João Fernandes / Harry Flecks: Scrapbook of a Cinematographer

João Fernandes / Harry Flecks: Scrapbook of a Cinematographer

We recently featured cinemtographer João Fernandes‘ (aka Harry Flecks) first interview in 50 years. Due to the great response we had to it, we’re pleased to showcase a selection of rare and unseen photographs from his scrapbooks – covering a career that spanned 1960s New York sexploitation films, 1970s hard core movies, and finally Hollywood success in the 1980s and 1990s.

The above photograph shows João on the set of The Story of Joanna (1975).


João Fernandes (and Harry Flecks) at work


João Fernandes, Ron WertheimJoão, with friend Ron Wertheim (late 1960s)


João FernandesJoão, with Ron Wertheim (left) (late 1960s)


João FernandesJoão, with Don Walters (late 1960s)


João FernandesJoão, with Ron Wertheim


João FernandesJoão (early 1970s)


João FernandesGerard Damiano, Ron Wertheim, and João (1974)


João FernandesJoão, on the set of The Story of Joanna (1975)


João Fernandes, Armand WestonJoão, with Armand Weston (left)


Joao FernandesJoão, with Richard Pacheco (courtesy Gordon Archives)


João FernandesJoão takes his place in the ill-feted biplane, for The Comeback Trail shoot (1982) – listen to to the podcast for the full story


João FernandesThe remains of the biplane after the accident on The Comeback Trail shoot (1982)


João FernandesVictor Petrashevic cradles João’s head after the biplane accident


João FernandesJoão, at work in the Philippines


João FernandesJoão at the center of the action


João Fernandes, Harry HurwitzJoão, with the director who gave him his mainstream break, Joe Zito


João Fernandes


João Fernandes


João Fernandes, Chuck NorrisThe legendary action star. Posing with Chuck Norris in 1988.


João FernandesJoão, in the Philippines with producer (and brother of Chuck) Aaron Norris (1988)


João Fernandes, Dolph LundgrenJoão, with Dolph Lundgren on the set of Red Scorpion (1988)


João Fernandes


João Fernandes, Suzanne SomersJoão, with Suzanne Somers on the set of Seduced By Evil (1994)


Joao FernandesJoão, on the set of The Road to Galveston (1996) with Tess Harper and Piper Laurie


João Fernandes


João Fernandes, Charlton HestonThe talented, charismatic and unforgettable legend of the silver screen (posing here with Charlton Heston in 1998).


João FernandesJoão, on the set of Gideon (1998) – Shirley Jones, Charlton Heston, and Barbara Bain


Harry FlecksJoão Fernandes


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  1. Lurky McLurkson · January 31, 2016 Reply

    Great pics, particularly the sweltering Philippines shots.

  2. Elliot James · February 7, 2016 Reply

    Talent, like João’s, should be the reason to hire. Working in the adult industry should not be a factor.

  3. Xavier · February 15, 2016 Reply

    Just when you thought you’d reached heaven, the Rialto Report takes you to Nirvana!

  4. Roy Frumkes · February 18, 2016 Reply

    Lovely seeing those shots. I worked with Joao a few times. He was a low-key, very nice guy. Incidentally, THE COMEBACK TRAIL, which I wrote, was filmed in 1970/71. Since it took forever to come out (and at that, only briefly), the long delay probably resulted in Joao mis-remembering the shoot dates.

  5. Jay Maxwell Nichols · March 4, 2016 Reply

    Joao mentions “Expose Me Lovely” being inspired by a detective film that was shot entirely from the point of view of the detective. That film was called “The Lady In The Lake” with Robert Montgomery.

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