Jeff King · March 9, 2016 Reply

    Thank you Barbara!

    Your amazing interview here at the Rialto Report was the highlight of my year so far.

    You’re the best. Thanks.

  28. Weston Karpen · March 12, 2016 Reply

    Fred Lincoln’s key role as an actor in the early adult film industry is told in this revealing podcast interview, his last before his untimely passing.

  29. Joe · March 12, 2016 Reply

    I always loved Barbara. Fell in love when I saw LA Stories. I was in my early twenties when I moved to NYC, and was lucky enough to see her dance at Goldfingers in Queens.

    They used to advertise in NY Newsday, and every week I’d check to see if Barbara was performing. She was so sweet and sexy in person, always giving compliments and showing interest in her fans. First time we met she said ‘you’re cute, have you seen my movies’ with a knowing look. I turned bright red; it was like she could imagine me watching her videos while I jerked off.

    Thanks for all the thrills Barbara!


  30. Jay Maxwell Nichols · March 21, 2016 Reply

    I was absolutely moved by Dare’s interview and April did an extraordinary job. April is starting to become the Terry Gross of the podcast when it comes to her technique. I was so happy that she finally apologized regarding the racial remark that she said to Billy Dee decades ago. There was so much to love about this interview. Most important, Barbara/Stacy came across like an excellent friend who happened to work in the adult film industry. As someone who is 32 months sober from alcohol and 16 years sober from cocaine, I’m so proud of her for becoming an addictions counselor as her later career. She’s a wonderful asset to society and her husband and stepdaughter are beyond blessed to have her in their lives. Great episode as usual!!!

    • April Hall · March 22, 2016 Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words for me Jay and for the really truthful words about Barbara – as you say she is giving back in a really meaningful way!

  31. Chris · April 3, 2016 Reply

    Love this woman. Best big hair in porn. Love to ask her if she stills swings both ways. It’s also sad so many of them get hooked on drugs. She had model looks. I’ve know quite a few porn stars and sadly most if them have had drug/alcohol problems. A lot have died. Many marry older guys with money after their career like Dyana Lauren I think for security. I find it odd she thinks about making money off her name now. If she thinks it was a normal career, why does she cat like she did something wrong? Most porn stars don’t last long because it makes you cold, unappreciated. Sounds like she’s doing well. She was my fav. Love to meet her.

  32. Lance · April 29, 2016 Reply

    OMG I rented Behind Closed Doors when I was in my 20’s and had to sneak behind my girlfriends back and the worse thing was I had to return the video back to the store. I’ll never forget her and D. Holland up against that tree and seein’ her coming… It set a standard for me that sadly barely happens in porn – women coming – That’s like the hottest thing for me, thanks Barbara/Stacey. We are like almost the same age and I really wanted to know what was happening with her, so great to hear her story and her triumph. So glad I stumbled upon this site, Thanks April.

  33. kevin · May 22, 2016 Reply

    this is interesting and entertaining. i hate when people look down on porn stars. especially from people whom are home jerking off
    thanks for these podcasts.
    and good day and god future to miss dare!

    april…you are great!

  34. Muslim Delgado · May 22, 2016 Reply

    I was waiting for this one and I was not disappointed. The best valentine’s gift I ever got was a VHS of Double Dare. A good podcast.

  35. Michael H · May 23, 2016 Reply

    Funny. I used to live very close to her in Haledon NJ. She was only a year younger than I am. Too bad I never met her.

  36. · June 4, 2016 Reply

    One of my fav sexstar ever, still on high demande

  37. Tom · July 7, 2016 Reply

    Magnificent work April. And thank you Stacy, for sharing your journey. One day at a time, it works if you work it.

  38. Jim · July 22, 2016 Reply

    Barbara… Grow old!!! We all do it!!! YOU will ALLWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL!!! Body and soul!!! U love you!! We all love you!!!

  39. Debbie Kostick · August 6, 2016 Reply

    Stacy, we were both friends and kids growing up in Wayne NJ… Sadly I had no idea how horrible your young years actually were because I was also too young to understand. Listening to you recount everything I DO remember of our youth, the names and places we hung out… Was fun and refreshing! You have certainly lived a colorful life! So glad to see you are doing well….hugs my friend.

  40. drummerpop · September 8, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for your in-depth interview with Barbara Dare – skillfully done April Hall! I was lead here following a search for Ms. Dare – memories sparked by an “almost famous” interview/article concerning my old band, Storm Orphans, gunning for a record deal in L.A.

    The article begins by alluding to, “a well-known blonde porn star,” which was in fact, Barbara Dare – attending our music showcase at Coconut Teaszer with an A & M Records rep. It was the first time I had met an adult film star and I was smitten to say the least! When I returned to Alabama, I made a point of familiarizing myself with her body of work! I’m glad to hear she is doing well. I really enjoyed the Rialto Report podcast and plan on listening more often. Keep up the excellent work April Hall.

  41. ranj · November 7, 2016 Reply

    What a GREAT interview! Amazing research and some great insights. This is one of the most fascinating things I’ve taken in online.

