Sweet Sexteen (1973)

Sweet Sexteen (1973)

Sweet Sexteen

False pretenses
Director: Shaun Costello

Perhaps the only name filmmaker to regularly contribute info to IMDb, Shaun Costello admitted that Sweet Sexteen disappointed its backers (Mafioso to hear him tell it, statute of limitations permitting) because the actresses were too old. That’s true, but there’s not much on screen to watch anyway this time out.

Sweet SexteenPerhaps the stolen Stevie Wonder soundtrack songs are the only positive element (unless you happen to be Stevie Wonder, but of course he doesn’t have to watch this thing) of Sweet Sexteen. Debbie’s going to have a surprise birthday party and several phone calls (yes, the plot is entirely phoned in, as are the performances) state and reiterate the film’s premise for the hard of hearing – a stud has been hired to deflower Debbie as her present. Infantile irreverence from Mr. Costello.

No surprise that the great Shaun is indeed the stud in question, and he phones in the non-cock aspects of his role from a phone booth. He brings along a girl, has his cock wrapped up in a bow, and there you have it -an entire hour of porn.

Sweet SexteenI like the actress who played Debbie, Sandy King, or as she’s known here, Judy Craven. In some of her roles like Lady on Top she looks the spitting image of Shelley Duvall, she of Robert Altman and “Faerie Tale Theatre” fame. She doesn’t look too appealing here, and slurps up cock in a most unvirginal fashion.

Other cast members of Sweet Sexteen include Eric Edwards, horsing around rather than delivering the kind of memorable performances he was capable of for directors like Roberta Findlay or Joe Sarno.

Running gag is Costello wondering if he will have to do kinky stuff, rattling off the sort of fetish junk that he in fact helped to make famous (see: Water Power (1977) for example). But it’s all an idle threat – the sex in Sweet Sexteen is strictly routine. On the phone he balks at his next assignment – humping Julia Child! I guess sophomoric humor like this didn’t turn me on circa 1970 and in my old age sounds just as stupid.

I’m sure there remains a substantial audience still for this sort of jail-bait porn, no matter how old the girls look. After all, ultimately you have to use your imagination.

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