Hot Teenage Assets (1979)

Hot Teenage Assets (1979)

Hot Teenage Assets

Dumb porn about anal sex
Director: Daemian Lee, Zachary Strong

Hot Teenage Assets proves to be something of a shaggy dog film that asks the burning question: can prudish Kathy be convinced to loosen up and have anal sex? No surprise – she can, after all she’s Chris Cassidy, the porn star.

Not to beat around the bush, her creepy boyfriend Dan is shown fingering her rectum in an early scene, causing her to break up with him. After considerable sexual filler scenes, she’s inveigled to attend a New Age sensitivity workshop run by a creepy black dude named Dr. Good, and no surprise, Dan’s invited too.

Before the predictable conclusion of Hot Teenage Assets, they watch stag films demonstrating anal sex, and its clear that the pair of directors are pushing that particular fetish. The payoff of Cassidy‘s double penetration scene is poorly photographed, so the fans end up getting cheated anyway.

Oddest touch is that Dan’s partner in crime for the d.p., a blond guy named Ken, gives Dan a blow job during their warm-up with Kathy. All in a day’s work – I guess Ken loosened up a bit too much.

With Cassidy’s beauty, this junker is watchable, and the auteurs seem under the ’70s spell of Robert Altman, having a large cast deliver overlapping dialog.

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