Robert Kerman fundraiser

Robert Kerman fundraiser

In late 2013, Mark and Miranda Murray heard that actor Robert Kerman, star of Cannibal Holocaust and countless adult films, and his cat Socrates were suffering from ill-health. To make matters worse, health costs for Socrates were mounting leaving Robert in debt.

So Mark and Miranda sent out an appeal to Facebook friends and soon collected $1,500 – which they asked The Rialto Report to present to Robert. We were honored to do this, and visited Robert last night at his apartment.


Mark and Miranda are the rare example of people who act immediately when they see someone who needs help. Without their drive and energy, this fundraiser would never have been started. Our thanks go to them both.

Robert was moved beyond words when he received the check and the messages of goodwill from everyone, repeating that he couldn’t believe anyone would still remember him. He even cracked open a bottle of ‘Bolla’ wine to celebrate.

And deep gratitude to the following fine, fine people for their generous contributions to this worthwhile cause. Get well soon, Robert and Socrates!

Robert Kerman, Cannibal HolocaustAdrianna Clift
Adriano Di Gaspero
Alfred Guy
April Hall
Ashley West
Barbara Nitke
Brian Lueth
Chris Eggert
Chris Hutcheson
Chris King
Christoph Wirsching
Damin Toell
Dave Kosanke
David Beynon
David Walter
Dawne Brown
Cannibal HolocaustDean Brandum
Duncan Bruce
Ellen Shirtcliffe
Elmar Podlasly
Erica Sweeney
Frank E. Fernandez
Gary Mollica
George Barry
Gino Balestra
Gloria Leonard
James Rodriguez
Jan Rune Bruun
Jared Auner
Jared Martin
Jason Stout
R. Bolla, Robert Kerman, Cannibal HolocaustJesse Richards
Jill Nelson
John Magner
Jonathan Canady
Jose Verschaffel
Joycelyn J Poon
JW Fleming
Laura Marks
Lindsey Pruitt
Louis Rusconi
Mark and Miranda Murray
Marseida Shqarri
R. Bolla, Robert Kerman, Cannibal HolocaustMarvin Pittman
Michael Boeckelmann
Michael Fuchs
Michael Hammel
Michael Hojjatie
Mike Baronas
Mitch Davis
Mr. and Mrs. ‘Richard Pacheco’
Naomi Holwill
Pamela Hazelton
Patrick Lutts
Phil Lancaster
Rami Airola
Richard Doyle
Robert Allan
R. Bolla, Robert Kerman, Cannibal HolocaustRobert Janis
Robin Bougie
Russell Rutter
Ryan Clark
Sacha Colgate
Shane Brown
Shawn Lewis / Rotten Cotton
Steven Morowitz / Distribpix
Whitney Weston
Zachary Najarian-Najafi


R. Bolla, Robert Kerman, Cannibal Holocaust

  • Posted On: 17th January 2014
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. George Pacheco · January 17, 2014 Reply

    Such a great story, and here’s wishing a speedy recovery to both Robert and Socrates! We do indeed remember, and appreciate you!

  2. David beynon · January 17, 2014 Reply

    Thank you and good healh Robert , from. Fellow cult movie person (write,shoot,direct), plus type 2 diabetes. Stay healthy, dave beynon, wales.

  3. Frank F · January 17, 2014 Reply

    Best wishes to Mr. Kerman and Socrates. Ashley, please keep us posted.

  4. Damin Toell · January 17, 2014 Reply

    I was glad to help, and I’m delighted that I now have proof that Robert got the money that we all gave. I’ve met Robert twice, and he is incredibly friendly and generous, so I’m more than happy to give back.

  5. Roy G Biv · January 20, 2014 Reply

    best wishes to robert and socrates, and all of the generous folks out there!

    i have 4 cats, so i know what us pet lovers know: they are loved as one of the family. and having been in a couple of financial pinches when one of them became ill (my oldest cat has diabetes, for nearly 4 years now, with intermittent complications), i know what a helpless and heartbreaking feeling it can be.

  6. Get Well · January 23, 2014 Reply

    Robert Kerman was probably the greatest character actor the porn industry has ever seen, he really was a mainstream actor who just happened to do porn. There really was no role he couldn’t handle, in fact I wonder if he ever got bored with those thin porn scripts that weren’t much of an acting challenge to him?
    He was old enough to be their father’s but Robert got to have sex with some of the hottest porn stars of the 80’s, Angel, Janey Robbins, the beautiful Crystal Breeze, Tiffany Clark, Sherie St Clair, Kimberly Carson. And who can forget his scorching scene with everyone’s favorite cheerleader Bambie Woods in Debbie Does Dallas.
    He also performed quite a bit with Amber Lynn who still makes films today at almost 50 years old and still looks incredible. Get well soon

  7. Right is Right · January 23, 2014 Reply

    It is too bad that the porn stars from the 70’s and 80’s don’t receive residual payments on all the DVD’s that they appeared in that still sell well today. Vanessa Del Rio would be rich! she has not done a film since 1986 and they just keep coming out with new compilation DVD’s with her.

  8. Hank Rose · February 6, 2014 Reply

    Let’s hope for the best for him and his kitty. Fave scene with R. Bolla was with Merle Michaels in a loop. Would someone kindly ask Robert’s part time caregiver James Sullivan to call me? I miss his entertaining porn history rants.

  9. Archie Rand · June 18, 2014 Reply

    I haven’t seen Bobby since high school and have never seen his films (aside from that part in Goodbye Girl) but (I’m a painter – having had my work censored and put on trial 3 times and working with unapproved subject matter) I am fully aware of the effect that an artist’s aesthetic choices can have on the continued perception of his/her work. In high school Bobby and I were close and empathetic. Even then it was evident that he was a dedicated actor. I am aware that he has the respect of the industry and I am proud to have been his friend so long ago. I will always have great affection for him and wish him all the best. How do I contribute? Thank you

  10. Pierre Antoine · January 15, 2015 Reply

    Hello !
    Have you any address to contact Robert Kerman please ? 🙁

  11. Kitty Ann · July 3, 2016 Reply

    I was one of the late 70’s and early 80’s ladies he was in almost all of my films, thanks to the big heart of him taking me along with him to auditions and introduced me to is agent a the time. the repertory of porn stars where just like family back them. If someone needed help with rent or someone was sick and missed shoots, we where there for each other. I would like to get a complete catalog of my work { PLAY}. it it difficult to find them. My appeared as Colleen Anderson, Heather Young and Lemmon Yellow. I thought at the time that using so many names and not trying to become a star as many had hope, that it was going to be all gone and one one would even hear of them. I was struck with a big dose of reality. The computer age had screwed me and didn’t even get paid. If any one sees Richard B. Please tell him I said Hello! We met on the set of {Acting Out} at an upstate mansion with a large budget for the time. He was a real true best friend and a gentleman also a great actor in any jaundra.

    • The Rialto Report · July 7, 2016 Reply

      Thanks so much Kitty Ann. We’ve passed you good wishes onto Robert and have also sent you an email as we’d love to talk!

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