Helga Sven: Her Mystery. And Her Fan. Podcast 21 – Reprise

Helga Sven: Her Mystery. And Her Fan. Podcast 21 – Reprise

The Rialto Report is on vacation this week, so we re-visit one of our most popular podcasts – the story of how we found what happened to Helga Sven, star of 1980s adult films and magazine layouts. We also spoke to a fan of hers who tracked her down and has his own unique story to tell.

Tales of mid-1980s video porn, the Vegas mob, Stalin’s Red Army, John Holmes, child abduction, Frank Sinatra, arson, attempted murder, and Candy Samples – all on this episode of The Rialto Report.

This episode running time is 78 minutes.

RR-Helga-04When older actresses started to appear in adult films in the 1980s, I always wondered: How does someone who has never appeared in front of a movie camera suddenly become a pornographic film star at a relatively late age?

I figured they were probably restless housewives looking for glamor and excitement, one last fling before the retirement community beckoned.

Or maybe they were prostitutes, looking to raise their value in the growing market for X-rated videos.

It had to one of the two, right? Boredom or business.

One actress who stood out was Helga Sven. She was a formidable looking blonde with an accent that was as heavy as her chest. She looked like a 50 year old Zsa Zsa Gabor and for a short time in the mid 1980s, she was all over the sex magazines of the era.

She was prolific in films too starring in 30 or so, such as Beyond Taboo (1984) as the incestuous mother, Thrill Street Blues (1985) where she plays a madame, and Anthony Spinelli’s Spectators (1984).

RR-Helga-03She appeared with industry veterans like John Holmes and Candy Samples, as well as the new breed of video stars like Traci Lords and Tom Byron.

Sometimes she showed up as Helga. Other times it was Ursula. Or Polly. Or Sabrina. In truth even people in the industry knew nothing about her.

She was well-liked however. Jerry Butler described her as a ‘real woman’ in his biography ‘Raw Talent’, saying that there were a lot of girls in this business, but very few women.

And then just as quickly as she appeared, in 1986 she disappeared again.

So where had she come from, and where had she gone?

As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who was wondering. A small but determined cult of Helga started to grow, sharing information about her and trying to work out who she was.

One fan in particular was keen to track her down. His name is Klaus, and this is his story too. He’s been a fan of Helga’s since the first time he set eyes on her in a magazine in a German porn shop in 1984.

And when I say a fan, I mean he’s a fan.


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Helga Sven

Helga Sven

Helga Sven

Helga Sven

Helga Sven

Helga Sven

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  1. Finn · July 16, 2017 Reply

    One of my favorite Rialto Report episodes ever. It was great to revisit it.

  2. Sam · July 16, 2017 Reply

    Classic story. This story gets me every time – but can we get an update on how the relationship ended ??

  3. Yan Manson · July 16, 2017 Reply

    I’d missed this one the first time so thanks for this.
    Another cracking story from THE place in cyberspace for golden age history. Unparalleled achievements.

    And hope you’re having happy holidays!

  4. PrefersSoftCore · July 18, 2017 Reply

    Any chance of doing an article on Monica Devon? She was supposedly in her Fifties when she started, yet was still extremely beautiful and demonstrated skilled acting ability in the only two performances I saw her in. She reminded me somewhat of Julie Adams. I’ve been wondering if it was another case like Helen Wood/Dolly Sharp where a talented performer finds herself out of a career and unemployable and she was forced to work in adult films just to make ends meet.

  5. Adrian · July 19, 2017 Reply

    Enjoying the reposts during your vacation, thanks, and enjoy your time away!

  6. Valentino 4 ever · July 19, 2017 Reply

    I found Helga Sven by accident, I was a Gina Valentino fan and bought a magazine that had a layout of Gina dressed as a nurse with an older blonde woman. Ebay seems to always have the Gina/Helga magazine for sale with different covers. I was like who is this older woman with Gina? she looks like the Lady from the Green Acres TV show. I then saw her in films and she seemed so classy and sophisticated. The scene with Gina was just a layout, I never saw it in film anywhere, it looks like an early layout from 1984

  7. Patrick · August 1, 2017 Reply

    I really love your interviews! The music choices are the best… they always set the era & mood. I do with you did more, like 2 a month. But hey everyone of these interviews are great. Suggestions for future interviews: Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Janine Lindemulder, Jeannie Pepper, Angel Kelly, Desiree West, Asa Akira, Tabitha Stevens, Houston, Mark Spiegler, Randy West, Ed Powers, Asia Carrera, Tera Patrick, Jeanna Fine…

  8. Jeff · September 14, 2017 Reply

    Honey Wilder article and/or podcast please.Speaking of German actresses my favorite was late-80s vixen Angela Baron.Her scene with Ona Zee and Robert Bullock is my all time favorite

  9. Jeff · September 14, 2017 Reply

    The scene with Angela Baron,Ona Zee and Robert Bullock is in the film “Partners In Sex”.Check it out on xhamster

  10. Clifford S Newell · May 29, 2022 Reply

    All of your reports are great, but this one on Helga was the best. She sounded so well. You just want the best for her. She has survived tragedy, turbulence and even a porn career. God bless her and keep her.

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