The Rialto Report honored at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco

The Rialto Report honored at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco

School’s out for Summer.

It’s end of semester for The Rialto Report, and as we head into a short break we were privileged to receive honorary Doctor of Arts degrees this past week from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

The Institute was started by and continues under the operation of Ted McIlvenna, a pioneer for sexual rights and education and head of one of the world’s largest collections of erotic and pornographic art and materials. The Institute has many notable graduates including the women of Club 90 (Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Candida Royalle, Veronica Hart and Gloria Leonard), Sharon Mitchell, Carol Queen and Betty Dodson.

To mark the occasion, we gave a presentation titled ‘Aural Sex: Preserving personal histories from the early golden age of adult film‘ as part of the Wardell B. Pomeroy Lecture Series. This talk was followed by a party at the Institute, attended by a number of friends of The Rialto Report including C.J. Laing, Richard Pacheco, Serena, George McDonald, Ken Scudder, Paul Johnson, Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk. Here are some photos from the celebration we hope you enjoy.

We’re off on vacation for a few weeks before returning with many more new podcasts, interviews, profiles and archival collections to share.

Happy holidays.


Photos from the after party at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

C.J. LaingC.J. Laing


C.J. LaingC.J. Laing


The Institute For Advanced Study of Human SexualityPhotographer Paul Johnson meets former actor and model Ken Scudder for the first time in 35 years


Institute for Advanced Study of Human SexualityPaul Johnson and Ken Scudder


Institute for Advanced Study of Human SexualityLuc Wylder and Alexandra Silk


Institute for Advanced Study of Human SexualityApril Hall, Super Rescue Dog Zen, Luc Wylder, Alexandra Silk


SerenaApril Hall and Serena


SerenaApril Hall and Serena


George MacDonaldRichard Pacheco and George McDonald from Behind the Green Door (1972)


Institute for Advanced Study of Human SexualityKen Scudder and Richard Pacheco


C.J. LaingC.J. Laing and Richard Pacheco


Institute for Advanced Study of Human SexualitySerena and Ted McIlvenna


Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality Ted McIlvenna, founder of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality


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  1. Paul Stewart · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations on the degree – no one has done more to elevate the history of the industry than you guys. Before you, we had bloggers and film reviewers – regurgitating old information.

    Thanks and hurry back to producing more great content!

  2. Bill Kelly · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Richly deserved. Congratulations.

    (And does CJ Laing get any older…?!)

  3. Jackie · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Great to see George McDonald and Ken Scudder – two real pioneers from the early days of San Francisco adult film! I hope you have interviews / podcasts lined up with them..!

  4. Scott H. · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Congrats guys. I am very happy for you. I was so glad when the RR launched and I could enjoy it all right from the beginning. It’s been a fun ride since then and I’ve enjoyed all of your work.

    All the best,


  5. Mike Adamson · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Congrats on the honourary doc! Enjoy your break.

  6. Richard · June 28, 2015 Reply

    Congrats on the honor. C.J. is still gorgeous!

    • Jackie · June 28, 2015 Reply

      Agreed – come on CJ, where’s your Rialto Report interview… we can’t wait to hear your voice and your story. The world awaits!!

      • Luke Reilly · June 28, 2015 Reply

        congrats on the award and it looks like it was a fun time for all. C.J Laing gets even better looking with age omg

  7. Bruce Jacobsen · June 28, 2015 Reply

    I agree with the comments – with an added request for a CJ Laing podcast… She is out of this world.

  8. Neil J · June 29, 2015 Reply

    Many congratulations. Will Doctor Rialto be making house calls…?

  9. Ron S · June 29, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations to the Rialto Report for the well-deserved recognition! What you do is important, preserving oral histories of a unique period that would otherwise be lost forever.

    I would very much like to read a transcript of your presentation to the conference. Will you post it?

    • The Rialto Report · June 29, 2015 Reply

      Unfortunately we don’t have a transcript – but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise as the presentation was four hours long!

