‘Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer’ – New TV Series

‘Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer’ – New TV Series

We’re pleased to announce that The Rialto Report are onboard as Consultant Producers of a new television series – Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer – premiering on Netflix on Wednesday 29th December at 12am PST.

The series will be available to watch here.


Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger returns to direct season two of Crime Scene, the acclaimed Netflix documentary series that unpacks the ways in which certain locations aid and abet criminal activity.

Season two begins as firemen respond to a call at a seedy hotel in the middle of Times Square in December 1979. What they discover among the smoke and ash shocks even the most seasoned NYC homicide detectives, triggering a hunt for a vicious serial killer who preyed upon sex workers operating within Times Square’s then-booming, anything-goes sex industry.

The three-part series takes viewers deep into the investigation, detailing the social and systemic forces at play in a near-lawless area that allowed multiple horrific crimes to go unnoticed for too long. A wide range of subjects are profiled to bring the era to life, from Times Square denizens to beat cops to the daughter of New York’s self-proclaimed porno king. With exclusive access to Jennifer Weiss, the daughter of one of the victims, the series also underscores her efforts to identify others who have remained Jane Does, lost to an infamous, long-gone time and place.


  • Posted On: 22nd December 2021
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Steve Bailey · December 22, 2021 Reply

    I’m not always interested in true crime stories, but if you people at the Rialto Report are behind this, then I’m in!

    Great to see you expanding your world in books, and now TV.

  2. Aston · December 22, 2021 Reply

    Judging by the mountains of press around this new show, and the fact that you’re on Netflix 🙂 congratulations are in order! I have followed you from the beginning and am pleased to see you moving into the big time! Ha!
    I look forward to the next chapter of the Rialto success story – and genuinely good people involved too 😉 Looking forward to this!

  3. Lil Tony · December 22, 2021 Reply

    I love the Deuce and was grateful for you involvement, and now am pysched about this. Good job…

  4. Jay · December 22, 2021 Reply

    I love true crime so was looking forward to seeing this even before i knew of your involvement. Congrats

  5. Larry P. · December 22, 2021 Reply


    And maybe Martin Smith can send you his crappy Pleasure Aims pictures for the show…. (sorry I couldn’t resist, Martin 😉

  6. Marco Rodriguez · January 22, 2022 Reply

    I have just watched the entire documentary, How incredible is that story (forgotten for many years). The description of all the enviroment that docu show us of the deuce, tell me the value information that the production received. Great Great Job !!!

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