Happy Summer: Desiree Cousteau – ‘Deep Rub’ (1979) event

Happy Summer: Desiree Cousteau – ‘Deep Rub’ (1979) event

The Rialto Report takes a few weeks off for summer vacation – and to assist on the upcoming HBO show, The Deuce.

We’ll be back soon with more podcasts, investigative writing, and photographic features.

In the meantime, we’re sharing a selection of unpublished pictures from 1979 of Desiree Cousteau at a signing event following the release of Deep Rub.


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


Desiree CousteauDian Hanson (left) with Desiree Cousteau


Desiree Cousteau


  • Posted On: 17th July 2016
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. Charles Tatum · July 17, 2016 Reply

    Have a great working vacation!

  2. K. VK. · July 17, 2016 Reply

    I don’t know how I’ll cope without the regular Rialto post on Sunday. Come back soon….!!!

  3. Phil Jones · July 17, 2016 Reply

    Happy summer back to you and I’m looking forward to what you have in store when you’re back.

  4. Anon · July 17, 2016 Reply

    Time for a Desiree podcast………?!??!?!?! That would brreak the internet.

    Bring it on. Desiree is the most fascinating figure from the era, and if anyone can, The Riatlo can.

    • Marc · February 1, 2021 Reply

      Yes! Desiree is my number one favorite! So beautiful and sweet. I’ve always wondered what happened to the woman who had so many fans and such a wonderful screen presence.

  5. Jeremy Richey · July 17, 2016 Reply

    FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for sharing and have a great vacation with The Deuce!!!

  6. Rich Pancoast · July 17, 2016 Reply

    Locate some of these stars!…..The interviews are fun to listen to!

  7. Rich Pancoast · July 17, 2016 Reply

    Whatever happened to Kari Foxx?

    • Toner · July 19, 2016 Reply

      Loved Kari Foxx! I was always bummed that Kari never did a scene with John Holmes or Field Marshal Bradley. Didn’t Kari marry her real life boyfriend porn star Troy Tanner? I think the brunettes of the mid 80’s were the best, Kari Foxx, Crystal Breeze and Melissa Melendez

  8. Mondo Kane · July 19, 2016 Reply

    Bummer. I was so looking forward to hearing Tiffany Clark here real soon.


  9. JJ · July 20, 2016 Reply

    I love these kinds of pictures! I’m surprised they are in black and white. I wonder whether there is any film footage of this event.

    By the way, who did you get these pictures from?

  10. Jim Stevens · July 31, 2016 Reply

    While I’m secretly hoping that you’re back today, I hope that you’re enjoying your break as well as helping “Deuce” be as authentic and true to the period as possible.

    As some others are suggesting topics, may I do so as well? I was rewatching “Roommates” the other night and as we await the Distribpix special edition that’s been promised for years (2010 interview footage with Veronica Hart and Kelly Nichols that I assume was filmed as part of the package is still on YouTube), I was hoping you might look into doing an episode on the film…or Chuck Vincent’s career as a whole.

    You’ve had both Veronica/Jane and Jerry Butler as interview subjects and given her participation in the 2014 NYC screening I went to, I don’t think it would that difficult to get Kelly Nichols involved. Samantha Fox might be more of a stretch, but what a score that would be! Larry Revene, Rick Marx and Eddie Heath all were at the screening too; Eddie especially was quite the chatterbox.

    I know I’d be interested, as the movie tried to bridge adult and mainstream, to hear from those involved about its making, its impact, etc etc.

    • April Hall · August 2, 2016 Reply

      Thanks for the suggestion Jim!

    • Tony Petrillo · August 4, 2016 Reply

      It’s a great suggestion and you guys at the Rialto are the ones who would do it best. I’m not holding my breath on the special edition version of Roommates (the interviews were done 5 years ago!), or the special version of Maraschino Cherry (the commentary with Radley Metzger was supposedly done 6 years ago!) Who knows what’s going on there…. Thankfully this site is the true home for detailed coverage of the golden era and I hope that you’ll return home from vacation soon and continue the excellence.

  11. Elliot James · August 7, 2016 Reply

    How is Desiree today?

    Dian Hanson photos are extremely rare. She always covered her face with her hair in Leg Show editorial photos.

    • The Rialto Report · August 7, 2016 Reply

      Desiree is doing well, is happy, and enjoys a successful life today.

      We speak to her from time to time, and have not given up hope that she will one day consent to a full Rialto Report interview.

      • Bruce Barnard · September 17, 2016 Reply

        That’s so great to hear.

        You’re doing some fantastic work here. You should be very proud.

  12. Jim Stevens · August 7, 2016 Reply

    Wow, there are some stories out there that say exactly the opposite, so good to hear she’d doing well.

    As for a special edition of “Roommates,” I remember reading an interview with Steven Morowitz in which he said that at the time, the Henry Paris titles were taking precedence over everything else, even though “Roommates” and other titles had been remastered. Now he’s involved a sister company to Distribpix that just released a multi-disc edition of the cult 70’s movie “Blue Sunshine” and that seems to be his priority at the moment.

    Still hoping it sees the light of day.

  13. Darren · April 26, 2021 Reply

    Any update on the possibility of a full Rialto Report interview with Desiree Cousteau? If it occurred it would be fantastic. She was my favourite star in my younger days. She had such a great body and was a great actress, playing the roles she was given to perfection.

    Please keep trying to obtain an interview with her.

    Thank you

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