2014 Rialto Report Holiday Contest: The Winners Announced!

2014 Rialto Report Holiday Contest: The Winners Announced!

We closed the Rialto Report Holiday Contest last night – and have been overwhelmed by the response!

We greatly appreciate every single person who took time to enter – especially as so many of you included thoughtful and positive feedback as well. Thank you very much.

Today we picked the two entries at random, and are pleased to announce the following winners:

1) Anthony N.

2) Bill Connolly

(Full names to be confirmed once we’ve confirmed details with them).

We’re sorry to everyone else – we wish we could send a package of prizes to you all!

Please visit the wonderful companies who gave us the prizes for the competition:

BearManor Bare

Synapse Films

Happy Holidays and we look forward to a great 2015 with you.


  • Posted On: 21st December 2014
  • By: The Rialto Report
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  1. Jim Stevens · December 21, 2014 Reply

    Aw rats:) But congrats to the winners. Proud owner of Howie Gordon’s incredible book:)

    And really, this website has been a gift since I first discovered it a year or so ago. The level of detective work on posts like the recent Dolly Sharp entry is beyond amazing and the podcasts reveal, pretty much without fail, the real, multi-faceted, complex people behind the “porn star’ façade.

    Looking forward to another year of memorable and surprising reading and listening. Thank you.

  2. Tom · September 24, 2015 Reply

    I hope you are one day able to feed my coffee cup fetish and sell the classic white Rialto Report mug!

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