Carter Stevens – Fundraiser

Carter Stevens – Fundraiser

Golden age adult filmmaker, Carter Stevens, has been in touch to tell us about his GoFundMe page.

We spoke Carter in 2013 for our podcast series, and you can hear the interview here.

Further details of Carter’s fundraiser can be found here.

In Carter’s own words:

“I am a retired film maker, 72, and living on a fixed income (social security). My career was cut short in my 60s by a massive heart meltdown. My grown so has also had health problems which made it impossible for him to work and he has been living with me on my little income. He has recently had spinal fusion and will be unable to work for at least another 3-6 months.
This week we got hit by a double whammy. My car (which is a clunker anyway) died leaving us with no transportation and to top it off my well which supplies our water is dying and the well pump will probably need to be replaced any day.
Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.
I’m not asking for nothing in return although any string free donations will be gratefully accepted. I am selling autographed DVD copies of many of my films and for anyone who can see their way clear to pitch in $75 or more an autographed copy of a brand new one sheet poster from one of my films. If you don’t know my name or my work I am listed on IMDb and you can find my page on Facebook under The Films of Carter Stevens.
Please give us a hand before we are transportation and waterless”

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