    Could you please give us the same detailed interview treatment for Tracey Adams? She can be contacted from her LinkedIn account, her interview would be HUGE for this site.

  42. Mike · March 13, 2017 Reply

    Wow. So much to say but really Thank You for sharing pretty much sums it up. That time flew by, I honestly wish there was more.

    I’m a Jersey guy who graduated down the road from William Paterson probably when you were a senior in HS.
    I love my all to infrequent nostalgia moments and this sure brings back some great memories. How is this for a twist of irony; I spent some good time with friends in that same Willowbrook x-rated theater (there was one for awhile on Hamburg Tpk too), no doubt watching Barbara Dare films.

    I am very happy to hear you are doing well. Wish you all the best. And if you seriously think the fan club thing might not work due to “lack of recognition” you are severely underestimating your appeal and loyal fan base (wink).


  43. Dick Hangsten · April 10, 2017 Reply

    Great interview as always, April. Stacey-Barbara has always been my favorite adult movie actress. I am glad to hear that her life is going much better these days. It’s great that she got off drugs as well. Like Stacy-Barbara, I went to the swing-club Aquiesce, which is located in upper Manhattan. This was back in 1988. You can read all about my experience there in my erotic escapades-adult internet site “Dick Hangsten.” I wish that she had gone there as well. Those were some great times for all. I have never been to Plato’s Retreat. That place has been long gone. The only thing that the Aquiesce club is real famous for, is that back in 1993, Joey Buttafuoco went there, and was thrown out for grossing out, and making the other swingers’ very uncomfortable. He was so disgusting that the management asked him to leave. This happened on a Friday night. He came in coked out of his mind, checked his clothes at the door, wrapped himself in a towel, then turned himself loose on the food, drinks and women like he was starved of all three. He gorged on cold cuts and potato salad–then wanted to take part in an orgy with food stuck in his teeth. None of the women there wanted anything to do with him. The kinky club’s members were so turned off that the bouncers finally threw him out. Joey then took his one-man party to Club Flipit on Long Island. A club member stated, “Joey, wearing nothing but a towel, is not a spectacle you soon forget. He was naked except for his chains. He rooted around like a sweating wild boar. Joey was like John Belushi back from the dead without showering. He gives swinging a bad name.”

  44. Babar Oajaca · September 28, 2017 Reply

    What a beautiful wonderful lady! Her looks will never fade because her soul is beautiful.
    Several friends and family have literally destroyed their lives due to substance abuse and it is a great thing she is doing by helping people to kick that bad habit.
    I haven’t listened to every podcast yet but this is my favorite so far.
    The interviewer is outstanding a big shout out to her.

  45. Lit · November 29, 2017 Reply

    Some individuals (Barbara included) need to at least show a bit of humility and filter their racist views.

  46. JD BRADSHAW · January 15, 2021 Reply

    Enjoyed the interview!

  47. Bigsky66 · February 24, 2022 Reply

    My secret crush from my early years.

    What a great podcast this was. Barbara was just amazing in her candor and her reflections. She held nothing back, and it was very endearing.

    It appears the interview was done six years ago, so I’m wondering how Stacy is doing these days, whether she’s still well, still happily married and still working with recovering addicts.

    Kudos to the interviewer. She clearly had done her research, asked some very poignant questions and then stepped out of the way to let Stacy talk — the hallmarks of a great interview. (Too many podcasters never learn that and they step all over their guests’ attempts to answer.)

  48. Barbara · May 23, 2022 Reply

    Good morning Jessica. I don’t check out this site very often, but April sent this to me because she thought I would want to hear it. Thank you for all the kind words. What I wrote in my high school yearbook was” life is to be nobody but yourself” and that’s what I say to you. Don’t ever be ashamed of Who You Are or who you love. Your happiness is all that matters. It’s not always easy, but necessary. All we have to do is be kind to ourselves and everything will work out. One day at a time, love yourself. Have a great life! You deserve it. Love always Barbara Stacy

    • Jessica · June 3, 2022 Reply

      Thank you so much Barbara/Stacy, that means a lot to me! I’ll remember that❤️ All the best to you always,
      Jessica V.

  49. . Barbara · May 23, 2022 Reply

    How you guys it’s Barbara Stacy. I know it’s been a long time since I did the podcast, but I wanted to thank everyone who said such nice things about me. Still a sex pot, which makes my husband a lucky man. Actually oh, I’m just as lucky. A lot of really nice things were said and a lot of memories came back for me after reading some of your comments. Before I was helping people have an orgasm, today I’m helping people take their lives back in their own hands. I think the first was a little bit more fun but I’m happy doing what I’m doing today. Love you guys and miss being in the business. It was a fun and exciting time for me. Keep going on this website as there’s always something fun and interesting to check out. Enjoy my friends! Love you Barbara Dare

  50. Christopher Crochet · June 14, 2022 Reply

    Hello Barbara, I just happened to revisit this interesting interview, and noticed your recent comments on here. I was just wondering if you ever put together that fan club?

  51. MISTYK the DJ · May 10, 2023 Reply

    Great interview!!!! I’m so glad she took a bad experience in her life and turned into something positive!
    Well done, April!

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