  10. NYCrex · June 29, 2015 Reply

    Congrats to Ashley, April and the rest of the RR gang who have done such a bang-up job this past year. You have earned a well-deserved break and we all look forward to a new season of brilliant podcasts. Might we get some cliffhanging teasers of what to expect? Thanks!

    • The Rialto Report · July 4, 2015 Reply

      We can’t say exactly what’s coming up – don’t want to jinx it – but there are several things we’re really excited to share. Stay tuned!

  11. Sue Nero · June 29, 2015 Reply

    What a nice honor bestowed upon you. I wish I could have been there. I got my start in San Francisco in 1979…my first girl/girl with Serena for Swedish Erotica. I never forgot her beauty and think she is still just as stunning from the pictures. What a nice surprise to see Ken’s face again. I worked on many a loop with him between SF and LA and I think he has aged beautifully…please tell all the ladies of Club 90, since I was also a member, that I send my love, hugs and kisses to them all. I never had the pleasure of meeting CJ, unfortunately, but was and am….a huge fan of her willowy beauty. Howie Gordon……you look great too. I miss these days very much and will always think of them fondly…..

    All my love,

    • Al Tucker · June 29, 2015 Reply

      Wait – THE Sue Nero…!?!

      Welcome Sue! Great that you shared your memories with us – it is awesome to have you contribute to this incredible website. I didn’t realize that you started in San Francisco as I always think of you as being one of the most New York of all New York stars.

      And if you ever want to be interviewed by anyone, Rialto is the only place to do it…!

    • Carl Langley · June 29, 2015 Reply

      Sue Nero in the house! Welcome to one of the greats!

    • Luke reilly · June 29, 2015 Reply

      Hi Sue really nice of your to make a post. Maybe one day you will be on a Rialto report interview.

    • JJ · June 30, 2015 Reply

      Another WOW!

      What a surprise to see you, Sue Nero, in the comments section! It’s funny. A couple of months back, I was checking out your work on IAFD and suddenly here you are!

    • Cathy Gigante-Brown · July 1, 2015 Reply

      Sue, so beautifully put. I have many good memories of meeting you in NY on various shoots. Glad you are well! I was Cathy Tavel/Ariel Hart back in the day.

    • Sue Nero · July 1, 2015 Reply

      Wow….I am very pleased you posted my comments and I have to say… feels very nice to actually be remembered. I guess a lot of folks may not have realized that I got my start in San Francisco since I was such in fixture in the NY scene by the mid 80’s. I was living in San Francisco for almost 3 years before moving to NYC. If I ever were to do an interview at this stage in my life… would only be for Ashley and April. I have a lot of story to tell but am not sure I should at this point especially because of my new career in heathcare and with children. Its just very nice to be remembered and at least people will know that I survived and changed my whole life.

      • Camille J. · July 1, 2015 Reply

        So good to hear that you are alive and kicking Sue! I’d heard rumors over the years but never wanted to believe them, so it is gratifying to know that you’re a survivor. Hope you can be persuaded to share your memories some day.

      • JJ · July 2, 2015 Reply

        Thanks for coming back and replying, Sue Nero.

        It would also be great if you were on social media. Many of your peers from porn are there.

      • Marco Signorelli · July 2, 2015 Reply

        Hi Sue!

        I’m a big fan from Italy! I want you to know how much I have admired you and your films for a long time. You are a enormous star so if you ever want to interview with Rialto, all your fans will celebrate!


      • fred · July 12, 2015 Reply

        Dear Sue,

        You were and ARE a wonderful, gracious, woman, with the most beautiful soul on the planet.

        You have a great history to share with all those who recall your contributions.

        All My Love,


    • Veronica Vera · July 7, 2015 Reply

      Susie!!!!! Where are you? Hope you are well and happy. I’d love to reconnect as would all of your Club 90 sisters. Our Club 90 performance “Deep Inside Porn Stars” of which you were such an integral and delightful part is now in the Franklin Furnace art archives preserved for posterity. Please contact me through my website e-addy above or any of the addresses on the sitem love, Veronica.

