Kay Parker Fundraiser: A Thank You

Kay Parker Fundraiser: A Thank You

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to the Kay Parker fundraiser over the last month. Thanks to your generous gifts, we have raised almost $3,000!

This is a wonderful achievement, and we are extremely grateful to you all for your kindness.

Kay has been deeply moved by your gifts, and sent us all the following message:

To all my dear friends who contributed to this amazing gift, I thank you most sincerely! I am deeply moved by the support and compassion I feel. Many people have experienced hardship of late so I know I’m not alone. I’ve used this time to really acknowledge some very old and suppressed emotions and “heartbreak” and I urge everyone to do likewise. It’s so important to our health to do so. I am humbled and so very grateful, thank you again.

Blessings and love and a very happy new year,


For more details, please visit the Golden Age Appreciation Fund.


About the Kay Parker Fundraiser

The Golden Age Appreciation Fund kicks off with a fundraiser for Golden Age royalty, Kay Parker through January 9, 2015.

Kay Parker is one of the true legends of adult cinema. In a career that started in 1977 and spanned over a decade, she became one of the industry’s most recognizable and best-loved figures. Since her retirement, Kay has dedicated herself to the welfare of others, working as a freelance New Age metaphysical counselor and writing a book about her spiritual experiences.

Kay turned 70 in 2014, and in recent times Kay has unfortunately experienced severe financial difficulties which have forced her out of her home. A few months ago she was forced to move out of her apartment and has effectively been homeless since then, relying on the kindness of friends for a place to stay. She would love to move into a place of her own, but has struggled to collect enough money for a down payment to cover the first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit. Due to the low-paying nature of her work, she has little hope of coming up with this herself.

This stressful situation is also taking a toll on her personal well-being, as Kay herself admits: “I’m so frustrated and saddened after everything I have done in my life; this is not where I’d expected to be at this stage.”


About The Fund

After the success of a late 2013 fundraiser organized by Mark and Miranda Murray to assist actor Robert Kerman (aka R. Bolla) with expenses related to health issues of himself and his beloved cat, the idea was born to continue to help participants from the ‘Golden Age’ of adult films (1968-1988) in their time of need.

In December 2014, The Golden Age Appreciation Fund was launched by a trio of fans/historians with the sole purpose of giving back

Currently we plan to do 2-3 fundraisers a year so we can maximize the needs of each fundraising effort and to not over saturate the need for donations.  To stay informed we ask that you please be sure to sign up for our emailing list on the right and join our Facebook page as well.

The Golden Age Appreciation Fund founders donate their own time, resources and monies, receiving no compensation whatsoever and greatly appreciate your help and support.


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  1. Lynn George · January 10, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations to all concerned – this is a very healthy total to raise! Good luck with your new apartment Kay!

  2. Baxter Jones · January 10, 2015 Reply

    Great start to the year. Now I’m looking forward to your next indispensable podcasts and blog posts – you are writing history. Please don’t stop!

  3. DJ · January 10, 2015 Reply

    I love Kay and i love the Rialto Report.

    Here’s to a information filled year. What’s next? And how about something with Ute Erickson or Linda Boyce? I’d also love to see an article about Sharon Thorpe!

  4. James Rios · January 10, 2015 Reply

    Pleased to hear that Kay has been given a good start to the year.

    P.S. Another vote for Sharon Thorpe from me. I’d love to hear about her career. I heard that she was a feminist who went to an Ivy League school. A Rialto interview with her would be a rare treat.

  5. K. Marshall · January 13, 2015 Reply

    Writing and MAKING history,indeed. And in the process,
    extending a hand.Would that my contribution had been
    greater. My hopes for a solid future for this lovely and
    compassionate woman.

  6. George Bailey · July 15, 2022 Reply

    So sad to hear about Kay, and also delighted to hear that some money was raised to help her out. Tried to watch the interview of Sharon Thorpe, but it appears to have been removed from youtube. If the original youtuber who posted the video ever reads this (And still has the video in their possession) please re-post the video to archive.org and publish the URL here. Thanx!

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