10k Bullets interview with Ashley West

10k Bullets interview with Ashley West

An interview with Ashley West of The Rialto Report is on the film website 10k Bullets.


For those of you who may be curious about the genesis of The Rialto Report – how it came about, what we’re interested in – Ashley West was recently interviewed by the fine folks at one of our favorite websites, the excellent 10k Bullets.

You can read the Rialto Report piece here.

10k Bullets has been around for almost ten years, and has always been one of our main sources for information on interesting films that are overlooked by other sites.

10k Bullets

George Pacheco and 10k Bullets

We’re also longtime fans of the author of the interview, George Pacheco, and his excellent essays on Italian genre films, which can be found at Italian Film Review.

Check out more of his great writing at his page at the Examiner.com

10kbullets was created because other genre sites where not covering a diverse enough selection of titles and also because too many films were not being reviewed and overlooked. The site was officially launched on April 1st, 2004 and since the beginning their main goal as a website was to give the reader information to expand their knowledge about the films and the people who made them through reviews, bios and features.

Marlene WilloughbyMarlene Willoughby from a January 1981 photo set

  • Posted On: 23rd November 2013
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. George Pacheco · November 23, 2013 Reply

    Thanks to you, Ashley! Cheers!

  2. April Hall · November 24, 2013 Reply

    Great interview George and Ashley. And wonderful pictures of Marlene!

  3. Andy Holmes · November 24, 2013 Reply

    Good to hear about the birth of the finest podcast out there – cool.

  4. Joe 45 · November 24, 2013 Reply

    LOVE the Marlene pictures! Where are they from?

    And now, how about a podcast with Marlene herself? What a goddess…

  5. George Pacheco · November 25, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the kind words, April and Andy! Cheers!

  6. Scott H. · November 25, 2013 Reply

    Excellent interview w/ Ashley. I’m very appreciative of the effort that goes into it all. Much like the interviews of the Golden Age performers here, it is also nice to have a greater understanding of Ashley’s interests and motivation. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jim S · December 31, 2013 Reply

    Very cool interview. Like you, I love movies in general. Some of them just happen to be porn. Porn of a particular vintage, since if you looked at my very small collection (maybe 20 titles), all but one was produced in the 70’s or early 80’s.

    My three favorite performers are Georgina Spelvin, Veronica Hart and Richard Pacheco. As I once tweeted to Howie/Richard, I’m one of those loons who fast forwards through the sex to get to the story and acting. This triumvirate (sp?) of talent never let me down. In fact, Georgina and Richard’s performances in “The Dancers” transcend the genre. She, in particular, breaks your heart.

    I was lucky enough to meet Jane/Veronica at the Erotic Heritage Museum two Decembers ago and she was everything I’d hoped she’d be and more–sweet, charming, chatty, funny and altogether adorable. I hope you do a podcast with her soon–she gives great interview.

  8. Philip Cramer · October 31, 2021 Reply

    I love the Marlene photo. She’s always been one of my favorite actors. Thanks for all the work you do. Sincerely Philip

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