Sharon Mitchell – Her Interview Revisited: A Christmas Fundraiser

Sharon Mitchell – Her Interview Revisited: A Christmas Fundraiser

We recently heard that one of our all-time favorites, golden age actress Miss Sharon Mitchell, has recently been going through a very tough time.

The Rialto Report interviewed Mitch early in 2014 – and heard how she had struggled since the closure of her AIM organization a few years ago.

In recent years she’s lived in a rural area in the country outside of Los Angeles where she has struggled to find work. After several years of looking, Mitch finally found work with a nearby AIDS advisory service this summer, but shortly after she started work there she crashed her motorbike. She was badly hurt in the accident – and the bike was almost a complete write-off.

What made this even worse was that she needed the bike to commute to her job, and Sharon has not been able to afford the cost of the repairs so the bike remains with the repair shop.

Without the bike, Mitch will not be able to stay in work – and she badly needs the income to survive.

This holiday season we’ve joined up with the Golden Age Appreciation Fund to raise money for Mitch. Please visit the site and give whatever you can. It’s so important to Mitch that she can get back to work.

Thanks very much for all your help.

This podcast episode running time is 107 minutes.


  • Posted On: 6th December 2015
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. Corey · December 6, 2015 Reply

    Great interview! Thanks for posting!

  2. Frank F · December 6, 2015 Reply

    Made my contribution to the fund. Hoping that Sharon can turn this around, smooth sailing thereafter. I recall from Colleen Brennan’s podcast her remark that Golden Age porn stars are now holding benefits for each other. The down side of being in what was described as an “outlaw” business. No pension, no health benefits. If Adult film actors had been allowed to be in the Screen Actor’s Guild, they would have more options as they got older.

    Also, hoping that Kay Parker, George Payne and Robert Kerman are doing better.

    Best wishes to all of them on this Holiday season.

  3. Inkstained Wretch · December 10, 2015 Reply

    Donating was an easy call. So many found memories from watching her film appearances. It was the least I could in return.

  4. Brian Christgau · December 10, 2015 Reply

    Just made my modest contribution to the divine Ms. M. It saddens and, frankly, pisses me off seeing so many of these folks struggling when they obviously generated BILLIONS. Had you thought about maybe getting all these folks together for a classic porn star benefit convention? Just a thought!

  5. William · December 10, 2015 Reply

    Glad to make my small contribution to Dr. Mitch. Hope she has better luck in her future and Happy Holidays.

  6. WILLIAM MARGOLD · December 11, 2015 Reply

    Possibly combining the forces of PROTECTING ADULT WELFARE, XXXPORNSTARRADIO, EXXXOTICA, and of course, THE RIATLO REPORT, the seeds of a GOLDEN GODDESSES and PILLARS OF PASSION “Rendezvous” have been planted in the minds of those who might be able to make a massive “Fund”raising happen sometime in the middle of next year. I welcome any sincere interest to respond to But in words of my cosmic brother Jim Holliday, “lightweights. lunch buckets, and lingerers need not get in line.” Or to put, to as only I can. “Ante up…or shut up!”

    • Brian Christgau · December 14, 2015 Reply

      Bill, you living legend you, this would be AWESOME. I’m just a fan on the East Coast who probably couldn’t make the trip, but I know that Seka and Ginger Lynn have done well at the Chiller Theater horror convention that’s held out here twice a year. Honestly, I don’t know how much interest there would be in an actual Classic Porn Convention, but the results might be surprising. So many people in my age group (40 and up) have such fond memories of and real affection for the stars who were part of our adolescent sexual awakenings. The ultimate would be a three city tour of L.A., Chicago and NY. Hey, I can dream!

      • Brad · December 14, 2015 Reply

        I agree Brian. This is a grate idea. There are only two groups that are capable of making this happen – and they are The Rialto Report and Bill Margold. Between the two of you, you have changed the way the world perceives the adult film industry. You have humanized the people and treated them intelligently. Let’s make this happen!

    • G-Unit · December 14, 2015 Reply

      Good idea Bill. This should happen!

      Btw where are the adult film companies in all this? Has one donation been made by the likes of Alpha Blue, Vinegar Syndrome, Something Weird or Distribpix………? You’re the guys still making money from these people…..!!!! Come on – cough up!

    • Jeff King · December 14, 2015 Reply

      Bill Margold = Voice of Reason

      The Rialto = Voice of Quality

      Sign me up.

    • Kent Statham · December 28, 2015 Reply

      I’m with you Bill. Let’s do it. This has the power to make a true difference and you’ve picked the right forum to raise it. (And thanks for not mentioning the godawful DVD and streaming companies who have not ponied up any funds for the people they profit from). I’m in.

  7. Jens · December 20, 2015 Reply

    Thank you for this interview! I have always been fascinated about Sharon Mitchel, now I found out, that she is a highly inspiring person. I am deeply touched!

  8. David Foley · December 30, 2015 Reply

    A better idea than a simple “rendezvous” would be the Golden Age actors and actresses having a reunion and doing a 2 or 4 DVD (or better yet BluRay) video series remaking a number of classic match=ups (e.g., Peter North/Christy Canyon, Mike Ranger/Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger/Kay Parker, etc.) and ending with a huge orgy scene with all of the attendees.

    GILF videos are big and there is a market for comeback videos regardless of age or body shape (e.g., Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn). Hell, Hershel Savage looks better today than when he was in his 30s. Give the guys any Viagra they need and let the shooting begin. Make it clear that this is a one-time-only event. The novelty alone will generate a ton of PR and a lot of older viewers (with money at this stage of their lives) would pay $99 for this multi-disc product. All profits could go to a Golden Age retirement/assistance fund, and the royalty stream would keep replenishing the income over the years.

  9. bobby aben · January 1, 2016 Reply

    Sharon… so sorry to hear about your misfortune… I want to say if you ever need someone to lend an ear, I’m here for you…. all my best…

    Bobby Aben

  10. Rock Hard and Throbbing · November 9, 2017 Reply

    What a wonderful beautiful punk rock porno princess! Piss be upon the rats that shut out AIM and the P.O.S. who harmed her while claiming to be a fan.

  11. Joe McDonnell · December 25, 2017 Reply

    I’ve listened to this interview twice. It’s so intense and heartfelt. Since this interview, has anyone reached to her recently to see what’s she’s up to. Is she working anywhere? Is she writing her life story?

  12. Leej · November 6, 2023 Reply

    Another great podcast. 11/23 now any updates…any books?
    I hope all is well for you Sharon Mitchell.

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