‘Centurians of Rome’ (1981) – The Behind-The-Scenes Story
Podcast 80

‘Centurians of Rome’ (1981) – The Behind-The-Scenes Story <br />Podcast 80

The story behind the making of Centurians of Rome has been the subject of much speculation since the movie was first released in 1981.

– It was supposedly the most expensive gay porn film up to that point

– It was allegedly funded using the proceeds of a robbery

– It was claimed to be owned by the prestigious Lloyd’s of London insurance company

But what is the real story?

The Rialto Report has tracked down and interviewed over 30 people to find out the truth – from those connected to the making of the film, FBI, police and lawyers, as well as friends and family of the protagonists.

In this installment of The Rialto Report, the full story behind Centurians of Rome is finally told. It is the story of three men; a producer, a director, and an actor, and how their lives connected briefly in 1980/81 to make one of the golden age’s most notorious films.

We featured the written version of this story two years ago – and now here’s the podcast.

With sincere thanks to all those who contributed their memories to this article.

This podcast is 57 minutes long.


‘Centurians of Rome’ (1981)

For the full written version of the story, please visit our page here.

Centurians of Rome, ScorpioGeorge Payne


Centurians of Rome, ScorpioGeorge Payne and Scorpio


Centurians of RomeScorpio tries to control an unresponsive horse



Centurians of Rome


Centurians of Rome


Centurians of Rome


Centurians of Rome


  • Posted On: 13th May 2018
  • By: Ashley West
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  1. Pete Harry · May 13, 2018

    Your written piece on the film a couple of years ago was one of your finest moments. I’m eagerly anticipating the podcast version of the story now. Excellent work, thanks.

  2. Anon · May 13, 2018

    ever since discovering RR, i look forward to sunday evenings and enjoying your latest output

    this is no exception, and i can’t wait to listen

  3. Annette Heinz · May 13, 2018

    George Payne is a tremendous actor. So versatile.

  4. Steve · May 13, 2018

    Just finished listening, and another amazing job.

    It strikes me this would make for an unbelievable film. I hope someone picks up the idea and can put it together.

  5. Yizmo Gizmo · May 20, 2018

    Why the odd spelling….-ians? Copyright issues?

  6. Steve · May 26, 2018

    “Riveting piece, should definitely be a movie. Back in the day I actually witnessed the Plato’s jacuzzi first hand. Some great footage of that venue in the doc American Swing.”