25 Films from 1973: Film Reviews

25 Films from 1973: Film Reviews

Continuing our year-by-year overview of the development of the adult film industry through lor_’s adult film reviews, this week we focus on 1973 – the year after ‘Deep Throat’ was released.

lor_’s been submitting reviews to IMDb since 2001, they’re opinionated and controversial, and we’re happy to showcase them here. Please send us your thoughts, reactions and comments via the relevant page for each film.


The film reviews can be found here (or by clicking on the Film Reviews link on the left menu), and this time include the following:

The Sexualist: A Voyage to the World of Forbidden Love (directed by Kemal Horulu)
Is There Sex After Marriage (directed by Richard Robinson)
Sleepy Head (directed by Joe Sarno)
Cousin Pauline (directed by John Salvat)
Guess Who’s Coming (directed by Shaun Costello)
Sex Psychiatrist
Sweet Sexteen
(directed by Shaun Costello)
The Wayward Mistress
More Than A Voyeur
(directed by Chrstine de Nueve)
The Love Witch (directed by Mort Shore)
Sexual Freedom in the Ozarks (directed by Shaun Costello)
Six Times Ingrid  (directed by Paul K. Grunde)
Whatever Happened to Miss September? (directed by Jerry Denby)
Tina Makes a Deal (directed by Shaun Costello)
Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (directed by Antony Weber)
AWOL (directed by Anthony Spinelli)
Campus Girls (directed by Richard A’Antoni)
Maxines’ Dating Service (directed by Shaun Costello)
Heterosexualis (directed by John Hayes)
The Winning Stroke (directed by Simon L. Egree)
Bedroom Bedlam
(directed by Peter Savage)
Sex Weirdo (directed by (Nick Millard)
Teachers and Cream (directed by Shaun Costello)
Curious Women

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  1. Mimmo Rossi · June 7, 2015 Reply

    I live this collection of reviews – a valuable and fascinating trip through the years. I especially appreciate all the stills and one sheets. This is an excellent resource. Thanks.

  2. Jimmy · June 7, 2015 Reply

    Some interesting comparisons between the east and west coast films at this stage in the industry history.

    New York seemed to be trying harder to make interesting films at this stage?

    • Chris · March 10, 2023 Reply

      Sleepy Head has one of the best lesbian seduction scenes ever. Spelvin and Hamilton are very naughty together and I like the lack of music. There’s nothing but females breathing heavy. Yummy.

  3. Luke · June 8, 2015 Reply

    Another great segment offered by the Rialto report, and you got to love the Tina Russell photo in the miss September movie poster. Priceless

  4. Luke · June 8, 2015 Reply

    Another great segment by the good people at trr and you have to love the Tina Russell pic I. The miss September movie ad. Priceless.

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