‘Breaker Beauties’ (1977): Guest BB&BC Podcast

‘Breaker Beauties’ (1977): Guest BB&BC Podcast

This week, Ashley West from The Rialto Report guests on the ‘Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts’ podcast to discuss Steve Ziplow’s film ‘Breaker Beauties’ (1977).

‘Breaker Beauties’ is a tale of truckers and CB radio, and features a memorable soundtrack – including the why-wasn’t-it-a-huge-hit-song ‘Take Your Nose Out of My Panty Hose’.

It was shot in New York and on Staten Island in Spring 1977 , with a stellar cast of New York actors including R. Bolla, Wade Nichols, Sharon Mitchell, Vanessa Del Rio, Crystal Sync, and Dave Ruby.


From lor_’s IMDb review:

Quality porn in the ’70s CB Radio craze genre
Made by a talented guy from mainstream entertainment dabbling in porn, BREAKER BEAUTIES would fall in the good ole boy genre of the ’70s if it weren’t XXX (and thus pigeonholed as Adult). It’s entertaining if unexceptional.

R. Bolla (his handle: Big Bear) and Wade Nichols are the definitely not Southern types cast as truckers whose misadventures are fairly interesting by genre standards. Much of the action takes place in and around Big Mama’s bar The Pit where country music acts play, giving the show a “real film” aspect (including the appearance of a Johnny Cash imitator).

But it is the sex that matters, as girls ranging from Jean Dalton (as “Floretta Flynn”), Crystal Sync and Veri Knotty to Vanessa Del Rio and Sharon Mitchell handles those chores well.

Musical content is more professional than the norm in porn (including the filmmakers’ incongruous preference for doo-wop) and overall BREAKER BEAUTIES is watchable apart from its XXX content. That’s high praise for projects like these.


‘Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts’ is a show created by Mike and Iris to discuss lesser-known action, exploitation and horror cult cinema.

You can listen to this episode of the show here.

This episode running time is 75 minutes.


‘Breaker Beauties’ screenshots:

Wade Nichols, R BollaTruckin’ buddies Jack (Wade Nichols) and Tom (R. Bolla)

Alexandra CassDissatisfied wife Sue (Alexandra)

Wade Nichols, Sharon Mitchell, R Bolla Jack (Wade Nichols) and Tom (R. Bolla) pick up hitchhiker Debby (Sharon Mitchell)

Sandra RocketLinda Rontits (Sandra Rocket) plays at the Truckers Haven (actually the Improv Night Club in New York)

Rocky MillstoneGeorge (Rocky Millstone)

Crystal SyncJoan (Crystal Sync)

Bobby Astyr, Vanessa Del RioEd (Bobby Astyr) on a photo shoot with Photo Lady (Vanessa Del Rio)

Jean DaltonFloretta Flynn (Jean Dalton) auditions

Dory DevonBig Mama (Dory Devon)

Jeffrey Ian MillerJohnny Rash (Jeffrey Ian Mellar)

BaruchBaruch, swallowing razor blades

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  1. Ron S · August 10, 2014 Reply

    Hilarious and informative. I busted out laughing several times. Good chemistry between you, Mike & Iris.

  2. walter · August 11, 2014 Reply

    this podcast dont have a download link, i like to listen to them on my car going to work

    great website, big fan of your page

    • Ron S · August 14, 2014 Reply

      Walter, on the BBandBC page just to EP89 Downloads – Direct Download, click the link, and when it starts right-click and select ‘Save Audio As’.

  3. rodney · August 11, 2014 Reply

    Nice, fun podcast. I enjoyed listening and heard your mention of the Barbara Broadcast poster and meeting CJ Laing. She is one of my all time favorites -when will you feature her, hopefully on a podcast?

  4. Tubster · August 13, 2014 Reply

    Wow, look at Vanessa Del Rio’s waistline? she is so thin here she looks like a NY fashion model. R Bolla and Del Rio always had wonderful chemistry together, they would have made an amazing real life couple, the Latin bombshell with the nice NY Jewish boy

  5. Jose Altadino · August 14, 2014 Reply

    Even when it’s not a Rialto podcast, the Rialto shines through!

    Fun show – now when’s the next home grown show?

  6. k marshall · August 15, 2014 Reply

    Nice break and palate cleanser,but extremely painful
    to try to listen to teenagers who have so little under-
    standing of the subject at hand that they require
    introductions to Jennifer Welles and Amber Lynn.
    Ah, well….Thanks to Ashley,podcast salvaged.
    RR prevails. Absolute prerequisite for hosting any
    discussion of subject should be broad,MATURE grasp
    of history. This is a given at RR. Unfortunately a rarity

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