    • Sean Elliot · September 18, 2017 Reply

      Hi Sue,
      Don’t know if you remember me. We used to hang out at Bernard’s . We worked together a few times . I remember a scene we did on Henri Pacard’s . Widespread scandals of Lydia Lace. Was fun, a lot of laughs as it was filmed in a
      club and shit was going on everywhere :). We did a three way scene with Lisa Cintrice

  12. JJ · June 30, 2015 Reply

    Wow! I didn’t expect to see Ken Scudder and George S. McDonald there. It’s great to know that George is still here with us. I thought we wouldn’t hear from him especially because his last porn work was released in 1975.

    I wonder how you guys at the Rialto tracked them down.

    • The Rialto Report · July 4, 2015 Reply

      We are fortunate to have a great research team at the Rialto Report!

      • JJ · July 4, 2015 Reply

        I(and I’m sure that others do too) would love to know a little bit about that! Not that I’m planning to go porn star hunting but I’m just really curious about it. I’m especially curious about how you guys got in touch with Jennifer Welles. Seeing her featured here was so unexpected.

    • mick · July 20, 2015 Reply

      the funniest and perhaps greatest line in porn history goes to Ken Scudder (Cotton) in Baby Rosemary:

      “I’m going sit here and drink me beer, maybe when I’ve had enough, I’m going to piss it all up your nose, you fing cu–“

  13. Louie Max · July 1, 2015 Reply

    SERENA!!!!!!! – looks amazing!!! KUDOS TO ALL!

  14. Cathy Gigante-Brown · July 1, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations on the much-deserved honor! Your work important, heartfelt and of the highest quality.

  15. Serena · July 1, 2015 Reply

    I had FUN at the IASHS and lots and lots of great food at the party. Congrats to April & Ashley, they are THE BEST. Thank you both for all you do. And to Sue Nero — keep JOY in your life, Darling!

  16. Carrie · July 1, 2015 Reply

    I have always been a big fan of Serena — I loved her Rialto Report interview, and it is great to see her lovely face in these pictures!

  17. Lurky McLurkson · July 2, 2015 Reply


  18. Tad · July 5, 2015 Reply

    Ken Scudder like his fellow San Francisco based porn star King Paul never got the credit he deserved. Ken was in all the films from that era and did great scenes with all the Frisco talent, especially Desiree West. Ken had acting chops too! who could forget Ken as the blind piano player in the Classic EASY and the amazing sex scene he had with the sensational Jesie St James. It’s too bad Jesie was not at this event, I hope she is still well

  19. Veronica Vera · July 7, 2015 Reply

    Big Congratulations Ashley and April! This recognition is so well-deserved. Dr. Ted is a true visionary and he knows how to leave behind a grand legacy. Thank you for all you do to preserve our history. The interview I did with the Rialto Report is my favorite of all time. I’m so pleased to just now been re-connected to Sue Nero. What a treat. The photos from SF are wonderful. I look forward to getting together for a full report. Your forever fan.

    • The Rialto Report · July 11, 2015 Reply

      Thank you so much VV – it’s people like you that make it all possible!

  20. George McDonald · July 10, 2015 Reply

    Keeriste…I look like Popeye in that photo! Great meeting you in person. Thanks for the invite. PS: I love the comment: “Glad he’s still with us.” Me too.

    • Pat Wright · July 10, 2015 Reply

      Not true George! For one of the pioneers – who was there before almost EVERYONE else – you look amazingly good. Great to have to part of this utterly brilliant corner of cyberspace.

    • The Rialto Report · July 10, 2015 Reply

      And for all the people who have written to us asking for more George – stay tuned. We have some George McDonald goodies coming up very soon…

  21. Mick · July 18, 2015 Reply

    I am please amazed that Ken Scudder is alive, well and quite successful. He was classic in Baby Rosemary (1976) with John leslie (a good dude, died too soon), Leslie Bovee, and Sharon Throrpe. In fact, he became a cult hero at the University of Maryland in the early 1980’s all over Frat Row.

  22. Steven Millan · March 31, 2016 Reply

    Nice to see that several of these old time porn stars are still alive and well. Both C.J. Laing and Serena still look really good,as well.

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